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  1. Manninghams colours were believed to have been taken from the colours of the Prince of Wales West Yorkshire regiment. The barracks were on the road with the ground and they used them as changing rooms in the early days,
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/52039338 Elstone “We have a daily conference call among Super League executives ”Elstone continued: "Right now it's impossible to know how long this suspension period will last but we're looking at a variety of scenarios that means, when it does it get lifted, we're in a good place to start quickly and fulfil as many of our seasonal obligations as we can.” Wow, it’s like they have a general plan (sounds like what most of us thought) and continually talk to adapt with different scenarios.... who’d have thunk it.
  3. a lot of that will have already been agreed and budgeted (possibly spent) so it shouldnt make a difference in those terms.
  4. oh for crying out loud man... they consistently talk about working through scenarios with clubs, working with clubs and stakeholders on how to move forward when they can... what is that if not planning ffs?!?! If you want a reason for them not publishing a "plan" re read this thread... it would get torn to bits becuase the next day, thanks to some idiot thinking the new rules dont apply to them, the lock down is extended etc.. it is ever changing, the plan is therefore ever changing it is pointless to give too much information.. the important people in this are the clubs and stakeholders (sky etc) and it would appear they are all on these discussions
  5. ok so the "it is understood that".. is not being taken that the journalist has spoken to those within the game and got this with a "dont quote me" caveat.. ok if that fits your agenda go for your life!
  6. bbc wesbite... its not tough to find.. i've linked it in my previous post..
  7. The plan is the season next season has the same numbers and same rules as last year... that is the plan until it changes.. therefore no news means that plan is in place.. How you get there is under constant review due to the fact from day to day things area changing.. https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/11963092/no-date-for-rugby-leagues-return-after-super-league-and-rfl-meeting Top article in the RL section of the BBC sport website too. they are working on the scenarios.. these are plans.. they are working on plans... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/52008503 this bbc article https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/51961989 is talking about the other options which it is stating are under consideration so part of the plans.. shows that they are talking to the game about the scenarios... these are plans for ifs buts and maybes of when the league season re starts.. but each day something changes the whole scenario changes and a whole new plan needs to be put in place.. you asked about a plan for next year, numbers etc.. at the moment it is 12 nothing has changed.. how we get there is the question and that cannot be answered until we know when this all ends.. but they have plans/scenarios and they are passing them around.. I have seen interviews with Rimmer where he talks of "possibilities" because that is all they can possibly be at the moment.. a full plan can only be drawn up when dates are actually known.. some of which will depend on football due to ground availability too. so yes there are plans being drawn up, there are options they can use.. its not tough to know this, it just doesnt fit your argument
  8. oh grow up.. yes to restart the season... and have 1 up 1 down as per... if this goes on longer they bin the loop fixtures.. why is this so hard to understand when it has been spoken about?
  9. I have not seen anything that makes me think they dont have plans in place.. mainly because i have heard plans... you seem to want to not believe them so fine.. whatever.
  10. then you are not paying attention.. The PL have said that all options are still on the table.. their "intention" as is everyones in every walk of life is to carry on as normal and finish things but nothing is off the table.. the rest of your post is pointless. trying to wind up by being passive aggressive as per your norm..
  11. really??? how do you know that are you in on the RFL board meetings? the plan i heard last was that we restart with no loop fixtures... sounds like a plan to me.. given when they first think this may restart and the time left to do it.. whether that is right or wrong remains to be seen but it is a plan. If that looks like it is impossible then they will need to rethink.. just like everyone else is having to do.. no plan is worth the paper it is written on at the moment it is ever changing but I wouldnt expect them to be coming out all the time with a new plan left right and centre.. it will make no difference to whether clubs will survive or not just because there is a "plan" in place..
  12. for a start there is much to stress about... you are not one.. you are just being a tool, and i am calling you on it.. that is not getting stressed.. but boy do you think highly of yourself to think you are causing me any stress in a time like this! The PL have given various options... that is ok the NRL are giving various options (yes i've seen them oh sarcastic one!).. that is ok the SL/RFL start talking about options and people go on about "they need a plan" FFS get over yourself!
  13. The plan was to be the same a this year.. one down one up its quite simple we all knew that at the beginning of the season.. do we do know how many will be in the league next season IF the season gets to a conclusion in a sensible manner.. whats so tough to understand? there is a plan but that plan is now uncertain as it is in EVERY sport and EVERY organisation! as for your "premier league plan"... really? they havent confirmed that, they dont even know when this is going to be resolved. They have moved the European competitions but they dont know how they are going to do the last rounds as there are suggestions of it being one off matches instead of 2 legs, but also a mini tournament all at one location to finish it quickly. The leagues dont know if they will be able to restart, restart behind closed doors or to do anything because NO ONE knows when the lock down will end. THEY suggested this year may go to no relegation and 2 promoted with the year after being 4 down 2 up.. their "plan" is up in the air as much as anyones... how have you missed all this in your omnipotent status? To say you KNOW what is going to happen is you spouting because NO ONE knows what is going to happen.. all we have is best guesses. The ONLY time we will really know is when the OK is given to re start anything... Stop trying to sound as though you have any more idea of how this should work than anyone else you are just starting to sound daft..
  14. rubbish.. of course there is a plan for next year, there always has been it is idiotic to think there is not.. that plan may need some changes now from what it looked like 3 months ago but what they are throwing out are suggestions that might have to come in DEPENDING on when this is all over.. in the same way as the Premier League have put out the suggestion they may promote the top 2 in the EFL and relegate no one and then in 2021-2 season relegate 4 and promote 2 to even the league back up... its a SUGGESTION of what might happen with a large amount of "what if"... if the league can restart in May then no worries, if it does not restart at all then there will be discussions to be had.. this is an ever changing environment and needs to be dealt as such.. all plans that were in place are still in place but from one week to the next they are tweaked and the changes may become more severe.. people will always speculate (we are very short on sports news at the moment).. but to think the governing bodies have no plan and are not discussion options is IMHO so wide of the mark it is laughable.
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