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  1. Well in respect of the City of Leeds Bramley selling their ground and Hunslet also doing the same ,no doubt proved detrimental to both clubs. However were there are losers there are winners . The demise of these two also benefited Leeds.
  2. Mcclaren field was a massive improvement on the Barley Mow ground. As I remember it was built on half of the pitch. Also behind the sticks half of the old Barley Mow stand was still in use. Other than the new stand in the photo,it was quite a mish mash.
  3. I remember going to the Barley Mow ground a couple of times. Wakey had a top team back then and it was always a tough fixture. I remember one game at the Barley Mow that was packed out, I think the gate was around 7/8000 and a club record I seem to remember.
  4. One thing is for sure about rugby League, you will always get dodgy calls that don't go your team's way. You have to get over it and move on. Mind you I still haven't got over the penalty try in the 68 water splash final
  5. Drop out under the sticks works fine for me so why change.
  6. I think the ground is in Kent, possibly Cantebury. That tree has been there about 200 years. Anyhow the wicket is still 22yards and so is every other wicket in the professional game. The Odsal pitch is not only short I believe the width is also below what the rules stipulate. It should not be allowed it's a farce. If a club is unable to provide a playing area within legal dimensions , it should not be allowed to take part.
  7. That is exactly why RFL attract the reputation of being a tin pot out fit. What other professional sport would allow such a farcical situation. No club that is unable to provide a playing area which meets the laws of the game should be allowed in the competition END OF !!!
  8. And the fact that it has a pitch which does not meet the laws of the game is irrelevant
  9. Well over at last ,what a lousy season it's been. Let the rebuild begin as there is so much to do. Massive recruitment job ahead to build a squad to see us through the championship. I get one grain of comfort that Michael Carter will be no where near the recruiting, Thankfully!!!!
  10. Yes of course, the threads on this forum are far more interesting than some of the stuff we have dished up this season. Can't wait for the new owner, a new club philosophy and a clear out of the Deadwood at the club. It's a Pity we have been relegated but I am sure other than the league we will be playing in everything will be much better now.
  11. Surely even if the y had to meet the requirements, they are only building one stand and to raise it 1.5 metres is not such a big deal. In fact if the showed a bit of innovation ,the void benesth could be utilised for other beneficial things. The rest of the ground is concrete terrace and not being altered just a cosmetic tidy up.
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