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  1. Jimmeh comes to the crease before 5pm on day 1.
  2. Meanwhile, on TMS, today's tea break will have a tribute to Mike Hendrick, if anyone watching TV is interested in that.
  3. KJT is out of the Heptathlon, after pulling up injured in the 200m.
  4. The men's team pursuit final in the velodrome this morning was a classic!
  5. Yes, the Cuban production line of stylish and lightning-fast boxers keeps going. It is always their strongest sport when it comes to medals.
  6. Crosswords. Never thought I'd be interested in anything but the occasional General Knowledge one, but when we were in offices, there was a crossword club who did the Metro crosswords. They'd sometimes call me over to take a look at the more off-beat, language-based stuff, just for a different viewpoint, but I wasn't a full-time member 'til lockdown. Now, the company's tame Australian gets the paper every lunchtime, takes a photo of the cryptic crossword and uploads it to our MS Teams group. Mostly, we communicate with the chat function, but sometimes have a team call and talk it through.
  7. What we should have done is have the money paid into an account with the name "A.B.de P.Johnson" and nobody would ever ask for it to be repaid.
  8. I thought a general thread with reminders of games to watch would be more convenient than the current setup.
  9. Jemma Reekie may have just been pipped to the Bronze, but she ran a PB, so I don't think she could have done more.
  10. 19yo Wiganer Keely Hodgkinson gets GB's first track medal with a silver in the 800m, and breaks Kelly Holmes' national record in the process.
  11. I remember thinking that, when Ed Moses retired, his record was going to stand for a long time. Then I watched Kevin Young break it pretty soon afterwards, despite his rudimentary* hurdling technique. Now Warholm's broken the WR twice in a year. *I'm being polite
  12. I didn't realise they were involved in the Pegasus story that's been in the news recently.
  13. A great horror film (with a terrible sequel). But when you talk about all the CGI, when AAWIL came out, I bet someone grumbled about how good films were before all these gimmicky special effects.
  14. A mixture of chaotic performances and record-breaking at the velodrome this morning. Entertaining, but not always for the right reasons.
  15. Arthur Conan Doyle - The Story of Spedegue's Dropper. A short cricketing tale that the author had published in The Strand in 1928. Gently humorous and more than a little absurd. However, some of what the Australian captain says oddly prefigure real comments made during the Bodyline series, which was five years later. Full text here: https://www.arthur-conan-doyle.com/index.php?title=The_Story_of_Spedegue's_Dropper
  16. Hull FC 10:42 St Helens at the hooter. But some signs of a spark in the home side for parts of the game.
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