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  1. The usual RL farce. Sadly the major worry is that the bias just isn’t a surprise anymore and it’s that obvious it’s would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. Makes you just want to sack the game off and go do something more wholesome with your time.
  2. Usual cheap option by the spend thrift Carter. Sooner that man is out of our club the better. Its a shame for Mark cos he’s a good bloke but he is on a hiding to nothing here and if what i reliably hear about the playing budget is correct for next year then he is starting with both hands tied behind his back.
  3. Great win and one that likely sees us safe again, which will really annoy certain dead heads on here and on sky. Reckon we can bag the heady heights if 3rd bottom now as well!
  4. And yet even Chester was one Scott Grix booting the ball out away from from taking little old Wakey to the play offs. Seems to be doing ok with Lam now at Leigh as well which shows just how easy it is to win that league when you’re pretty much the only full time team with the biggest budget.
  5. They only came up last year thanks to playing half as many games as anyone else and being fresh as a daisy come the play offs. And now he’s taken them straight back down with a game plan of relying on a handful of players individual efforts. No set moves, virtually no decoy runners, a defence that leaks like a sieve and developed a team that has zero mental strength. He made the call to stick with sub-standard players and has-beens. Wakey might be a bit ###### but we are better than Toulouse, which speaks volumes. He’ll go ok again in the championship i guess, it’s his level right now. Nothing wrong with that either. But Super league? Sorry he’s nowhere near ready yet.
  6. Toulouse just aren’t good enough to stay up simple as that. They've a handful of good players, mainly the bigger name Aussies Alvarro, Peats & Norman. Russell & Ashall-Bott are decent lower end standard but most the rest, including the French players (Sangarre apart who is ok) are championship standard. The coach isn’t up to much either. Their race is run.
  7. Toughest one to call this week, the two most recently improved sides in the league. Leeds with back to back golden point wins.
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