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  1. I have focused on a certain player He has a massive reputation, high profile and famous rl name. Massive belly, totally disinterested and looks a lazy lump
  2. This stuff should not happen end of. I have no profile of any type on social media and for the life of me I cant understand why people need to open up about their private lives to the wider public. Once you start posting about yourself it gives people who may have a grudge something to latch on to and you never know who is out there. As the submariners saying goes ' run silent,run deep' Now then back to this topic, just take with a pinch of salt what Michael carter says. The guy can be a bit of a drama queen at times. I really fear that many people dont know what a mess the club are
  3. Wigan have got some many good things and good players. However why they really let themselves down with goal kicking. Hardaker is effing useless at that
  4. Where as Chester has three targets. Not get relegated, get past round one of cup and beat somebody
  5. Strong rumour he wants Andy Last to join him. Bet Andy cant wait to get out of Wakey and who can blame him working under a stiff like chester
  6. Wtf is Brian Carney wearing. He looks like a little Victorian sailor boy
  7. The high light of being a wakey supporter at the moment, is trying to guess which of his well practiced excuses our incompetent coach will use.
  8. In all fairness I have seen him have some good games. But he has been totally biased when he has reffed wakey and hudds in 2 games in the past that I remember. Ok sacking will not happen, but he should never be near an hudds game again. 2 shocking decisions tonight, I know refs are human, get it wrong in the heat of the battle. But a video ref has time,and several cameras, what he did tonight is inexcusable
  9. Partially correct, but they have no fight left in them. I think the 24pts start they are getting should easily be covered by saints.
  10. Valencia is a marvellous city to visit. It has it's own airport and there is Alicante airport about 2 hrs south. That's the positive bit. Negative would be that it would be extremely taxing on the players during July and August even if games kicked off at 9pm. They would have to stack their home games early on the season and spend the high summer in UK.
  11. I think there are quite a few posters following this topic who think bringing Andrew Fifita has something to do with strengthening the pack. Its nowt to do with that. With him and Dave the club are hopefully in having the finest summo wrestling tag team for half time entertainment.
  12. Bloke told me when we signed Pauli Pauli, we were sticking to tradition of signing twins. Club were really peed off when they realised it was only one player.
  13. Pity we never considered the Krays, they would have given us a bit of bite. Bloke once told me we nearly signed the chuckles , but pulled out at last minute when we realised they were only brothers
  14. A bit like Leeds you mean. It dosnt stop that lot being the games biggest moaners
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