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  1. the last time i was there (feb), or across the road to be precise, there seemed to be a bit going on but that isnt to say they were doing much work. I have not heard that rumour though about someone pulling out. The weather at the beginning of the year and then Covid is not going to have helped a whole lot to be fair but equally it has been known to get stuck on personality issues since the very start.
  2. Ground was apparently broken in January... god knows what has happened since though, and for once neither the club or council can be blamed for any delay, which makes a change.
  3. Come on Harry dont be daft thats not what i am saying is it! This has gone on for 117 pages, it goes around in circles every single bloody time Toronto are brought up.. but we dont discuss them as what ifs we discuss them as 2 polar sides that believe their version of events is the one that is going to play out. I am trying to show that actually the huge area of grey is more than likely and we cannot prejudge that. But if you want to go around in circles for another 117 pages go for your life..
  4. I cannot answer those questions because i am not them.. This is the problem.. there are so many ifs and buts and people on both sides of the argument use definitives as if those what ifs will definitely happen. You think the Toronto blueprint will be copied, but you dont know that for sure, they may be happy to carry on.. Equally success in Toronto may be used for Toronto to start ploughing heavily into the junior game (just because they haven't done yet may be part of the plan rather than pure negligence).. therefore the Toronto "blueprint" may not be a bad one.. we are far to worried about what if this and what if that rather than lets have it in our mind but actually there is the other side of the "what if" scenario that could be really good for us and i think at the moment the upside is a lot larger than the potential downside.
  5. especially when, from what i have read, many of them are a case of "IF the fans come back into the stadium, then we will increase by up to x%" so there is no definite and it is all graded.. if we can get some in you get a bit more money, if we get more in you can get a bit more than that etc.. it seems fair on both, clubs are getting more income and the players should get some of it while also understanding if bans arent lifted they need to stay as they are as there is no extra income.. Everyone should help each other out at the moment.. its what we are trying to do as a business, we expect people to have the same thought and understanding as us.. anyone treating people badly can do one.. clubs should treat their players well, players equally need to understand the pressure on the clubs, which is something they seem to have done for the vast majority, now clubs need to just give them a little bit of security with the above style agreement (that some seem to have been able to do quite happily).
  6. picking the bit in bold out.. there is a chance that we look back on this with a slightly different view than we do now too.. it could easily be that although Toronto dont develop so well on the Junior front themselves that they are the catalyst to a number of other clubs that do. A successful Toronto that paves the way for others to follow is a definite possibility. At which point I would not be so worried if they go for all out success to make places like Ottawa and NYC and (fill in north american city here) "think this looks good, i like this game and the league etc" and they join in with junior development as something they want to look at... This would not be a bad result for Rugby League in the long term, even if Toronto do not do it exactly the way many would like. just a thought though.. history does tend to judge things differently to how you see them at the time.
  7. I think the last paragraph is key on this. a lot of the language on both sides of the argument is quite harsh in terms of must/must not, can/cannot but in reality both parties agree broadly... It should happen, but it is also going to take time, it should be started soon because it is going to take time. but the debate seems to polarise where as in reality there is broad agreement IMHO.
  8. A please lets not go down the hypothetical route of "i think this may happen down the line".. if, but, maybe.. either way, licencing or not, get it in the rules or stop lambasting a club for not doing it.. once its in the rules make sure everyone does it, or stop lambasting others.. there are a lot of glass houses and a lot of stones in this debate.. there are also a lot of holier than thous.. ( I am not saying you are one, i know you have done a lot from our off board conversations, as have i, but there are a fair few posters who pontificate without either them or their club actually doing anything themselves, but expecting a brand new club to magic things out of thin air).
  9. yes i agree with that.. my main point being that at the moment its all about what people would like to see.. they have no obligation to do anything.. Lets get it in the rules, even with a caveat.. but lets apply that rule across all clubs.. without that its down to when someone thinks the time is right.. and frankly people on a message board will not know that, the people on the ground will only be able to make an educated guess themselves!
  10. Just want to point out, as someone who runs a manufacturing business, that you are often told what to do and how to run your business by various organisations outside of your business. Often for safety reasons but you cannot just run the business how you like... you can also change the rules whenever you like (we have an organisation that accredits us as safe and companies want us to be accredited as such, but the accrediting organisation change the rules on a yearly bases, it seems, and we have to adhere to them to still be a member.) That said.. If the RFL want to make them run a junior set up to a certain standard then PUT IT IN THE RULES.... and as we always say whenever the conversation goes to licencing they MUST treat everyone within the organisation the same. IF they expect Toronto to do XYZ then they MUST make others do the same.. Until that actually happens I agree that we cannot expect/make Toronto do anything we would not be making someone else do and i dont believe running any form of junior development is in the rules for membership of super league or the rfl.. (though happy to be proven wrong). Yet equally i would like to see Toronto do more on junior development as i think that will be a huge bonus to the game as a whole.
  11. no hes right.. we;re not talking about the good news of Toronto's announcement.. its still (as always) about who is doing the junior development etc etc etc ad infinitum... which is and has always been my point on this. another interesting thread had descended into the same old argument by those who are "bored" of hearing about it... oh the irony! its infuriating.... but i'm done now so will let you argue on... maybe @ckn or @John Drake can somehow merge all the posts on all the threads about this 1 part of the conversation into one thread leaving all the other threads open to actually talk about the topic that started it... but i think they would need the full £16m govt loan to afford the time to do it there are that many!
  12. to try and sum up... Some Toronto fans dont care about the make up of the team they support.. that is equally evident in the UK, if you win the grand final do you care who is in the team? (some of you will say yes you do, and some will say no you dont... its a difference of opinion lets leave it there). Some Toronto fans arent worried, at the moment, about junior development.. it is also abundantly clear that some in the UK are not that worried about it either... This is not a purely Canadian/Torontonian issue.. frankly there is a little bit of glass houses and stones here. We all tend to agree that Junior development takes some time.. so we shouldnt be expecting results straight away but it should be being started, we are talking "putting balls in hand" here.. IMO this is also a way to get community buy in and build supporter bases and not just junior development in terms of getting players onto the roster. There is a genuine concern about the player pool being thinned too far with no players being added to it from Toronto/canada. Even Toronto fans would surely see this, whether it is seen as that important is a different matter. But equally this would happen with a shrinking sport in the UK anyway. The general argument against this all is that a successful Toronto can solve issues rather than be the issue: With success juniors will want to get involved in Canada and a growing Junior set up will come, equally a successful Toronto could make the sport more appealing for juniors in the UK and may lift numbers for UK game.. across the uk as other areas want to get involved. They can also increase the money pot and the sponsor pool etc etc All the concerns are genuine, all the counter arguments are genuine too.. no one (except some very small exceptions who the mods normally pick up on) want the sport to die, we all want the best for it. The problem is there is no right or wrong answer in this, people are trying to do what they think is right and then they have to basically see how it goes (especially when the world throws up things you cannot control). In the end the proof will be in what is happening in years down the line.. can we please just leave it there and treat the posts about Toronto for what they are rather than the continual dive into all of this? Pretty please?
  13. As I say I respect you and the position you take even though we dont agree all the time. My initial post was not just aimed at you it was aimed at everyone who turns every news story on Toronto into the same fight. Totally understand your reply to Reaper and having to reply as the insult was not fair.
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