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  1. lets be fair that happens on both sides of the argument and each are as bad as one another, normally based on the history of said poster though ie no matter what is said to disprove a point made the continue to make the same point.
  2. Rowing have headhunted for years through universities especially oxbridge, and through public schools. Anyone with certain physical attributes would be given “trials”. It isn’t an anomaly to have someone who has done another sport well in the boats, maybe this time someone picked up purely by team gb though rather than further down. I am sure athletics have done it as you are looking for people using a skill somewhere else (Gemili was a pro football youth) but again it’s always been the case of doubling up as (Eric Liddell etc) Personally I wouldn’t count either just because team gb got a scouting team on it rather than clubs and coaches but fair enough.
  3. I would guess one of their problems will be the players they do have signed up that perhaps they would rather not have now they are in the super league. However, to encourage them in the first place it was "pay them a bit more", "give them some job security".. so long "lucrative" contracts which arent easy to get out of without a cap impact.. as with so many things i suspect we are debating with only half an eye open to the true facts.. i wonder whether there would be more sympathy if this was the case.. i think perhaps a naivety to the rules around letting people go, how easy it is to get rid of players etc of the higher echelons may see more sympathy. I would like to think SL wouldnt want to cut their noses off to spite their faces (though i have been at this for long enough not to hold my breathe) so if this were the case they may actually make some dispensation which could be done in terms of termination costs etc without it impacting the spirit of the cap too much and something they could make open to everyone without too many teams needing to use it??? As always.. just a thought on an interesting speculative possibility.
  4. to be fair what he is saying is that you dont rush them back from injury/rush them into the side for the first few weeks to then perhaps have a player who is going to be injured throughout the season and not be fit for the last part which is the final push.. pretty much where all teams should be with their best players.
  5. I wish i could remember being as young as you.. those are exactly my feelings too..
  6. some of them do just that though (explosiveness over and over) running backs if they are not running it in are often blocking (which is not easy), tight ends too.. Linebackers could do it as they are often sprinting to get to the QB or being blocked trying to get through. depending on the players as well some of them would have played both offensive and defensive at high school and sometimes college or switch positions during their college years so Offensive players can tackle and defensive players can ball handle if you get the right ones with the right backgrounds. Personally there are a few like Aqid Taleeb (Sp?) that i would like to see have a pop and Chris Harris too.
  7. was done in australia ("The Rookie" i think)... which i know is a different country.. and, although entertaining, didnt really unearth anyone.. there was a British guy on it who had been an RU player and a Bobsledder, ended up signing for Salford IIRC but didnt play. GB have done it with a few sports.. Handball and volley ball for 2012 i think (as we could field teams as hosts) not to any sort of success.. skeleton is the big success in this but that is mostly heptathletes (for the women) and lighter weight sprinters for the me, with the heavier sprinters (maybe the odd rugby player) making the Bobsleigh team.. cant remember any of the others that made it through and have gone on to win medals but may be wrong.
  8. Lemar Jackson would be interesting to see.. big lad, runs hard, good eye, quick..
  9. except for the fact I am 42 i would completely agree with this.. quite fancy a run out at this but not that keen on touch/tag
  10. lets be fair McDermott was calling for the same at london due to the expense of encouraging players to move to London.. (it costs more to live there and you have to effectively offer more to attract people away from the comforts of their home). I really dont see too much of an issue... but would have to carry timeframes etc. If we want expansion to succeed there needs to be some sort of understanding that to get people to move to what could be short term clubs they may need to spend more to get the same. If they are in areas where living is more expensive then we do have to take that into account as well (before anyone says it i know they are not living in toronto full time)... In the end IMHO expansion teams need success and if we have to give dispensation for clubs to be able to do that in the short term then we can build something quite good.. IF, for example, Branson had been allowed to spend a little more in the late 90s in London and they had, maybe, won a couple of super league titles London COULD be a very different place right now in terms of Rugby League (knowing what was happening in junior development and amateur development in the early and mid 2000s i would say that with a really successful senior team it could have really pushed on.. some more money and something to aspire too like that could have really made a difference instead of pulling the money and dropping the development officers!)
  11. I thought you already were using a day to day title... Canberra's Online Posting Authority... better than King Usurper of the Northern Territories... that could get difficult
  12. is only half of Jon Wilkin's head cold? Great shirt..
  13. I love a world cup because you get to see the smaller nations. The big nations will march on as they normally do, and as they have always done. But i like watching the likes of Samoa v France with something really big hanging on it.. I dont want to watch england play australia over and over.. i will of course but I would prefer this sort of structure where it builds to a climax. For me the last one where there were different rules for different groups did make it feel a bit like "the big boys" are having a bit of a warm up comp, while the little ones play to have the right to play against them which for me is not really what a world cup should be about IMHO
  14. I'd go with Friends of Jamaican Rugby League (or "Friends of JRL" if we need it shorter for space). Although maybe if we are going to be looking at other nations too there may be an argument for tweaking it to "Friends of Expansion"?? looking at the future we could be frontrunners in the marketing of elasticated waste jeans and things too... "for the expanging gentleman"
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