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  1. I saw the program and choked on my beer. In fairness to the beeb, it says more about Portillo and his company than them but he's now on the banned list big time.
  2. Is this really a positive? I've never read about RL in Kenya except playing against Italian rebels. Are we sure this is not World Rugby League at work?
  3. To be shown from 6.30. Showing now is GB Lions 6 v Irleand Clubs XIII 4.
  4. If the Oceanic Cup is the model, the European Cup is likely to go to 6 teams in 2 groups of 3 (2 games per team) and a final. England as usual would regard themselves as too good but Australia managed to play in the Oceanic.
  5. The Four Nations should stay buried, its not a IRLproperty and any profits go to the Big 3. I would have have the fixture list controlled by IRL and money raised go to funding the worl game.
  6. The 2 trans-Tasman matches are on Sky. BBC will show the GB match on Saturday.
  7. Good to watch but why does it have to be so complicated with totally unnecessary rule and scoing changes? As a deveopment tool, its a mess.
  8. Interesting to hear Safi's take on the MEA Championships with a lot going on we did'nt know. Obstruction from You Know Who.
  9. What happens when the hemispheres meet and who sets the rules? I watched a recording earlier in the day of the Aussie version and its still 30 minute halves. Theres a huge difference between a 60 minute game and a 80 minute game with the same substitution rule.
  10. How many times do you have to spell it out to this numpty? Northern Ireland is not in England, Scotland or Wales and is not outside the UK. I do n'ot have much faith in anything coming out here.
  11. Didn't think he was still alive. RIP Alfie.
  12. For Pete's sake get off the guys back. What have you done for the game?
  13. Its a bit cruel to slag off the bbc for not showing a competitilon if they don't have the rights.
  14. Martin Vicker's argument was that pre Wolfpack there was no demand for RL overseas rights as there was no interest. The club had shown otherwise and the rights had a monetary value. Sky were in the best position to exploit this via their world wide channel swapping arrangements. The inference being that Toronto add value to the Sky deal and hence negotiations.
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