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  1. Hard to believe that the Cowboys were leading and nilling the Roosters for 30 minutes.
  2. A long time after their first, the Cowboys score their second try - Hess.
  3. On the far side of the pitch, Ryan Hall is wondering what's going on... Cowboys are being sliced'n'diced.
  4. The Cowboys are really pressuring the Roosters. I wonder if they can maintain this for the whole match.
  5. The weather forecast looks dry today, then sunny and warm for the remainder of the Test.
  6. He hasn't played recently, due to injury. He had knee surgery in April.
  7. Of course, a Youtube reactor being impressed by a short "best of" clip is a long way from any of them becoming fans, or even watching one full match. But every little helps in brand awareness, especially when you see the number of subscribers some of these accounts have. And there's always a few comments below the videos pointing out that there are two separate codes.
  8. Okay, scratch that one. Someone with a familiar name has uploaded that to YouTube.
  9. L!ve TV was the actual name. I'd love to get at their archive, if it still exists, because there were a few RWC matches that the majority of fans never got to see. The Tonga v PNG game was reported as an absolute belter, for one. That Wales v Western Samoa is being shown this weekend may indicate that the L!ve archive is still in existence, but someone on Twitter claimed he'd watched it at the time on S4C. If that's true and S4C took an option to show this one match, it doesn't mean any of the other footage survives anywhere.
  10. I hope the Titan give Holbrook time to rebuild the squad. But if Seibold's replaced, Fifita may be better off staying put.
  11. The covers are coming off, and we all know what means... ... ... wait for it... ... ... Only minutes to go 'til they come on again!
  12. Cricket should send tours to drought-stricken areas of the world.
  13. England win the toss and Stokes chooses to bat first.
  14. Some reports now emerging, suggesting Fifita's changed his mind and now wants to stay at the Broncos.
  15. A monologue from Captain Tom Moore to start proceedings. Nice.
  16. TMS starts at 10:25am, so we'll find out soon enough.
  17. I'll be watching that! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000kzs4
  18. An official Tweet from the New Jersey government @NJGov MASK: Not what your country can do for you MASK: What you can do for your country That's class.
  19. Just checked the BBC forecast again. Tomorrow looks washed out, plus a chunk of Thursday. Looking on the bright side, this means the Test will almost certainly still be going at the weekend. Good news for those working away from TVs or radios.
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