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  1. Think your are spot on with your assessment. Also when all other clubs have invested in their half backs ,trinity are going with an old man and an headless chicken. Could be a long hard season ahead.
  2. Alex Walker had a good game and Jay Pitts looked ok also. Very happy about the pair.
  3. Well if we scrap the cap, my hope is that Toronto go on the biggest spending spree the game has ever seen. I then hope this results in a clean sweep of every trophy for season after season. My third wish is that one of the 'cap is holding us back clubs' ends up bust trying to keep up.
  4. To fev nut I seem to remember that huddersfield were once the barracudors, did you miss that bit out or his my memory wrong. Also no mention of the gates/hull club as far as I can see. May also be wrong but I thought Bradford northern ceased for a short while in the 60,s
  5. Richard Agar would be choice. A perpetual failure for a team that perpetually fails
  6. Just after posting the above, I also remembered Denise played in that great hunslet side that reached Wembley in 1964. I attended that game and cheered for hunslet even though they knocked out my team in the semi final
  7. He was one of the great ball handing props of yester year. Fantastic player and really highly regarded throughout the game
  8. I have no idea, but unless the rfl are very thick skinned this must be an embarrasing admission. On that basis, my gut feeling is that these costs would not have been included in the sum ,otherwise this admission would be even more outrageous.
  9. May be woods had no choice to get heavily involved. Best way to keep certain skeletons in the cupboard.
  10. I would not be surprised in the slightest if fev,York,dewsbury,and Bradford were connected by a common factor within the consortium.
  11. Although Chris brereton has withdrawn participation, my understanding is the rest of the mystery consortium are still in place. Perhaps nigel wood is one of those people,hence the silence
  12. May be the process of getting involved did start earlier. However what we now know is that he has obviously seen or found out something to make him pull out. We shall all have to draw our own conclusions till more is revealed.
  13. I am sure he did. However it takes time to dig and uncover problems. He only get involved a couple of weeks ago so he has acted reasonably quick. I know nothing of the details but can only give an opinion. Basically the club must be beyond rescue is my conclusion.
  14. Well one thing is certain about Chris b. He certainly knows what a toxic crock of sheight looks like. Just my opinion but I would strongly suspect he realises that there is nothing worth rescuing
  15. Not arguing with most stuff but will be the first one to mention this. Catalan will finish bottom of SL
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