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  1. widnes battered them 40-4 last time out haven 12 Rovers 30 First try Grayshon MOM Finn Att 1150
  2. thought it was an old poor joke anyway, not one of the best ive seen on here
  3. wakefield wildcats sounds better for the joint venture and getting rid of Cstleford Tigers altogether
  4. they are on about the 9's tournament in which we lost to sheffield in the semis
  5. In my opinion weve pushed the club all season to try and get folk to come to the games, weve done all we can now, its beginning to feel like we are flogging a dead horse, you mention it, and people say 'yeah i might come' and never show up for whatever reason Look at the wire game, we pushed, took a big following, how many of those turn up week in week out who went to that game? Its now come to a point when we should be concentrating on a recruitment drive for next season for me Im all for a big crowd but if they want to come they will come, no matter what we say or do Those who think we will get 3k are living in a fantasy land, i think theres 3k worth of Fev fans, but not 3k worth of fans who will pay to go to games especially if it gets to be on sky as well And lets not forget Sheffield will bring nobody Weve done great this season with the crowds weve been able to get, especially away from home, even the players acknowledge that, they are surely up on last season, if we go all the way im sure they will go up next season, it happened at Barrow, surely it will happen here, thats where we should be concentrating recruitment on Barring toulouse away ive turned up week in week out home and away and im lucky enough to have circumstances that allow that, i know people whove done the same and people who sit around me are there every week or nearly all the time, id rather celebrate a potential trophy night with these people, those whove put the money in all season and whos circumstances have allowed them to turn up most weeks and not those who are turning up because its a potential trophy night, a chance to get wrecked and have little interest to be there next game or next season
  6. well beat sheff, weve played everyone else
  7. Fev dont play whitehaven next week, its the weekend after Hopefully some may still make a trip up for this
  8. it was in the studio at our ground, as we saw carney and demetriou stood outside waiting to go in the little studio One of us asked demetriou if he was coming here and he said no
  9. The boys knew this was a big result, they were singing from the changing rooms as loud as anything! Some quality stuff, some excellent tries, a shame we switched off for patches, but we looked dead comfortable near the end and closed it out pretty comfy
  10. theres more chance of platting fog than it being full tonight! Leigh supporters are only on a 37 seater Had it been on a sunday we might have had more of a chance
  11. i dont care about what number is on thier back, 1, 2 , 66, 75, 234, 1977 so long as they are playing for the shirt, have pride in wearing the shirt, and give 110% in it then thatll do for me
  12. Cas have a hooking spot next season seen as thought they have let Netherton leave for Widnes on a permanant deal so no suprise they are looking
  13. england wouldve played on saturday anyway just to make it even worse for OP
  14. despite a close scoreline, i didnt think it reflected a great Fev performance which i thought we dominated from start to finish Granted widnes took their chances that came their way, but they missed plenty of tackles and never made 1 clean line break in the 80, had we had a bit more composure near the line and with ball in hand i think it wouldve been a lot more than a difference of 8 points. We always looked like going down the other end and scoring when widnes got close and it proved to be that way, widnes scored twice so we responded with 2 tries, i dont think we hit top note today either Lets hope the injuries arent too bad a la saxton and it is only bruising Bring on Keighley next week, im expecting a lot of Fev suport there
  15. your thread was discussing changing the kick off time, the kicking time got changed, your thread is defunct
  16. is this definately confirmed, have posted on the widnes board but linked this thread so they can keep in touch
  17. yeah, we have been pretty poor at home, last two home games have been our defeat and our lucky victory over Dews However its a different story this time out i feel, the players have had a rest and recharged their batteries and will be raring to go, Widnes have eyes elsewhere 40-22 First Try Welham Att 1849
  18. oh right why dont they explain better on the rfl website
  19. probably wont be playing any of the teams in our group, only the groups with 3 in play one another, the rest are in a round robin stage so potentially not as bad as first thought the halifax group is an interesting one
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