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  1. The nearest corner café to me, doing takeaways only, is offering a free sandwich & drink to all NHS workers. They haven't been open for long, and are rarely busy, but are doing their bit.
  2. Backing off from the political stuff (which has a dedicated thread already).
  3. At his peak, he was a nightmare. He had the same sort of lightning reaction and acceleration to even a small a gap that Jiffy had.
  4. I've posted the BBC coverage before, but it is interesting to contrast it with the Australian commentary in this version.
  5. Talking of those short-lived early subscription channels, who actually owns the WireTV/L!ve TV archives? There's a major chunk of a pretty decent RWC tucked away there, including the Tonga/PNG match that I keep hearing was such a classic, but haven't ever been able to watch in full. Highlights of that RWC about to be posted on the "Classic" thread, BTW>
  6. "Disco" Tex Evans in ICU with the virus.
  7. If Johnson said "review", then that doesn't mean the same as "relaxation". Even with his cavalier approach to the truth.
  8. No, just infantile, self-centred and unable to read a calendar.
  9. It took Canberra a couple of years to find him, but his replacement wasn't bad either.
  10. Also good news that the NHS has not yet run out of XXXXL size crutches.
  11. Our country's leader is in good hands. But enough about Dominic Cummings...
  12. Seen a fair bit of John Ferguson in the last few days, what with the Beeb's Cup highlights and some YouTube watching. They called him "Chicka", but the way he'd appear out the other side of what seemed like all-avenues-closed gang tackles suggests that "Houdini" would have been more appropriate.
  13. That has been changed more than once, I think. Each change would have had fans saying the old way was better, of course.
  14. As long as they don't bring back Parramatta's "flying wedge" tactic... nostalgia can go too far!
  15. In the time of Corona, everything's contactless.
  16. I'm sure the mechanism could be simplified...
  17. If you like the spy stuff, this short read might interest you: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00EOER0G0/ref=kinw_myk_ro_title
  18. A new series of 'Killing Eve' is coming very soon. Excited, but equally apprehensive.
  19. Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest; you see how quickly word always gets out when a celebrity goes to hospital.
  20. A great documentary, but when they took Don back to Wembley, he was only smiling with his mouth. You could see something haunted in his eyes, even after all those years.
  21. Enjoy a heartwarming story: http://rlif.com/article/8915/
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