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  1. Correct now we have 2 French clubs in SL it's important that we also get a representative proprtion of match officials. As far as I am aware all Catalan home games are officiated by English refs and TJ's. Surely some of their best refs needed to be blooded as TJ's asap in order to help get them up to a good standard. Seems ages since 'uncle Albert' was taking control of SL games
  2. That decision by the touch judge on the penalty kick not finding touch was the one that really got to me. Refs make mistakes but that call was indefensible. That alone could have turned the game if the call had been correct.
  3. I wonder if Zak Hardaker would be interested in a bit of French culture
  4. Enjoyed the game and fev gave it a good dig My only worry is that we will have another season of moaning from some fev fans saying it's not fair and they deserve a shot at SL. They must have had well over a dozen attempts ,keep coming close, but never quite good enough.
  5. Yes I think you are right called it a bit early and looks better now bars have emptied
  6. Looks a poor gate, less than 30k I suspect. People may point finger st les cats but I think covid has affected peoples habits towards large events of all types
  7. This happens more than you think. That's why when I renew ,I just go yo Durham and get it done on the day.
  8. All he had to do was to take a hour and half trip up to Durham and get it renewed while he waited. It's about 20 mins process at the passport office.
  9. Yes I would not argue with that. Could it be that it an extremely important game between two teams that get next to zero TV exposure and therefore many are interested to see them play. Where as GF , with respect to the two teams involved, we see at least one of them on TV just about every week. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing
  10. Well just seen bookies giving Fev 12 start. I think that's very generous so I will be having a good punt on Fev. I feel this will be a close game and would not be suprised if Fev get the win.
  11. I will be extremely happy if Belle Vue gets developed and so will every other Trinity fan. It's so frustrating seeing this seemingly endless saga. However on the plus side , I will miss seeing some of the planks and trolls getting wound up everytime there is a thread about Belle Vue.
  12. Who would have thought back then that in over 50 years time there would be a pandemic and the same rent a crowd technology would be used at live games. Neil Fox and Fred Smith, but dont recognise the guy in the middle
  13. His he any relation to 'left' hookem , he was the UKIP bloke that slotted the other UKIP man . I know old left hookem was from over hull way.
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