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  1. Errors from everyone in this match - players and officials.
  2. Coates' long arm stretches out to put the Storm back in front.
  3. Joseph Sua'ali'i set up the try, and his conversion makes it 12 all. Good work all round, there.
  4. Manu in at the corner! Not an easy conversion to equalise, though.
  5. Melbourne holding the line well under several consecutive sets of pressure, but the Roosters didn't look like they had too many ideas.
  6. Manu didn't want to play against the Roosters, so joining another NRL club was out. There may have been SL clubs who could have made an even half competitive offer for him as a marquee player, but the richer ones already have their quota filled. That leaves the millionaires' toy clubs of French RU or the corporate cash of Japan. No other realistic options in Rugby of either code.
  7. James Fisher-Harris to join the NZ Warriors. A 4-year deal, starting in 2025. This should plug the gap left by Addin Fonua-Blake, who leaves for Parra at the end of this season.
  8. It's a safe earner. Plenty of RU players are boosting their pensions in Japan, especially when their home scene's looking more and more financially insecure every year.
  9. Corporate owned RU sides (as most Japanese teams are) have many salarymen eager to show loyalty by attending company events. I wonder how many of those seats are filled by paying customers?
  10. Two things today on Radio 4. 1. A programme about Dr Feelgood at 4pm. 2. A new series of Thanks a lot, Milton Jones! starts at 6:30pm.
  11. Talking of cult TV, I re-watched Children of the Stones fairly recently. Not quite as nightmare-inducing to the adult me as it was back then, but the village of Avebury looks fabulously ominous in it.
  12. I remember finally getting my hands on a DVD box set of The Prisoner; a programme I'd only ever seen clips of, although I had actually visited Portmeirion by then. I loved it. I also remember my disappointment at the rushed and shoddy conclusion to the series when the TV company lost patience and told them to wind it up some way or other.
  13. Thanks for the extra information. It's good to see it has plenty of alternative outlets in its home country.
  14. There was a dislike from the Twickenham tendency of league tables. They saw the game as a series of one-offs, organised according to convenience, and they far preferred to play their own kind than a bunch of scary dockers/miners/mill-workers who'd enjoy giving the stockbrokers and coppers a bashing. Cricket had it's "gentlemen and players" snobbery, but at least they agreed to play alongside each other in meaningful competitions. The Calcutta Cup was donated with the intention that it be Rugby's equivalent of the FA Cup. Twickenham ignored the donors' wishes and it became just another Home/Five/Six Nations trinket, while Association Football got on with forming leagues and cup competitions, thus conquering the world.
  15. It, like NATV, is a free live stream that you watch through their website.
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