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  1. in a more general RL World cup way: i've just driven past Bramall Lane and they were starting to put up the lamp post flags for the RL World cup.. getting exciting now!
  2. yeah but thats because you retired 5 years ago...
  3. I'm not sure who will partner Sneyd but I think he'll play. We've complained for years that we never get the kicking game right and never turn the aussies around on the 5th.. Sneyd can do that, and he needs to play as much as possible to get the experience before a potentially huge semi and final.
  4. Christ I didnt realise Anthony Milford was so poor..
  5. I dont disagree with the bit in bold and its why I said a skilled CEO can be without "wise cracks". If the Fijians had a history of being arrested on tour then I would feel differently (though i would say it probably needed a better delivery, but i'm not a comedian) but they havent. As you go on to say though I do think it is not out of place for him, it sort of sums him up, and its why I think he has been in the wrong job as CEO from the very start, and that isnt necessarily on him but on those that thought he was a natural successor.
  6. can we all agree on one thing... IF it was a joke it patently a poor one because none of us can work out exactly what the joke was about or referencing, everyone seems to have a different opinion on what it was.. On Rimmer.. for me its the final of many final straws of his poor stewardship of the game. It shows terrible judgement. If it was an obvious joke about historical instances then it has a potential place but it doesnt (or at least he has picked the wrong team to do it on). A CEO or senior leader is not making a speech to be funny (a skilled one can be but its not done with "wise cracks"). I am no fan of Rimmer but not because of "him" but because of how ineffectual I believe he has been in most aspects of what the CEO needs to do which is different to, for example, the COO which he may be very good at. IMHO a CEO is the figure head, the outgoing one, the one who knows how to hold a room without crass comments and wise cracks. Rimmer has never been that and that is not necessarily on him its on who hired him. This though is beyond acceptable. I would suggest an apology would normally be enough but he hasnt even got that right and IMHO the only option the RFL have is to ask him to resign and forfeit a large chunk of the payoff he would be getting from resigning later. Otherwise its down the disciplinary route.
  7. who is to say that Leigh wouldnt have got in as a grade B above some other clubs already in and getting a "lower B" anyway? Performance on the pitch will be taken into account but is the fact Leigh is better off the pitch (arguably) than some then outweighing that and the thought being "its their turn to have a proper crack"? While being the incumbent will no doubt help there are some clubs that need to be looking over their shoulder (which I guess is what this idea is supposed to do, put a rocket up some clubs!)
  8. It really doesnt need much, to be honest not having enough internationals probably doesnt help (where have we said that before!) with an england supporters club. One thing that was stark was that they talked about consulting with fans for the shirt, I wasnt, and not that a necessarily expect to be in normal circumstances (random draw of people etc) i would have though the "supporters association" would have been polled!
  9. I joined it.. though it had merit.. badly executed though I'm not really sure (bar an OK hat and oversized pin badge) what I've got out of it.. early bird tickets are no real bonus in this sport etc.
  10. Not sure if its just me (not read all 28 pages) but is this not just incentivising investment and helping to potentially bring in larger backers who can make a difference? The Cat A teams that are exempt from relegation are more than likely going to be the clubs that (partly due to them being run well with good income streams hence being Cat A) are unlikely to be relegated anyway (bar a really bad season like Warrington have had) but if they went down they'd bounce back up as they would buy the championship title, and really what is the point in that happening if we are being honest. The teams that get Cat B are the teams that are vying for promotion and relegation most seasons anyway. What you are now saying is that if you invest you can become Cat A and therefore be safe.. so incentivising the investment. Hopefully without the barriers put in the way that seem to be there at the moment ie 1 criteria being an academy but not allowing teams that want one to have one etc. It seems like tinkering but IMHO its a clever/good move as long as it is quite obvious how you can get from one category to another and how a team can get promoted etc.. it has to be really clear to the supporter otherwise you will lose people. Clear and transparent is really important. The rest has been called for on these boards for a while, less loop fixtures, more internationals etc just more sense. Rebranding too is often spoken about here so they will look at it and get, potentially, to something easier to "sell". I quite like it, if its clear and transparent. I like the fact they see that London is a key area for expansion, and that doesnt mean a team but could (I hope) be about grassroots with a team to follow.. I like the fact that if there are enough cat A teams they will expand the league, the exact way it should work IMHO.. that is the carrot that is needed. With the extra bits the GJ has pointed out around the new media and marketing this can show investors and owners that investing the money to get yourself to Cat A can bring some real rewards because they are doing the work to monetise the product. But it needs the teams/clubs to actually invest too to get the product, and their product especially, up to the standard that can maximise the exposure the IMG can get us. Its now going to be all about the execution (as so many things are) but so far I think its a really positive step.
  11. first name for last name or last name for first name? I believe if we decide that it opens up a black hole that swallows the world... so chop chop before someone in Westminster gets there first!
  12. To be fair its not the worst idea i have read on this forum... its not even the worst idea i've read today... which is amazing really as normally it would have been but you have to congratulate Superten as he won on that one.. hands down.. Three is at least some logic in this (lets remember "some" is a very woolly word)
  13. i bought mine early (early 2020/late 2019 whenever they went on sale).. not got them yet I believe Klarna is a PayPal thing so it doesnt mean PayPal didnt pay the RFL straight away.
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