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  1. May be the process of getting involved did start earlier. However what we now know is that he has obviously seen or found out something to make him pull out. We shall all have to draw our own conclusions till more is revealed.
  2. I am sure he did. However it takes time to dig and uncover problems. He only get involved a couple of weeks ago so he has acted reasonably quick. I know nothing of the details but can only give an opinion. Basically the club must be beyond rescue is my conclusion.
  3. Well one thing is certain about Chris b. He certainly knows what a toxic crock of sheight looks like. Just my opinion but I would strongly suspect he realises that there is nothing worth rescuing
  4. Not arguing with most stuff but will be the first one to mention this. Catalan will finish bottom of SL
  5. I like Chris . He may not have the money to chuck into a bottomless pit but he is no mug,will run a tight ship. Also would be interesting to find out who his partners are. I am also certain he will be a massive improvement on some of the recent people involved at the bulls.
  6. Like I said on a previous post I hope fev win promotion. However having just read that if they come into SL they are looking at appointing James Webster as head coach, so it seems obvious they only intend to spend one season there.
  7. Some worthy candidates identified in this thread. However if everyone so far named turned up for a screen test at the BBC and Mick Morgan came along wearing a flat cap. I know who would win hands down.
  8. With a comment like that, I hope you are not one of those weed heads mentioned in this thread. You ought to be praying for a tool house miracle win because if Fev are your next opponents don't even bother turning up and prepare for another year in the championship.
  9. I have heard people say that a winter's night in fev is like being on the dark side of the moon....possible destination ?
  10. Fev will have no problem ,having to tonk tool house is a minor obstacle in their quest for SL. And as that day draws ever closer, the uncontrolled bowel movements of Lennighan and McManus become more frequent.
  11. Nothing to do with Ben. He gave a try from the angle he was looking and when the cameras replicated the same angle it looked a reasonable call. Also he was obviously not totally sure,hence calling the video ref to examine. Any criticism must go to video ref, but in all fairness to him it was a very tight call. If it was a blatant wrong call I could understand the outcry but it was a very hard decision . Thankfully I don't think it had a effect on the final result, salford were simply too good on the night.
  12. We go back a long way, so no animosity from me . But I thought Powell was poor in his after match speech. Cas tried their best but salford were just too good on the night.
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