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  1. Ebbw Vale and Merthyr Tydfil played in the 1907 Northern Union. Following on from that, there was a 6-team Welsh League that lasted for a couple of years. They were hit by hostility from rugby union, the usual class prejudice and the rapid rise of another "professional" code, Association Football. The latter came to dominate Wales as it did the other Home Nations. Naturally, they received little support from the Northern Union, setting the pattern of myopic self-harm that Rugby League has made a speciality. But the majority who were tempted never got as far as actually making the switch. They'd have been the clubs whose squads were made up of people from the old labouring class who were treated with contempt by the moneyed gatekeepers of the code. But there was still enough broad interest that, when the All Golds made their historic 1907-1908 tour, tests were played in Aberdare, London (Chelsea) and Cheltenham as well as the more obvious Leeds.
  2. The people in pre-split Rugby who detested any kind of payment were the ones who didn't need it themselves. The taint of "trade" was bad enough when it came to opponents, but indulging in it themselves was out of the question. Their descendants were the people who prosecuted the life ban on any taint of Rugby League (professional or amateur), but of course never turned down any suspiciously generous boot money or creatively-calculated expenses that was on offer to them. The ones caught in between? Some wavered briefly, like a few Welsh and Midlands clubs, but the threats from Twickenham were backed up with real societal and business influence, plus the kind of spite you only get from people who know they're hypocrites. Plus, the waverers knew that the old regime was seriously moneyed, while the new breakaway code was not yet proven to be a going concern.
  3. Yes, you'll need a VPN set to a French server if you want to watch the matches.
  4. "Deadly" Derek Underwood: England and Kent great dies aged 78.
  5. A new series of this excellent programme has started, with episode 3 on this afternoon at 3pm.
  6. Maybe fans don't like the variety of finalists and winners that the Challenge Cup has brought us in the last decade or so. Maybe they preferred St Helens being GF winners again and again and again and again until Wigan had a turn in 2023.
  7. Basically, they're doing what their opponents have usually done over the last few years when St Helens applied the relentless intensity and pressure.
  8. Hull KR v Wigan Huddersfield v St Helens or Warrington To be played on the 18th-19th May
  9. Semi-final Draw (as seen on TV) St Helens v York Valkyrie Wigan v Leeds
  10. Cas stemmed the flow of Wigan points after the Isa injury. The second half kicks off at CAS 06:28 WIG
  11. The Raiders take it with a last-nanosecond drop goal, despite the Titans looking more likely for most of Golden Point.
  12. An immense defensive effort from the Titans over the last umpteen consecutive attacking sets for the Raiders, but Schiller finally dives over in the corner.
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