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  1. Really? Man Utd needed a left winger and Rod was a striker, Danny was a left winger. He was a stand out player at Southampton and spent quite a long time in the Man Utd first team to say that he was a mistake. 5 years or so at Man Utd which was ended by the emergence of Ryan Giggs and the early signs (with hindsight) of MS.. won a few things too.. pretty sure if it had have been a mistake he wouldnt have lasted that long... happy to be wrong though, just seems odd. Now Southampton signing "George Weah's cousin" on the other hand.. that was a mistake.
  2. i'm pretty sure you answered your first question with your second paragraph.. Anybody can, they just need to find the players they think they can work with (above and beyond those that come from their local area). But what you seem to forget (conveniently) is that academies don't churn out Super League standard players from every "draft" or at least in significant numbers so why do we expect Catalans or Toulouse to have done this in a short space of time. Incentivise the English clubs to have a couple of French born in their academies... absolutely go for it, more than happy with t
  3. If they have a couple of really good kids coming through but they just aren't quite there yet someone like Morris could be fantastic, as long as he realises why he is there. If he can pass on some of his experience and hints and tips for being a top level pro then this could be huge. Its one of the reasons i like the Inglis signing for Warrington, not just for this year but he could make King a better player (if we can keep him) and the likes of Ashton, Thewliss et al. not all aged imports are bad IF they buy into the long term vision. If they dont you may as well give a youngster
  4. then add that to the quota... then we will find no french players being given a chance at other teams and the only way they can progress is through 1 super league clubs... thats 15-20 roster places a season for EVERY french player... there ends french development IMHO to be clear i would argue that the quota of overseas (non British/French) should come down.. I also would love to see more french players in the french teams.. what i am against is different rules for different clubs.. adding the English and French into the quota system (as this would hinder french development as much
  5. The quota is the same for all clubs, without looking at it in too much detail (as i cant be arsed) i recon pretty much all of them are at or very close to the limit of the quota so i'll guess at 7?... unless you are going to count English as overseas at which point we are back to the playing under different rules argument which was had about 3 pages ago.. with the same massive draw backs and issues for the french game that none of us would want as it helps them to spread the players out.. next
  6. I am sure we would all love that... but until the English clubs do that i am not sure we should be having a pop at Toulouse for it. Toulouse need to be at the top table.. that is the important thing at the moment.
  7. 15 years is not that long, it is a generation of players from start to finish and in that generation you may only get 1-2 anyway that break through. what you need to look at is below the super league squad.. is the game stronger, is elite 1 stronger etc.. if all you ever do is look at the top club then you will miss so much, you will also miss the basic premise that even top clubs go through cycles.. I would love to see more french given a chance instead of some of the english or NRL stars.. but i also trust the coaches to know what they are doing and trust what they are seei
  8. on the first point if that club does not hold its own in super league or do something special in the cup etc then it doesnt get the push through in the media or the social consciousness to really drive those players to want to play etc By limiting the number of players that can help them, through their "bog standard" experience of playing at that level, understand what it takes to do this in the early years you can cause problems. Get them up, give them some years to bed in and bring through the juniors etc and then you may be onto something. At the moment you seem to want them to run bef
  9. Just donated.. MacMillan are a fantastic organisation who did loads for us and were always there to answer questions and keep us calm when my Dad was ill and died of Cancer in 2009.. amazing how far over his target he is too!! Will do the same for Taylor also.
  10. correct me if i am wrong.. they are subject to the same quota rules as everyone else so their ability to be packed full of aussies is the same as everyone else's (and some British clubs do this). next few years may see changes with the number of English players out there too with work permits etc (and French players in the English clubs too) so this may correct itself in that way. I don't have an issue with the way it is at the moment.. as long as the players they bring in are buying into the long term aim (going into schools, "being French" etc etc) then they can really enhance a
  11. In fact its almost the whole basis of why the sport was formed.. For the clubs it was to be able to keep the best players who may not have played if they were not paid or may have moved to somewhere where there was a "job on offer" that would give them time off to play and train (this didn't just start post war with union they'd been doing it from the start).. for the players it was different but for the clubs it was about being the best club and keeping your best players.
  12. its starting to sound like something off alan partridge or That Mitchell and Webb look ... "Its the Giant Ram-Dogs versus the Ram Bulls and on the other channel we watch the Hunsfield Eagle-Hawks face off against the Lork (k)NightRhinos" these names sounds eminently Marketable... and less ridiculous than some!
  13. interesting... so you recon its one of Mick Gledhill's more accurate predictions then...
  14. To form the Hewtly Giant Ram-Dogs... sorry but if this DOESNT happen and happen now then there is something wrong!! I am dropping every other allegiance to support the Giant Ram-Dogs and if this doesn't become the best known brand in the whole of sport then, well, I don't want to be a part of THAT world!!!!
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