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  1. Depending on the date of resumption Across all the divisions For me to get the season done just play everyone once then have the subsequent play offs / promotion relegation etc etc Suprised this hasnt been suggested by the powers that be to be honest
  2. With all the football And other sport to catch up on dont think any fev games or any champ RL is high on their priority list
  3. Probably some truth in that as York Citys home game was called off Sat
  4. Renders mother put on fev FB page hes torn a muscle and waiting for an op - he is out for a while
  5. He went off after 20 mins never to return so chances are he got injured which begs the question that was he truly fit to start in the first place?
  6. Either way blackmore and worthington side got 5/7 tries and seemed to only score whereas the play seemed to be going to the opposite wings who didnt do a great deal with it and got caught in posession twice
  7. Can we play away every week? We won and got the job done but far too much over-playing and trying to score off every set especially in the first half Persisted in going down the left all the time despite 90% of the points going down the right GLD was really rank stood off them all game Why was Hall taken off the kicking duties? Dont know who made the descision to put Liam Sutcliffe in there today what a poor descision that was. Clearly the bloke was injured and should not have been in the 17 and we were a man down then for 60 mins We will not get keep getting away with dishing up performances like that. Barrow in the cup and now today, very fortuneate to still be undefeated in all comps so far Positives - Blackmore was superb today terrorised them all game, Hall Hardcastle and Jouffret went well also
  8. I predicted us to get mullered last Sunday and look what happened Therefore Im sticking with the sane outcome this Sunday
  9. We sounded very impressive on RoversTV very suprised it was that easy they didnt get a sniff till the last few mins Big statement to the rest of the league I thought we would get mullered down there so will stick with same prediction and Swinton will muller us next week!
  10. Heard Ferguson is not injured and has had a minor falling out with some people at the club - he is not happy with the methods used in training............ But onto Sunday cant see us getting anything from the capital Sunday think we are in for a bit of a towelling in my opinion
  11. Dont think its on ourleague app anymore now its on sky Sky will claim the broadcasting rights i would think?
  12. Play it in the summer when the pitches are dried out
  13. No disrespect to Hunslet but looking how the draw panned out dont think we couldve gotten a better draw
  14. Thought we were poor but did enough. Bradford at times looked a lot more expansive with their play and dare i say it they looked fitter than us. We seemed happy to plough it up the middle But this time of the year its just about getting the result and that is what we got Suprised by the quality of the game, the way the pitch held up & the amount of points scored was expecting a 10-6 mudbath so hats off to both teams
  15. Thank god. Good luck to him Gaz Gale Now hopefully gets his chance now of holding down that wing spot something he deserved over Briscoe in the first place
  16. 1. No one as games off 2. Weather For causing game to be off 3. Keegan Hirst
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