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  1. Is it as deranged and narcissistic as I'd dearly love it to be?
  2. Some relatively simple, but fun, games I often play. Armagetron Advanced: This is an oldie, based on the Light Cycle scene from the Eighties movie 'Tron'. Basic graphics, but high-speed action - http://www.armagetronad.org/ The Royal Game of UR: the oldest known board game in history, this is a browser game that's like two-handed Ludo. Simple, but fun - https://www.yourturnmyturn.com/java/ur/index.php Japanese Mahjong: another browser game, this is not the pair-matching game often passed off as Mahjong, but a decent version of the actual thing - https://www.gamedesign.jp/flash/mahjong/mahjong_e.html Stick Sports: this started off as a simple Cricket game, but has evolved, both in presentation and choice of sports. Games can sometimes restart after the first couple of deliveries, which is a little annoying. Watch out for the streaker! - https://www.sticksports.com/web-games/
  3. History lesson: the reason Nigeria started brewing their own stuff under licence (and why it is different) is that barley and other European grains was either too expensive or hard to get (I forget which), so the Nigerian brewery started making their own licenced version with sorghum instead, which was grown locally. So it isn't just a stronger beer, but a unique product in its own right.
  4. These days, it is more often the Foreign Extra, which is what I have. They actually brew it in Dublin now, due to demand from West African immigrants as well as people like me. There used to be a shop down the road that sold the actual Nigerian stuff, which came in scuffed, battered bottles, often with ripped labels. That was even more extreme. There's a shop a mile or so up the road from me that sometimes has stock of Lion Stout, from Sri Lanka. Not cheap, but if you ever spot it on sale, that's a fantastic beer. Again, this is a pretty strong one, so you go easy on it, but delicious!
  5. On the other hand, I rarely go to the cinema these days because of the other punters' antisocial and selfish behaviour. Theatre audiences tend to be quieter and more considerate. Sartre was right - Hell really is other people. At least sometimes.
  6. Currently working my way through a bottle of Whitstable Bay pale ale. Other beers lined up for later are Hobgoblin Ruby, Old Crafty Hen, Nigerian Guinness and two cans of Perla Miodowa, a Polish lager brewed with honey that they sell in my local corner shop.
  7. Uploaded to YouTube three hours ago by the prolific "Shaun".
  8. Looking at his Wikipedia entry, he's gone through more clubs than a Canadian seal-hunter.
  9. The shame about QoS is that, once you take the strenuous laddishness out of it, there's a decent quiz show buried there. I rarely watch it, but when I do, there's a real mixture of difficulty in the questions and a pretty broad range of sports covered.
  10. I think we may see many sports being given the archive treatment over the next few weekends. If that happens, sports fans should get a few treats from the vault. Of course, as comedy and drama fans have long known, the BBC weren't always protective of their archive tapes in the past.
  11. I watched this last night, and really enjoyed it.
  12. That's why I love it when the NRL clubs play at their old grounds instead of the Sydney White Elephant Enormoplex.
  13. She looks different without all the peanut packets stapled to her...
  14. The try that led to that kick is one of the cheekiest I've seen. Still, despite dwelling on Don's famous miss, this is a very good documentary and one worth recording for future enjoyment.
  15. Includes footage of Ian Schubert in his "Farrah Fawcett Hair" days.
  16. Plenty of love for the programme on social media, but also many whingeing old nostalgia-fetishists using it as a stick to beat every aspect of the modern game (especally the bits that only exist in their imaginations). I assume they all simultaneously donned their blinkers for the last match shown.
  17. It is as much to do with the ambient sound recording as where the cameras point. Sound can make a huge difference to the perceived atmosphere. A great set of finals, topped off with a tribute to Frank Myler.
  18. I bet Nathan Graham's skipping this bit of the programme...
  19. BTW, he's currently interviewing Shaun Wane on BBC Radio 5 (for iPlayer users, the interview started at about 12:45pm).
  20. I think he's primarily a Football fan, but also got into RL while studying at the University of Hull. He certainly enjoys the game.
  21. I read it for the very first time a couple of months ago. One of those books I'd always meant to get round to reading. Worth waiting for.
  22. The timing on HIGNFY was, for obvious reasons, a bit off, plus people starting to talk simultaneously before stopping and starting again. Very awkward.
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