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  1. Just waiting to get this one in as no one as yet picked up on it yet. In the mid 60,s I remember a hull team come to wakey and the great Clive Sullivan played on one wing and his brother b.sullivan was on the other wing. Infact they looked like twins. They both had lightening pace and I seem to think one of them scored that day.
  2. Where did you get that information. As long as I have known sandal they play in claret and gold nothing like the old wakefield rfu
  3. Nah, the smart thing to do would be buy up all the union clubs and convert them to league.
  4. If trinity sign a player and I think he is duff, I would be the first to speak out. I have been watching this game for years. Names and past reputation mean nothing to me. There is no such thing as time travel so the past means zilch. It's the here and now that counts . A well known saying, a player is only as good as his last game. Like I said from what I have seen of the guy so far, he,s rubbish.
  5. And from what I have seen him dish up this season, which other sl club would be daft enough to want him
  6. How far backwards are saints going. On this showing wolf will shortly be following radford
  7. After first 5 minutes of broadcast, what a star Chris Camara! Sack o crooner immediately and get him signed up
  8. Just sent one. At the top of the web page you will see a small envelope on the right side. It should indicate a message. Just click on it and open it up. When the PM page opens there is a reply facility
  9. I will send you a PM, would like to discuss it further and PM is best way
  10. That's interesting I have a place in Spain between corverra and alicante, have you heard what will happen up at alicante
  11. Most sport in this country is bank rolled by TV contracts. If a sport pulls the plug on games on a voluntary basis, the TV sponsor could argue they are legally entitled to withhold payment as the sport as broken the contract. Does any one really think sky are going to pour multi millions into anything and get no return ?
  12. Padge that could be down to the second bottle of red I am on
  13. Dont think so, he was replying to a question about his time hull
  14. Been there,seen it,done it. On his interview after the sacking he more or less said it was a good place when things go well, but when times are tough terrible club
  15. Thing is, which decent self respecting coach would want the job after seeing what type of man your future 'boss' is
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