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  1. Not sure ifnthey declare at the beginning of the season or if the rfu just know who is and who isn't eligible.. season to season its 1 new club from the league below and any alterations to the "grading" of the teams already there.. but basically yes you know who can/can't go up or at a push those that could do but need to have xyz in place by the end of the season.. Don't think many people really have an issue with it (except Mr trailfinders who seems to moan whenever given the chance)
  2. just come back from Naxos, Athens and Mykanos... if they have any matches in the next few weeks they deserve a huge amount of credit.. its bloody warm in the afternoon and evening!
  3. The annoying thing is they actually developed a nice lions head that was enough different from GB to not be a total rip off but be nice and "iconic" and be able to be built into a brand but they never seem to bloody use it which is infuriating!
  4. The last paragraph I am amazed has not been looked at long before now to be honest..
  5. Sorry been away.. While all that is true that doesn't mean the rebrand was well done. I do product launches and rebrands, if I had done any like that was done with so little actually ready at launch then we'd have been bust a long time ago. The leopards part, as I say, I think was a good change and has worked (don't like the shirt but that's a personal thing but isn't what I am talking about here) Congrats on the cup win BTW.. really am pleased for all the fans and the club, remember 1998 with extremely fond memories!!
  6. Fair play to him for promoting the game.. as much as I thought the rebrand was badly executed (change to leopards was a good idea IMHO but just badly done) you cant help but see that hisbheart is in the right place and what he is doing is good for the game at the moment.
  7. I want to see the videos you have of refs doing the head high tackles
  8. whoever's dream that is... I dont want to know them! I certainly dont ever want to meet them on a night out!
  9. IMHO the line is quite clear, he went straight at the RFL and the disciplinary "slamming" them for not punishing asiata for them and protecting his players which is wrong. While he may have a legitimate question about that type of tackle (debated on a different thread) its the way its presented, if its "these types of tackles are not good, no matter who does them, and I think we should look at it" in a calm controlled way then I would agree that that is a legitimate voice. Similar to Rohan smith in your example its a "game wide" opinion. To "slam" the RFL or judiciary for that one incident and "not protecting players" etc I think is the point he is out of order and needs to go through channels to find out, first, why they have done that as the panel will have looked and be able to justify it. After that its a game wide comment or a further complaint that there is inconsistency with evidence to back that up but again internally.
  10. The context is that these 2 cases were against a specific referee or the panel basically calling them out as cheats or having a bias against a club, that's the context.. general comments on the game or interpretation as a game wide issue is completely different to what is being discussed here to be fair.
  11. Has Sean Long been announced? Havent seen any announcement of anyone else as yet just some facebook roomers.
  12. totally agree.. there are, or should be, channels to make these complaints, publicly on TV etc is not it. I would say that it would be different if they had gone down these and found road blocks etc but that would need to be made very clear at the time (and actually that is what the rant should be about).. that is not the case here as the rant was so close to the game.
  13. google "schrodingers cat" Cat in a box.. it could be dead, it could be alive but until you open the box you dont know basically.
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