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  1. Too much pratting about, get direct flights to Valencia far easier. Plus its a great city,much nicer than Benidorm. However I don't know when they would play because the temperatures in Spain over July and August would make it impossible to play meaningful rugby.
  2. A very good player and a great attacking fullback. The last of trinity's three great fullback of the sixties, others being Gerry round and don metcalfe . Hardly any of my childhood heroes left. RIP gary
  3. How can a venue have such a rapid turnaround. Not so long ago when we had franchising and ground criteria was a major issue odsal was deemed suitable. How long ago was it when rfl stepped in and got the lease. It was suitable then and more than that it was also iconic. Nothing about odsal as changed, if the bulls had not gone belly up multiple times, were still strutting around the top of SL and posting huge crowd figures ,no one would be having this conversation
  4. Which ground would you suggest they share ?
  5. Ok smarty pants tell me where I have said Chalmers is dishonest. He is just using standard business tactics in the hope of bluffing his way to a better deal. Like I have I am totally suprised how many are falling for it.
  6. It will not happen, Chalmers will bluff his way to a better deal, or swallow his pride and stay in Bradford. He is just using Dewsbury
  7. That press release looks incomplete. It should also include words to effect ,unless a more favourable deal at odsal is forth coming. Really surprised that Dewsbury are playing along with this seeing how Carter did it to the in the past.
  8. I believe this is pure brinkmanship and really surprised you are all swallowing this. Carter did the same last year and it came off for him. This is just the bulls copying wakey. By the way has anyone got any hard evidence that Dewsbury have actually agreed to all this, because I bet no one has.
  9. When he first came on to the scene I thought he was poor. But credit due he has greatly improved and now I find him a good ref. Also thought he did well last night
  10. Totally agree, however there are four or maybe five clubs who think the financial share of the cake should be even bigger. They would prefer a 10 way cut or even an 8 way cut.
  11. I have been watching wakey for years. In the SL era this wakey squad is the most rudderless I have seen. There are some good players but tactics and team selection are shockingly bad. Unless there are some major changes I really cant see them winning another game. So if the other three take their chances then Wakey are down. As an aside, if there had been a middle 8 This season ,then Wakey would be definitely down as their form would not even be good enough to make 5TH
  12. Well skybet gives wakey 4 start. That's not enough in my opinion ,I have been betting against wakey for weeks and hoping to loose but as yet I have always bet the bookies. If my good luck doesn't end soon then it's looking bad luck for wakey.
  13. Seen nothing to suggest Burrell's is any good. Looks very lazy and very slow for a back.
  14. Wakey are consistently ######, where as hull are only occasionally ######. A ###### hull should scrape a win, a good hull will win very easily. Small margin with bookies only 6pts. But not having a bit this week as the totally erratic form of hull makes it difficult to predict.
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