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  1. Correct. Solid Super league player, nothing more, nothing less.
  2. Probably that you only get it if you hit certain targets. I believe the Sky distribution money is also the in the same vein os this deal rather than everyone just receiving the same amount.
  3. I’d guess a large chunk of the remaining money is for the 7 challenge cup ties a year, so it’s likely that some will be off to superleague clubs pockets.
  4. Personally i’d have extended the ourleague offering, the system is there and ripe for expansion. Using Youtube channels is also an option. The ‘added’ exposure will be the same, the exact same people will be watching yet the clubs would actually end up better off. But you could pretty much go in any other direction than giving away rights to sit behind an overpriced paywall on a channel watched by 3 men and a dog and it would have been a better deal. But if you are happy with it good for you. Most it seems aren’t, including the clubs themselves by the sound of it.
  5. The line is…. ‘Under the new deal Championship clubs it is understood will receive a few thousand pounds each, believed to be around £6000, with that funding tied to the RFL's return on investment distribution model.’
  6. I’d rather talk about it for what it is, a pittance of a deal which, when everything is taken into account, will likely cost clubs money over the course of the season they can ill afford to lose. And all for very little more exposure than what they get now. Premier is mainly a niche channel, it picks up low value, low number sports to drive a few extra subscriptions and those people get it to purely to watch their own sports, they rarely sit and watch other the niche sports on it. I had it the last time they had the NRL and championship on, didn’t watch anything else in it and neither did anyone else in my circle if family and friends. Sorry but in my view it is a poor deal all round and yes, very ‘RFL’.
  7. Johnny Davidson has dropped the numbers on his patreon site. The clubs aren’t getting rich of this thats for sure. 200K per year, 6 grand each is the nub.
  8. Already happening i believe. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.rugby365.com/countries/england/league-players-join-in-on-concussion-law-suit/
  9. You’ve not got Cameron’s brother Daniel at Cas for starters so there’s another prop option. Could be coached by a Tony & Brian Smith combo as well.
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