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  1. Anyone's views changed after Jacob Miller's post-match interview and the general impression given by Chester's address to the team, who applauded him before they went to the sheds?
  2. The first game of the evening was delayed by an hour, due to traffic problems.
  3. Now TJ's effort sent to the VR... TRY! Wakefield lead with 5 minutes to play.
  4. A very firm hand-off from Sam Wood, there. Went right through Tom Johnstone without a run-up.
  5. Jordan Turner on the end of a nice catch'n'pass from Jake Wardle. Huddersfield 10:6 Wakefield.
  6. I'd accept Tom Hiddleston, but only because Rondo Hatton is no longer alive and working.
  7. Bailey Hodgson certainly didn't look out of place in the winning side.
  8. KR finally on the scoreboard, but they've conceded a lot of points already.
  9. I wasn't listening with full attention, but I thought they said it would be a Friday evening match.
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