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  1. Last chance saloon time for Wakey. At home against a beat up Leeds teams who have just lost to Cas, Big Dave's great home coming and a bit of positivity news-wise regarding the takeover. If we are ever going to sneak a win it's now. Wakey by 4.
  2. This is the worst Wakefield side i’ve ever seen, and i’ve seen some shockers. It’s a good job Leigh had one of their worst performances of the season otherwise they’d have doubled that score.
  3. The usual clueless recruitment by those in charge of the club. Especially poor when you consider we paid a transfer fee for him as well.
  4. Will give the fans a boost for a few weeks but he won’t make much difference to results on the pitch. He’s about to turn 34 and has only played 3 games of amateur stuff since September because of injuries and he was hardly fit at the best of times! By the time he is up to speed we’ll be gone anyway.
  5. Desperate move by a desperate club. But if it's Atoni he's replacing then it's probably worth the risk.
  6. I think the history is that in the main Mark Aston is a bit of a prat.
  7. Thats the understatement of the year! Hope you come up this time, you've earned your shot. Got to be better than the ###### show that is us in recent times.
  8. All about IMG this one. Fordy is taking up a wide reaching role that whilst complementing the first team and having input into recruitment will be majoring on junior development and pathways, not only making sure that box is ticked but making sure Fev are picking up and developing more of the better juniors from around the area. It's role that will suit him, he was an excellent tutor at Wakey College, is very knowledgable about RL and now has the experience within the pro game to know what is required. Good bloke is Fordy and he'll be an excellent pick up for you guys.
  9. Agreed he has all the raw material required. Still quite raw as you'd expect but under a good coaching team at a club with good facilities then he could go to the very top.
  10. Wakey related rumours... Reece Lyne & Jordy Crowther to Cas Mason Lino to Leeds Kelepi Tanginoa to Warrington Most of super league want Sam Eseh
  11. Thats relegation done and dusted and we very much deserve it. Be a push to finish anything above mid-table in the championship next year as well unless coaching changes are made.
  12. Woohoo the messiah has arrived to save our souls. Hallelujah!* * Warning - Post may contain sarcasm.
  13. I think we'll score a try this week. I also think Wigan will score around ten of them.
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