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  1. To be fair I dont know anything about the Rob Burrow Shirt.. if it is being manufactured and delivered during the pandemic then i have sympathy with the company as i know as a manufacturer this period has been horribly difficult to negotiate both with your own ability to produce but also the reliability of delivery services which have basically cancelled all guaranteed delivery option. We had a pallet being delivered to us on a 48 hour delivery that took 3 weeks.. for example. I dont understand why but i have found some people have a very short fuse for this issue even though it is generally accepted as an issue caused by the pandemic.. some people do seem to get quite irate about deliveries "not on time" at the moment, which i dont quite understand. Sizing issues are common placed.. buying off the internet is a perilous ordeal on clothes.. i buy shirts for work from M&M direct.. normally a large sometimes needing to buy an extra large.. my common practice now is to buy both, try them on and send one back.. Pain but still easier than going to the shops, and often cheaper. One companies Large is not another companies large.. I dont understand why but it is just the way it seems to be.. its not unique to RL gear.. Quality of garment is an issue of manufacturer..
  2. to be honest that can happen with anyone though.. I have last years Warrington shirt by O'neils and i struggle to get my (normally considered) small head through the hole on a shirt that otherwise fits quite well... not a problem i normally have as my head is relatively small
  3. Its surely also the law of diminishing returns but in quality terms.. the more shirts you have the worse the shirts will become, there is only a certain amount you can do with club colours before you get into the realms of ridiculousness... its the same with changing them every year, when it was every couple of years you could rotate designs better as it was "8 years" since you last had it but its only 4 designs needed.. now it would be 8 which means you are going to quickly get into some proper rubbish
  4. This is quite a common way of doing it.. done it throughout my time even at university doing history it was a common tactic by the lecturers to make you think differently.. I just cannot imagine the RFL board doing this...
  5. watch the NFL this weekend then.. they review every single scoring play... you hardly notice unless its a very tight call at which point (in RL) it would no doubt be sent upstairs anyway. Not sure it really adds anything to this except the 1 in 1000 that is given that blatantly shouldnt have been... The NRL are much quicker with their decision making than we are so probably wouldnt be a problem.. SL could be tedious because we just seem to be more tedious.. there should be a time limit that if they cannot decide if they have enough evidence to overturn the decision within x amount of time then you stick with the onfield decision. Would also mean a lot less time to listen to Baz and Tez getting it wrong and embarrassing themselves too! On a separate note i do like the choice of where you pack the scrum down and think this will help clubs as they can have set plays as they know exactly where the scrum is going to be.. good coaches given time with this should resurrect the scrum as an attacking weapon IMHO
  6. hoping to add to my list of games to go to also... but need to do it a bit closer to the time.
  7. thats exactly it.. i even warned them it would be a bit one sided and they said they didnt care...
  8. booked yesterday for the family to go to the world cup final (normally just me and the lad (12) but the wife and daughter (9) want to come as its a world cup final and the women are playing first).. Booked this morning for the England v Greece game at Bramall Lane for me and the Lad + 2 of his mates from school and their dad's none of which are normal RL followers but want to go because its the world cup... who says internationals arent important to garner interest and grow the game!
  9. I’ll respond to the pm as a pm but I’m not saying they need to buy more stuff in even, there are loads of ways of doing this sort of thing without it being a drain on you.. it’s how, in my industry, the likes of swizels matlow , golden casket and vimto grow.. they aren’t making the extras they licence out with little to no risk.. And that’s just one example of what they can do! you could do none season specific stuff so you have more time to sell it, another example. its also not just about selling to the customers they have its about finding new customers with new products that’s business 101.. new audiences. You can’t just keep flogging to the same people and expect sales to grow... But I’ve said all this and you seem to want to ignore it
  10. i'm assuming that ALL the mistakes in that post are deliberate Kman
  11. The BBC make a fortune on re selling programming around the world, DVDs etc... Drama especially.. RL will not cover that so it may be cheaper to produce but it makes less in the long term.. Mrs Brown's Boys, for example, has been a success in this way.. god knows why but still..
  12. i've never been to Leigh full stop if my memory serves.. Thats a great set up and hope it works well. However, as pointed out to Gubrats i have already said some clubs do this well.. but some do not.. some do bits of it well (having a shop in the right place is only the start.. ) and some do not.. Across the board i dont think as a sport we do this well, i also dont think we make the most of what we CAN do.. and i have given examples of that.. I think i have been pretty good with the posts i have put in of even giving examples of what more could be done.. i've not gone into specific clubs or specific things because it is a general discussion starting with a grooming product.. but its not just about the merchandise you see in a club shop either, which i have said a few times. If all the clubs are looking at is the club shop then that is very much part of the problem IMHO, look at what people outside the club shop may want to stock, look at what other companies could get your brand into for no effort on your part etc etc etc
  13. without wanting to turn this into something too political or to derail the thread too much.. one of the reasons for not going into another national lockdown is around mental health.. there is a a huge amount being written about it at the moment, there is a huge charitable push in that area and there is huge work being done on it as people are very worried about this. Pre lockdown there has been a huge drive on adult mental health and trying to cut down on suicides.. to say that nothing is done is wrong.. Covid is a big bang and without the measures put in place would have been a lot lot worse.. it still could easily go that way and all along it has always been about pure numbers.. the NHS would not be able to cope with those numbers and people would die because they cannot access the care that could save them (which is not a good look for a govt). Control it and the death rate drops. Its the same tactic as with Flu and the cold.. control.. hence flu vaccines every year to control the numbers and the numbers of the already ill and vulnerable that would put pressure on the NHS. The difference is that COVID-19 is more highly infectious than the other strains of Flu Your general jist from before with the "follow the rules and just get on" i agree 100% with.. but seeing my next door neighbour nearly die from this in march and the state he is still in now i would not underplay the illness and also how this could affect the country compared to someone with the cold or even flu.
  14. I get emails at least every month offering pop up stores in places like John Lewis and Debenhams... its really easy/possible to get these sorts of things. just a case of making the numbers work.
  15. hang on.. I'm a public schoolboy and i dont think it was either funny or correct, equally Joe Marler didnt go to Public School.. Please dont jump on easy but rubbish stereotypes.. it was a sh*thouse move and he got a pretty hefty 10 week ban for it (not long enough in my book but it would have ruled him out of the end of the 6 nations and pretty much the rest of the season if it hadnt been for COVID and the fact bans in RU seem to be in weeks rather than matches). There are plenty of things to throw at public schools, RU and Boris but to be fair i would say they took a pretty dim view of this.
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