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  1. Oak-aged vodka - pretty good! https://www.nordicspirits.com/koskenkorva/product/koskenkorva-sauna-barrel
  2. Money's gone mad in Football, some say. Well, not everywhere - there's a Scottish League 1 side whose record signing was made in... 1966! https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/aug/10/do-any-football-clubs-have-a-record-signing-from-more-than-30-years-ago-knowledge?CMP=share_btn_tw
  3. When it comes to restaurant reviewers covering Donald Fagen songs, Jay Rayner is my favourite.
  4. Can't wait 'til the weather gets cooler! With the heatwave, it'll be a while before I wear it often enough to put it in the washing machine, so that's one aspect I haven't tested yet. Hoping the colours don't run. The size chart on their website seems okay - I needed a 50" chest size and the one I got feels pretty much right. As it is, I have it hanging up in full (gorgeous) view. Seriously - every time I look at it, I grin. There used to be a company called Retro Rugby which did some great RL classics (I recall some awesome Fev shirts and vintage Lions ones too), but I couldn't quite justify the cost back then and they seem to have folded.
  5. Is England the host of the RWC or the UK? If the former, then you stage the matches in England. Never mind that Wales is next door. We had the same fury about Scotland last time England hosted the World Cup. We'll be getting the "why can't the French play their group games in France?" posts next/again. There's certainly an argument about which English venue gets chosen for which match, but I don't know what Swinton offered in their bid for inclusion.
  6. Shown today on Talking Pictures TV, James Mason mooches round London, smoothly voicing over the odd, the ordinary, the funny and the sad. Very much worth a watch.
  7. I couldn't resist buying one (long sleeve version)! It arrived today. While I am currently wearing it (and it is very comfortable), it will be coming off soon and hung up, ready for cooler weather because it's pretty warm.
  8. Brisbane are, for the first time in a few seasons, a club that's a significant force in the NRL. A great time for Lee to go.
  9. Fashion designer Issey Miyake. Soul Music legend Lamont Dozier.
  10. Hardly ever listen to them, but there's something traditional and reassuring about them, like the shipping forecast.
  11. I know the Greek game's problems have come from the vengeful idiot Anastasios Pantazidis, but this official recognition also pre-emptively cuts the legs out from under any of the standard dirty tricks that Greek RU might have tried.
  12. Leon Russell & the Shelter People - Crystal Closet Queen/Of thee I sing. From the Homewood Session, which can be watched in full on YouTube.
  13. Let's up the ante with a necessary qualification to that question, and one that makes it much harder. Would you wear that shirt for that result in public, rather than in the shameful privacy of your own home, with the curtains drawn.
  14. For all but the last lap and a half there was about 4 seconds between the race leader and the rider in 20th place. Even by Moto3 standards, that was one hell of a race!
  15. Reminder: today's British GP is FTA on ITV. Coverage starts on ITV4 at 10:45am, with the Moto3 race starting at 11:20am. Then it switches to ITV1 at 12:25pm for the MotoGP race at 1pm and the Moto2 race at 2:30pm.
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