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  1. that would have been my choice a few years back.. mainly becuase of its location on the tube etc.. but as you say at the moment not sure if this is as possible as it may have been.. would be great to snap it up then you may be able ot get a more City of London style team there that could really build in the centre..
  2. ffs.. not necessarily.. as i say its at the same time, the clubs taht run them have money to help out the other clubs.. plus relationships with said other clubs as a whole.. but also as i said before if there are enough sharing then the club needs to rest the pitch possibly in the summer.. womens football is less high maintenance in the fact that its the same posts and markings etc etc and they just may not want anything to do with rugby.. just becuase they can does not mean that Super league can.. it depends what the super league club requests out of it as well.. Lobby its not as simple as walking in saying "look at me we're Super Legaue you MUST want us".. there is a lot to consider on both sides.. do "Quins" want to be at that ground, is it in the right area, will it be okayed for the numbers they need in or for the RFL, do the football club want a different sport, does the return or potential return outweigh the pain in th';###### of haveing them there etc etc etc
  3. i would so love the RFL to buy somewhere and help do it up with a london franchise.. and make it home.. somewhere like mile end would be great.. "mile end stadium" to rival the Invesco Mile High Stadium... London Broncos back.. play in orange and navy blue.. come on it be great!
  4. champion hill, dulwich... capacity 3,000... but its the home to dulwich hamlet, and also playing there are fisher FC (was fisher athletic but they went bust) and the millwall lionesses.. problem with lower league football clubs they often share with the ladies teams of the bigger clubs or other teams who are also trying to cut costs.., Quins (or whatever) would have to be "yet another tenant" of most of these clubs and so causing other issues as they play at a different time meaning the pitch gets no rest over the summer.. its not as easy as "football teams need a bit of spare cash so please let us play there"..
  5. but where do you get the publicity without the press? you need someone to publish your stuff for that publicity. they can be brought on side, it could take a while but it can be done.. never is a very very long time.
  6. who says they dont have a long term road map.. ?? they are just going about getting there in a different way.
  7. its not necessariloy about being that flush and having them desperate to have you in there.. you need something in return and also some clubs just dont want the extra possible expense, the extra usage onpitch etc.. we have had this discussion so many times before.
  8. the thing is that we seem to forget IMO.. is that they are national news papers... so they will be more interested in national things.. a few smaller towns in the north can be dismissed and left to the locals.. a good national team changes that.. IMO that is what happened to RU and then for them the interest in the club level was a "what happens underneath this".. at the moment all we really seem to have are these club teams all in different pockets of the north.. RU although pocketed in areas still has the international dimension that these papers sell it on the back of.. "who will get picked from this team for england" "johnny saves starling" etc etc they are sickening with the fawning over a couple of people but that is the national angle.. and we dont have that yet.
  9. spot on.. far too much time is taken looking at everyone else and how hard done to we are.. lets just look at what we have and grow it, more is better than nowt rather than "we want as much as thye have"
  10. the people is not that great a paper but fair play there was.. so we WILL get national coverage if we push hard enough.. we have to get it right and if so we get it.. great lets get it right then an continue this on.
  11. there may well be no one who will have them no matter what the rent.. oh and no its not better if it sends you totally bust never to be seen again.. if they need to stay at the stoop for the year to get them something sorted long term then so be it.. but you are intelligent to know that it very much does matter the balance of the finances, another short term (one year)change etc.. their next move/re brand has to be long term etc a short term move again would pretty much kill it stone dead more so than staying at the stoop for a year while sorting the long term future out.
  12. more than anything that just shows how good they are at this.. they used 2003 and ran with it.. we dont even get positive stories out there to be seen, where is the media bod at league headquarters shouting that this isnt true, where are they when we have records broken, where are we with the millenium magic weekends the media is poor.. union have the jump on us becuase they are prepared to bend the truth knowing no one will call them on it.. that is what the media person at league HQ should do.. but they are caught between a rock and a hard place becuase if they do crow about it they will get called chippy and "everyone knows what we mean" which to be honest to a huge swathe of hte population Rugby is Union.. rightly or wrongly.. wherever we are now it doenst mean we are here to stay we can change it with the expansion and with increased success of the expansion teams.. if crusaders do well it will galvanise a welsh interest that has been latent for example
  13. sorry thats just not true.. "whatever we do, the national media will ignore us"... we do plenty of things the national media do not ignore.. not all positive but with success etc then they may become interested again.. we CAN get national coverage becuase nothing is set in stone... an expanding game over the last 10 years can open up corridors into companies and into news media with the universities etc.. this is still a bit off as it takes time for people to move up a ladder but you cannot write off the whole future of the universe becuase of what is happening today.. they CAN be brought back on side if we get things right.. whether they WILL or not is down to getting these thigns right but to sit back and say "it wont happen no matter what" is (sorry to say) daft.
  14. many people can talk about many things it doesnt mean it is going to happen.. god RL as a sport proves that the amount of times they talk about things and ###### all ever seems to happen.. yes thats the thing success can really achieve things.. and thats why weight needs to be thrown behind these things not just talk from up onhigh and ticking the map and forgetting about it
  15. but they did get the grand final wins (ok by cheating but still) and look at the reaction to the cheating by the fans.. they seem to have a good base there and the juniors are starting to really get to grips with it.. ARU get a super 15 team in there beucase of it as well.. before RL gets the grip of AFL land.. (grand final very early 1999?? helped this out as well and was done without the cheating that the last few have come with) but chicken and egg.. do you throw money at the exapansion and get the national coverage or do you sit back anf hope it comes so that you have the money to expand.. well the latter doesnt work so how about the former? its relative money, get quins etc competative on the field and your away.. but you have to do it early,.. there is now apathy in london becuase of continued faliure and movement.. (i dont agree they would be relocated i think australia would gie it some time)
  16. surely it will depend, as always, on if there is a better offer out there. ie does anyone want them, cost, rebranding costs etc etc etc etc etc same old argument.. yes quins may not be great but what else is on the table for them (yuou will of course speculate on where they should go etc without any knowedlge of whether said ground/team would even be interested!)
