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  1. Just seen the replay of the incident and it looked very painful.
  2. Merlin is especially useful if there's a really noisy bird you can't identify. By the time you've opened the app and selected the "listen" function, that bird will have clammed up completely and you won't hear it again. BTW, install the "Western Palearctic" pack, rather than the "Europe: Britain & Ireland" or "Europe" packs. Western Palearctic covers Europe, Scandinavia and North Africa, so you can ID unexpected migrants who have, like Withnail & I, gone on holiday by mistake.
  3. He was a great fit at Canberra. Joining a basket-case like Wests was never going to let him flourish in the same way. Just like Luke Thompson at Canterbury Bulldogs.
  4. Olympic champion swimmer David Wilkie, aged 70.
  5. But who would Ego or Superego blame? #OneForTheFreudianAnalysts
  6. On one of the social media platforms last week, someone unearthed an absolutely furious letter to (I think) the Radio Times about the new Doctor at the time, one Patrick Troughton.
  7. Quotes without attributions are not helpful. Counterproductive, more like. I did stumble across a YouTube channel recently that is mostly very angry about Doctor Who and every single video title has the word "BACKLASH" in capitals somewhere. I didn't bother watching any of his content, for some reason. But some people might want to search it out and post some quotes.
  8. Court Finds Man Not Liable for Strapping Pork Chops to His Feet.
  9. We used get regular maintenance visits from the telecom company we used at work and he was Simon Pegg's absolute doppelganger. He even sounded a bit like him.
  10. Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi, in a helicopter crash.
  11. Fury's very much a man of our times. Like Donald Trump.
  12. Wide scoreline: uncompetitive blowouts like this are a DISASTER for the game. Close scoreline: dour slogs like this are a DISASTER for the game. Amazingly skilful try: poor defending is a DISASTER for the game. Solid defence: the attacking side are clueless and this is a DISASTER for the game. The Ref calls it right: he should have checked with the video referee and this is a DISASTER for the game. The Ref checks with the video referee: why can't he call it himself and this is a DISASTER for the game. And so on until the Heat Death of the Universe.
  13. Apparently it's not as bad as letting the wider public see skilful, length of the field tries being scored.
  14. Inside the England museums averaging fewer than one visitor a day. In case anyone's planning a holiday.
  15. Decent first half score, considering Leeds scored pretty much immediately and I feared the worst. Not sure Wigan will be able to keep up the effort towards the end of the game.
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