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  1. Exactly, we don't show sports like water polo or handball on TV over here not even when it's on at the Olympics.. does that say those sports are in major trouble? No.. just that we aren't interested in them en masse
  2. Totally agree.. oxen stuff just delivered, amazing service as didn’t pay for next day.. fits well, slightly smaller than some, if you are close to the top end of a size bracket go up I would say but as a large it fits fine for me (I’m pretty much an average large, as in I always buy a large never an xl or medium)
  3. My eagles shirt is a good fit, normal sizing, maybe a little tighter but nothing major. Better than hummel I would say, my himmel England shirt is a terrible fit
  4. I went for it.. let's see if I live to regret it.. should know in 3-5 days
  5. I havent listened to the podcast as yet but in the bbc article (which i assume has been written from it) he does say that the owners need to stop making the decisions in their own self interest https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/58264373 which is frankly music to my ears. The rest is what i would call "white board thinking".. basically sit around a white board and splurge all your ideas out, there are no stupid ideas.. then everyone starts to look at them, tweak them around a bit, and get the good ones so you can work on them.. get rid of the actual rubbish. However, you dont do it in public as there are stupid ideas! All of that should be done by the new board that is independent though and he should be nowhere near it.. so for me after his "we should stop making selfish decisions and have a board that is independent" the rest of what he says, to an extent, is a bit irrelevant..
  6. The thought of gould's smug face if it was postponed/cancelled and there was a NH comp and a SH set of international matches this autumn is enough to turn my stomach. Play the world cup and sue the nrl for as much as you can! Also someone just punch Gould I'm the face... pleeeease
  7. All been covered.. super league is being caught in the track and trace issues. Come middle of August it won't be happening with the change in rules.
  8. terrible idea.. the point of end of season is the players are all "in the groove" a pre season world cup would be woeful
  9. but that wouldnt solve it as the RLWC happens before the FIFA World Cup which is the big problem.. it will get lost in the build up to the FiFA world cup and the whos injured whos not that will be the back pages of the papers in the run up. If it happens it needs to happen this year, if it happens next year i get the feeling it will be a pointless damp squib, more so than it happening this year with indigenous teams or invitation xiii or even bringing in the next qualifiers.
  10. No but they are meeting up with people from different teams and then having to isolate when they test positive for covid nearly taking out the entire team... thats fantastic work BTW!
  11. i'm assuming you havent read the thread as the last few questions you have asked have all been answered multiple times during it.. no, no one believes that excuse but its the one they are using and therefore the RLWC have to answer it in the open to show that its bull.
  12. Probably a larger amount.. but its not just that its the intangibles of the fact there will be wall to wall fifa world cup in the papers (even just the build up) where as this is very much stand alone this year.
  13. the sanctioning is done by the IRL not by the governing body. Therefore if the IRL say its a sanctioned team they need to release. Thats part of the issue around the IRL not sanctioning end of season tests played by aus and nz if they dont turn up. Now, of course, that doesnt stop them having ghost surgeries and therefore not being released or just saying "actually i dont want to come". it also doesnt stop the NRL saying to clubs that they need to release players for the Aus v NZ unsanctioned test matches.
  14. I would guess this is one of the many things they are having a look at at the moment and why a decision is not so straight forward.
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