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  1. Result - Wigan 20:18 St Helens And still another terrestrial-televised match to go this afternoon. We are spoilt rotten sometimes.
  2. Considering the visible limitations his injury has put on him, Lomax has put in a great shift.
  3. Those two missed Wigan conversions looking ominously significant now.
  4. Ooh, is this where the match swings? That second try always looked like it was coming.
  5. St Helens players having to reach and snatch to catch passes. Not typical.
  6. I think that it was Cust intercepting a high, wide pass out of the air and immediately moving the ball on in the centre of the field. St Helens were moving to their right wing to cover where the ball looked like it was going. But even so, that was a big gap.
  7. Another conversion missed. Against St Helens, that could be disastrous.
  8. Cust try - Wigan really needed to come away with something from that position.
  9. Great work by Bibby, too. Smith hooks the conversion, so it's 4:0.
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