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  1. Yes I presume the money from private investors was from the developer of the whole site who provided funds by way of 106 obligations. That is what happens when you have honest developers and competent councils yo enforce the law. Unfortunately the same cant be said of wakefield council.
  2. Ok I can go along with that. However this planning application is a bit more than a quick drawing to buy a bit of time. There is a large amount of expensive and detailed work behind this submission. Expert solicitors in planning law are involved along with experienced planning consultants. In fact this goes way beyond anything that has gone before and has taken many months to complete and submit. Under normal circumstances I would be elated by this, but having been very close to the many stadium episodes, the thing that really worries me is yorkcourt. They are not to be trusted and obviously this upgrade depends on their funding. Let's see if the council will now show some strength and make them comply with their legal obligations. There is however a slight cause for optimism in that Peter Box the self confessed Trinity hater is no longer around to put his spoke in.
  3. You are absolutely correct but I must add, even Leeds have had help from their local authority who have loaned them the funding. Wakefield Councils action for most of the initial stadium saga have been an utter disgrace.
  4. Now that was an experience. You were lucky if you could make it from one end to the other before second half started. I can also remember what seemed like hundreds of fans climbing on to the pitch and walking along the touch lines to switch ends
  5. When that stand was there that concept of segregation did no exist. Fans went were ever they liked. What used to happen was that the fans preferred to stand at the end their team was playing to. The mas exodus at half time when fans changed ends would be a stewards nightmare these days
  6. Let's put you right. The north stand has a roof which was built by the last club chairman, Andrew Glover, just the year before Carter took over. Up to that point it was un covered terracing throughout the history of belle vue. Moving along down the side is the east stand which is to be replaced. The east stand is the seating are of the ground, also covered and the stand running along the side you see on televised games. Moving behind the sticks is the south end. This is where the hospitality boxes are. They replaced a covered stand and terrace which was demolished in the 70s Moving next is the western terrace. It has a small bus shelter type stand in one corner but is mostly uncovered and also where television gantry is. That's belle vue, hope it helps
  7. Are you referring to the east stand which is for seating. That one is being replaced with this up grade
  8. What are you on about. That lid on the north terrace was only built about 5 years ago. I think you mean the old south stand and terraced that was demolished in the late 70s and that is where the hospitality boxes are
  9. I think huddersfield are the perfect club for Watson. They have the financial resources to give them a side capable of winning both major trophies. For Watson that must be a great attraction as it will make him the 'first' and the 'best'. I am sure a gig at one of the more perceived bigger clubs with a more successful history would employ him . However if he did that , expectations would be higher and achieving top honours would be a massive expectation and only considered the norm. He would not be seen as the best, but only as good as a few others who have gone before. Good move to make and I wish the guy all the best, I think he is a great coach.
  10. Well that's two terrible decisions tonight. First the bjb no try for trin. Then that Sam Powell effort. Dont know why we bother with a video ref ,when they seem reluctant to over rule the ref
  11. I think salford have been very good this season. I like their style and in my opinion their games have been very entertaining to watch. It also seems that after a truly abysmal start ,Trinity are eventually getting their act together and discovering lost form and desire. Two evenly matched sides that hopefully will provide a great game of rugby league, result to close to call
  12. Rattles on too much for me. People may find him refreshing but I think hearing once is enough.
  13. Enjoyed that myself Dont know if it's me, but I think Leeds are becoming a grubby side under agar
  14. Yes never heard him before, breath of fresh air . Miles better than Ben proe
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