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  1. Not many with it on the front IIRC, that shirt being more of an outlier than the norm.. however, looking at the world today rather than that in which this shirt existed if we look at the Warrington shirt for an example of what is on the front you are going to have to tell them that they are going to lose some sponsorship income because all the reasons for putting the SL logo on the front are the exact reasons a company will pay more money to have their logo on the front than on the sleeve. I would suggest that the clubs are not going to be that keen on that idea.
  2. 1. sorry which bit were you referring to on this? 2. i suppose this is down to room, we have more sponsors in general and the logo (from memory and my mid 1980s sheffield eagles shirt) has always been on the sleeve. No real issue with changing it but suppose "tradition" and what is more sellable to sponsors probably has something to do with it.
  3. GDPR is a convenient excuse for all that is wrong.. but GDPR was simply an exercise in cleaning up a messy business. as you say it does all the above which is about traceability and "opting in" but its key was about how you stored personal data and what happens in the event someone nicks it all.. which is hugely important but has nowt to do with mailing lists. As has been mentioned over and over though.. its not just mailing lists its all sorts of ways to get infront of people... social media etc.. email marketing is probably less effective than we think simply because of the sheer volume of spam that comes in, if you are interested in the subject/company you will check the email if not you are likely to delete without reading or unsubscribe.. i get loads from companies and they very rarely get me to click through on anything. Social media is a key to getting through. Short, Sharp, in your face (ie you don't have to actively open the email it is a picture and a link on your feed, you may not like it or do anything about it but you have seen it). I agree with pretty much everything you say above though (except i do think there is a place for cheaper tickets but it is not in the last ditch effort and everyone is simply waiting for it to happen, its early on).
  4. the worst bit is they are not "the answer" but only "part of the answer" so how much more?
  5. dont know if its the likes of totalrl not asking the questions or the rfl not giving answers but i do think it would be useful for the RFL to actually come out sometimes and give us an idea of what they are actually doing. We constantly say they could do more but maybe they are and by telling us they would potentially get a lot more respect. If they were to just look at this board and the opinions of many fans about the RFL this could change just by being more open and we would all think "they are actually doing stuff its just not working/we are not that big" etc rather than at the moment we just think "they do nothing so what do you expect"... Of course the silence may just be because they are doing nothing!
  6. As has been mentioned though the Lions head is fantastic.. if we had time again I would hope the RFL would have just kept a lot of the GB stuff for England rather than throwing it all out.. that lions head being the key.. but what we do is try to go for something that ages really badly.. the new England logo for example will age becuase of the shape of the shield etc, if they had just done it like a normal shield with the 3 lions and the XIII numbering it would probably last. The Lions head is simple and clean as per BMW, Mercedes and Ford. If you look at the logos of Heinz and Cadbury over the years they have tweaked and changed ever so slightly over time be it the background, the background shape, the colouring, the outlining etc but they are constantly updating it in minor ways to keep it up to date, clean and relevant. The 13 logo is the one i remember and its, like GB, nostalgic but meaningless really, but its very much of its time. the patch on the sleeves is now the league not the organisation they play for so i dont really see why it would be brought back on the shirt. As a corporate logo it may be a place to start but it would need massive changes now, though part of that is simply due to it not being used or tweaked for 25+ years.
  7. without wanting to be a "doom sayer" as its something i dont like. however, the issue with midweek is travel again.. your talking about people getting around straight afterwork, needing to eat something, get somewhere to meet and then change/warm up then ok the game finishes at 9.. out of the changing rooms at 9.30 eat/drink then home by??? its quite a night!.. even with training (and we all know how the numbers are up and down) but 9 times out of 10 you go to your local club, now people are needing to go further afield to play mid week after work (some of whom wont finish till 6).. I'm not trying to be negative but if you want to trial it I think this would give a completely distorted view of it.. i cant see it working logistically. you dont have to "give it a go" with every knew idea to see that not much would be gained. 9s is a bit different, i dont personally like it but i see the merits and would like to see a bit more done with it to see if it is worthwhile but i dont see a shortened time frame 13 a side game doing anything .
  8. we're going down.. my boy and I will watch the CC and 1895 cup while my wife, daughter and mother in law go to the west end and "take in a show".. then on the Sunday we are heading to the notting hill carnival before heading home by car dropping my mother in law at the airport.. I did get a good deal but bought before we knew the semi finalists so i think that is fair and a good way to do it.
  9. i saw him during the invictus games in sheffield... Know he went to the EIS which is pretty much next door to the Olympic Legacy Park.. must have been very impressed by the park set up!
  10. its the eyes and the weird "smile" that just look...unnerving
  11. @ckn can you also do something about this as the photo is frightening!!
  12. I watched the final with my son at the triple header, we both said the skill level was fantastic and the game hugely enjoyable, congrats on the win. Money is the key to going full time and being full time means that you are a bit fitter, a bit sharper due to more training etc. As the game needs to produce its own money to be able to do this (unlike football there is not much spare money around in general in RL) what do you believe is the key to being able to develop the revenue streams to go full time and how far away do you think the game is from doing this.
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