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  1. Wakey signed no one yet, Carter still coppering up
  2. well if this is the type of 'blue sky thinking' (IMG style cliche) from the powers that be, dont be suprised to hear far more utter tripe when the IMG masterplan gets fleshed out.
  3. That's the Paradox though. Four or five clubs wanting to scrap the cap and spend,spend,spend. Same four or five then moan because their share of the pie is not big enough. I say if they can afford to double or treble the cap,give em no pie, they are financially fat enough already.
  4. Yes, and thats when the real fun begins
  5. HG I get that that, But this report dosnt even have any credibility whatsoever. It might as well have said, " We are going to make changes to the game to make it stronger but havn't worked out the detail just yet, however here are a few vague ideas that we have thought about"
  6. Tommy lad, you have made many replies and contributions to this topic. However like others you are arguing on your own interpretations and presumptions. The whole report is Bull and not one fact. When you know what a Grade A is and a Grade B is etc and the full workable practicalities send me a pm as I wouldnt mind knowing myself.
  7. You are presuming that though. No details or facts to how it will be fleshed out. I will say it again, this so called report is so badly constructed and vague doesn't contain anything factual. Even you are making presumptions so that should be ring alarm bells.
  8. You don't know what's proposed, don't worry because anyone who says they do are liars. The whole report is Bull. We have well known posters who I respect already arguing and discussing league structures and grading and yet no one even knows what the grades are. Smoke and mirrors ,it's all corporate con and when it comes down to it the usual suspects at the end of the day will be dabbling with the game as they always have done
  9. Well I hope you are right, because if I had paid an organisation and then got handed something like this, I would have told them where to shove their invoice. For instance cat AB or C . Not one single suggestion as to their respective merit. In other words they come up with this plan and then say, you decide what they mean, who qualifies, appeals proceeded etc etc etc. It's just garbage
  10. This whole report is nothing more than fancy corporate speak and cliche. It tells you absolutely nothing, means absolutely nothing. Not one single fact or financial detail. Looks like IMG have passed this over to an under graduate on work experience to compile. I really don't understand how any one could take any of these absurdly vague suggestions seriously.
  11. It's always been the case that play off games and cup games share the gate after expenses, in every league.
  12. Thats a new one on me. The old Crown Flat ground of Dewsbury definitely had a 9 oil. I never knew Batley used the same term.
  13. Are you sure about that? I would have thought quite a bit less.
  14. But just think if they did . I would be the first in the queue to by their most expensive season ticket. Having said that, I would only use it when they were at home against Wakey, Howver it would still be a pleasure to cough up the cash.
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