  17. and each of those teams is given massive help when they are given the chance.. somethine we need to learn over here that for the good of the game when we do expand to do it 100% and not just tick the spot on the map and sit hoping to god it will work..
  18. what are the prices on a normal weekend at those travelodges? Mick did you belt ganson.. if so,, be proud be very proud
  19. so lets change the name of Ch to Super League 2 and everything will be rosey.. the gap on and off the field will disapear, the clubs belwo will have all the money in the world to be fully pro and the tv companies will jump at it paying enough money to fund this.. errr no. the franchising will over time help to close gaps and get the Ch clubs to a point where P&R can be opened up again or they just keep handing franchises out and conference/split it IMO.. but just changing a name and closing eyes and praying wont work. without going into the clubs but: Championship is already televised on a thursday night.. its unlikely the lower league of rugby league would get much more than this whatever it was called.. the union championship (or whatever it is called) gets less than this and most would assum they would be the first cab off the rank for this.. IMO we are lucky withthe championship coverage. watch thursday night. They could now but the reason they are not is that turnover is not high enough.. chicken and egg Thats the aim of what they are doing now.. but look how hard it is for some super league clubs to get this done at the moment why... the quota at the moment is less than that IIRC which means they are helping to develop british/french talent. 14 rounds but you want teams to go fully pro?? how does that work, less income but more expenditure?? bizarre Sorry but as much as things need to change we changed it 2 years ago and it still needs toime to see how it is working.. 2012-2013 will be a good idea, how are the CHamp teams developing for the next round of liscences, how is the team kicked out of super legaue coping, how are those in super league close to being kicked out doing?? etc we change things far too often in this game at all levels.
  20. i'm assuimng that that was all a set up for quingo.. if so then fair play if not then i dont agree
  21. had somone grab my male genitals this summer.. told him in no uncertain terms to get off them.. he called me gay... i think he wasnt aware of irony..
  22. it must just be me but Ellis and Burgess were two of the best players in the GB squad. A GB Squad that knew where its strength was.. the pack, and they were players within that pack. they were the best players in their club sides by and large and that is why the aussies bought them. the aussie sides knew they were getting good players that may need a little polish for "their game" but still they were fantastic players already and had proved it in super league and interntaionally. The SL v NRL debate is simple and its about intensity... week in week out the intensity is there in the NRL it isnt in Super League, best against best is as exciting in either division but week on week the intensity is not there lower down. burgess and ellsi will have had to learn a mental toughness that they didnt have before and this si waht is lacking in the england team as a whole.. SoO helps it but the week in week out toughness of the division does too. the one real shining light is Flangan IMO.. bobbins over here, gone over there and going from stregth to strength and i hope wests keep him and develop him, he is the one to look at he went over as poor and is looking good.. the other two were fantastic players in their own right when they went over.. everyone knew how good ellis and burgess were no one is suprised by the way they are playing, if they sound it on the TV (which they do) it is about hyping it up, they arent suprised they saw what they did agianst their own international team and iknew they would do well.. lets not go overboard as per usual about the NRL making our players better etc etc.. they make them mentally tougher yes but IMO Ellis and Burgess are not technically better now than when they went over.. and i've been watching a fair bit this year, but they are more switched on and alert.
  23. yes just wanted to agree with the bits as they went and expand a little my thoughts as it went.. i hated quins for bout 5 days at the beginning, thought about it and spoke to people and saw where it could go.. but admit it has failed in what i though it would become etc.. Ah fair enough that make sense then..
  24. as someone who thought the idea of quins had great merit and was glad to see it happen etc.. i wouldnt be upset to see it go as long as what replaces it has got common sense underpinning it and good reasoning. the Quins "experiment" (for want of a better word) has not worked out but it was definately worth a try and potentially could have been massive. I would love to see them return back to being London xxx or the borough they play in (actually i want them in the city and base it round "City of London" somethings in red white and black but with no pitches around there it aint gonna happen.. sigh.. ). i thikn the RFL have to take a hand in it and really give it some backing to get them some success to get people along.. people in london will go IMO if there is success and they are in the right place.. accesible, zone 1 or 2 imo.. and without private investment, which i agree is going ot be very difficult, the RFL may well have to take this on and they would be right to do so IMO.. London is importnat and can be cracked but i think it needs a onn commericial drive for a few years.. without a doubt.. to not do this is a waste not sure if another middle managment structure would be worthwhile.. the cost of running that could be put straight into the club. RFL bod as CEO should do the trick to be honest without putting another level in there.. as long as he knows he has to work with the south east juniors etc. could save tens of thousands that would be spent setting up the next managment level... cost/benefit would be interesting anytime the RFL get their fingers into the London Super League scene there will be absolute bedlam on here/rlfans etc but htey have to take this step to get this sorted if no one man steps forward..
  25. going to be very interesting at quins this summer then.. If quins stays in business in some shape or form i would love to see Rob Powell given the chance.. hes coaching lebanon for a bit this year.. would be good internal progrssion and he has been working with the kids last couple of years and by the looks of the movement they are the ones they are going ot need next year.. could be a hard couple of yeasr for quins.. (fold and become an RFL run club that they support and give some real effort to would be good!)
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