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  1. Wakey to back up their win against Wigan a few weeks ago with another narrow win.
  2. Given where that rumour has come from i wouldn't place too much on it being true.
  3. Wakey by 2. We are missing missing backs and hookers but the halfbacks and forwards are full strength and should be enough to sneak it.
  4. Back to back for Wakey, bit of confidence after the first win, home advantage and a lack of Huddersfields best forward in Yates points to a Wakey win by no more than a score.
  5. Enabling development won’t be next month, official line is July but i don’t expect that until September at the earliest. They are also trying to wriggle out of their financial obligations again.
  6. Tight one but home advantage in front of fans to help Wakey to a much needed first win.
  7. I remember seeing him a Batley a few seasons back and saying to my other half, he's got something about him this lad. Played second row rather than prop as he tended to for Leeds but you could tell his ability and i think he went ok for Leeds last year given the circumstances. I wouldn't be surprised if Powell goes back to using him in the second row, a bit Mike McMeekan-esque
  8. Johnstone didn't miss a game after the Isa incident, the 9 days gap until the Catalans games meant he didn't have to. Sadly it seems he hadn't actually recovered. it was the new RFL protocols at that point that ruled him out for 4 weeks, not the Trinity physio.
  9. Not sounding great for the lad. Hope he is well looked after, makes a full recovery and we don't have another Stevie Ward situation. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/wakefield-trinity-winger-tom-johnstone-suffers-setback-3231712
  10. Bit of tiredness in the Hull camp after golden point and a short turnaround should hopefully help keep the score down. We might even nick it late on. Maybe not. Hull by 12.
  11. Isn’t it to do with the way the meters are recorded? Over here i was under the impression that it was meters gained from the advantage line, so level with the play the ball or from where the opposition has kicked from. Meanwhile in the NRL it is ‘all run meters’, so as soon as a player takes possession of the ball irrespective of where that is. Could be wrong though.
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