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  1. 1. Barrow my home town 2. York having lived here for 30 years and will be rooting for them on Sunday. 3. Wigan 4. Walney Central
  2. Absolute joke but consistent with the rfls disciplinary sweetness towards any thuggery in the super league .
  3. Holy jesus have you been in a deep sleep for the past 30 years !
  4. I think we are all finalist supporters at the seasons end . Simple parallel to the challenge cup
  5. Cheers Shrek that was my original point . Its possible for a team{s} to be relegated from positions above . The red hall ineptitude will unravel itself next march, not a knock on Widnes just the broad picture.
  6. The original thread has now been bypassed and moved on again to who decides what ? Very unsatisfactory. Best teams always . All i asked was to how the shoe ins Widnes +Toulouse will perform next season , Toulouse free of relegation have only gone through the motions ,relegated last year this not much. This current crop of Widnes players dont have a chance of super league contracts. Are virtually 40 games in that league going to be dead rubbers. How good is that ?
  7. Best team top at the end of season are champions in all creditable frontline sports . If i won a euro millions rollover i could buy and build a tidy stadium and apply for a super league position having ticked a box. Absolute nonsense but thats the rl view and must look very strange to the outside sporting world. Promoting teams who lie 5/7th ?
  8. After widneses drubbing today its obvious that they dont have to play for anything until they are upgraded to the super league in 2012. They will only have to field a team each week as Toulouse have done for 2 seasons . In effect they could both be in the relegation slots and be promoted !!! Simply what is the point of the season ahead. Rl big joke 2/3 of the game battling for nothing. Hope some legal beagles can step in and address the lunatics at Red Hall
  9. This merger stuff keeps regurgatating not a goer with any clubs full stop.
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