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  1. Dont disagree but it's what Clarke does week in week out, spots the time to do it etc.. so I would have given him the chance ahead of Hodgson in the 2 nd test at least as Hodgson hasn't done anything.
  2. you could say the same about hockey but our local club side get about 9 adult male sides out and their junior teams are packed full of kids.. I wish our Rugby club was the same.. they also have a thriving female set up i just know less about it as my nephew plays down there so I am aware of the mens, however, if he didnt play down there neither myself nor my brother would be aware they existed, numbers would be the same though.
  3. whats their name... does it sound Irish??? it would appear we have jumped back to the 1970s with some of the descriptive language on here!
  4. while i agree against Tonga it would be a major shock for him not to have done so.. he performed poorly and after that you have to look beyond him if things are not working and any top class coach would have done that IMHO
  5. IMHO He has to go, the make up of the squad and his comments on the GB set up are poor. I know this is the England job we are looking at and not the GB one but he has done this before with the balance of the squad and the RFL still "own" the GB team and he has hardly covered it in glory.. Also i believe we would have a much better chance of a mid season international if the coach was based here with a link into Super League and the clubs. I am not fussed if he is not full time I dont think it matters to be perfectly honest but as long as we get the best person for the job i would do whatever they were looking for (full time/part time) and I would make sure the clubs listened to what they needed to have the best chance of winning the world cup.
  6. what you describe is not a "world cup".... but you've said it on multiple threads now can you move on rather than trying to derail yet another one.
  7. Thats now the 15th thread you've posted that on... just to be clear the GB v Eng debate is a fair an genuine debate as we dont know what is going to happen at the moment.. The World Cup one is just a non starter... sports have world cups for so many reasons.. we have one we want to keep one and they are planning to do so... what you propose is a "world Championships".. which has a certain amount of merit (RU were talking of doing one, the Nations League in football is a sort of European one) but it is not to replace a World Cup... Can you please move on from this.
  8. mid season tests... no NRL players to play in them (so getting rid of that issue).. we can schedule them when we like because we dont need NRL players... there will HAVE to be some form of experimentation to try new players because we don't have the full NRL contingent.. therefore we get to see new players and dont have to be experimenting on the Great Britain tour!!
  9. Thats what the England shirt should have looked like IMHO... and the red shorts! now Saints have properly scuppered any chance! could we just borrow both of those for a Lancashire v Yorkshire fixture??
  10. not being funny and not really wanting to get into this as its a bit of a tedious argument that has nothing to do with the sport we are all here to talk about but.... MLB goes on for 100s of games per teams.. the IPL lasts 6 weeks.. is it really fair to compare the two on the sponsorship money or wages? these players also then go and play in umpteen leagues around the world, the sponsors go and put money into those leagues too so if you want to compare money for Cricket v Baseball I would suggest 2 things: 1. look at all the cricket leagues across the world and consider them as 1 league as all the players, sponsors etc go and play/put their money in each one, they can and they do (fans watch them all on the telebox too) 2. go onto a cricket or MLB forum or maybe to the "any other sports" section of this one... pleeeeease
  11. If we could grow the claws on another animal and work out how to harvest them we could be on to something....
  12. Cheers mate... obviously it will be “an accident” when mine turns up as well
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