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  1. Yes, that became evident after the try was awarded. Not great, but I still think the better side won in the end, A closer finish might have undone them, though.
  2. Three entertaining NCL Finals today. Now for Albi v Toulouse!
  3. Full Time, and the score is Clock Face Miners 12:25 East Leeds. Another entertaining match.
  4. Great chase from Forber to get Clock Face on the scoreboard! CFM 6:18 East Leeds
  5. Clock Face Miners 0:10 East Leeds at HT. Not a lot between them on the field, but Clock Face may tire themselves chasing the game uphill in the second half.
  6. National Conference - Cup Final: Clock Face Miners v East Leeds East Leeds are first on the scoreboard and it is 0:6 on 23 minutes.
  7. A quick Google and: https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/12434670/jamaica-4-56-england-knights-paul-andersons-young-stars-shine-against-reggae-warriors
  8. Excellent entertainment! Congratulations to Thatto Heath.
  9. Flukey second try from Thatto Heath, as a DG attempt hits the post, and the kicker was first to the rebound.
  10. Grand Final: Thatto Heath Crusaders v Wath Brow Hornets. Just kicked off.
  11. West Hull were too strong, especially in defence, but at least Kells got on the scoreboard. Result - Kells 6:32 West Hull
  12. I missed the start of the Shield final, but it is currently Kells 0:10 West Hull.
  13. The highlight of his career will always be the next handful of cash that's waved in his direction.
  14. A 'B' team versus an emerging nation? Football could probably swing that, but any other sport? Unlikely. And, as an OurLeague PPV, money can be generated directly for Jordan Turner's testimonial.
  15. Despite clicking the wrong link at first, I purchased access to tonight's match (using PayPal) in about two minutes flat.
  16. A.G.MacDonell - England, their England. An affectionately satirical overview of English people of the 1920s, ostensibly observed by a naive young Scotsman. Gently funny and very well-written.
  17. A short story by Peter Watts called The Things. It is John Carpenter's The Thing, but written from the monster's viewpoint: ttps://clarkesworldmagazine.com/watts_01_10/
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