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  1. Ashley Gibson does some work as a model alongside playing. Our lass always thought Paul Sculthorpe was easy on the eye.
  2. Thats what he liked to claim but he isn’t. We were stood next to him one night in a nightclub queue in Wakey and our lass was taller than him. She’s 5ft 4.
  3. A refresh is needed. Chester has been there since 2016 and we are going backwards rapidly again. Dickens & Clawson there since the Agar era. Every coaching set up has a shelf life, this lot has reached theirs.
  4. Tangata is fit just not selected. You have though missed Reece Lyne who is still suspended.
  5. He’s been a victim of horrendous coaching neglect. When he broke through he looked like the real deal at fullback but Chester has always seen him as a fill in and as the ‘easy drop’ when we lose, even if he has done nothing wrong. He’s tried to reinvent himself as a halfback, a position he played quite a bit as a junior, and has done well when given the chance. But once again Chester will leave him out for pretty much anyone else if available. Today it was probably either him or Hampshire on the wing due to lack of numbers but next week with Kay and possibly Jones-Bishop back he’ll be back kicking his heels. It’s a similar story with Batchelor and Crowther, always Chesters scapegoats. We tend to like to go and sign other teams average players than play our own, see Atkins, Navarette, Tangata etc . I guess they need less Development coaching which when thats something you are very limited at it helps mask your failings to many.
  6. It was better than last week but not by much. Effort was better but execution wasn’t and some of the defending of kicks was laughable. Catalans easing off made the scoreline flattering. We look a poor team.
  7. What are you on about? Don’t you have another inane post about a non-existent stadium or something?
  8. Not my opinion but my facts. But not ones i’m sharing on a public forum. Couldn’t care less what you think of that to be honest. You want to hang on his every word, good for you. I’ll pass thanks.
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