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  1. Not sure if its just me (not read all 28 pages) but is this not just incentivising investment and helping to potentially bring in larger backers who can make a difference? The Cat A teams that are exempt from relegation are more than likely going to be the clubs that (partly due to them being run well with good income streams hence being Cat A) are unlikely to be relegated anyway (bar a really bad season like Warrington have had) but if they went down they'd bounce back up as they would buy the championship title, and really what is the point in that happening if we are being honest. The teams that get Cat B are the teams that are vying for promotion and relegation most seasons anyway. What you are now saying is that if you invest you can become Cat A and therefore be safe.. so incentivising the investment. Hopefully without the barriers put in the way that seem to be there at the moment ie 1 criteria being an academy but not allowing teams that want one to have one etc. It seems like tinkering but IMHO its a clever/good move as long as it is quite obvious how you can get from one category to another and how a team can get promoted etc.. it has to be really clear to the supporter otherwise you will lose people. Clear and transparent is really important. The rest has been called for on these boards for a while, less loop fixtures, more internationals etc just more sense. Rebranding too is often spoken about here so they will look at it and get, potentially, to something easier to "sell". I quite like it, if its clear and transparent. I like the fact they see that London is a key area for expansion, and that doesnt mean a team but could (I hope) be about grassroots with a team to follow.. I like the fact that if there are enough cat A teams they will expand the league, the exact way it should work IMHO.. that is the carrot that is needed. With the extra bits the GJ has pointed out around the new media and marketing this can show investors and owners that investing the money to get yourself to Cat A can bring some real rewards because they are doing the work to monetise the product. But it needs the teams/clubs to actually invest too to get the product, and their product especially, up to the standard that can maximise the exposure the IMG can get us. Its now going to be all about the execution (as so many things are) but so far I think its a really positive step.
  2. first name for last name or last name for first name? I believe if we decide that it opens up a black hole that swallows the world... so chop chop before someone in Westminster gets there first!
  3. To be fair its not the worst idea i have read on this forum... its not even the worst idea i've read today... which is amazing really as normally it would have been but you have to congratulate Superten as he won on that one.. hands down.. Three is at least some logic in this (lets remember "some" is a very woolly word)
  4. i bought mine early (early 2020/late 2019 whenever they went on sale).. not got them yet I believe Klarna is a PayPal thing so it doesnt mean PayPal didnt pay the RFL straight away.
  5. no i'm not... as an Owl i know this years shirt is up there at around that but I'm still always shocked by it.. its an utter waste of money the material is awful the designs are never great I'd bauk at paying that much for most of my clothes (except good shoes, a suit (or nice smart jacket) and a good coat!)
  6. does that then mean the Queensland teams have to invest in Edinburgh? I suppose the Grim Coast Titans has a certain ring to it..
  7. South Sydney could invest just south of the humber so they could be South Humber Rabbitohs..
  8. surely not... navy blue is the way!! (agree the away is nice but £75 for a football shirt.. crikey!)
  9. Certainly I can see them wanting 14 teams, seems a better number, no matter the "where will the players come from" argument which is a short term issue. This would definitely be the way to do it IMHO as its seen as fair and on the pitch. However, as with anything in RL at the moment, I'll believe it when I see it.
  10. oooh name calling, thats the key to "debating" well done you! you can only have worthwhile debate if you have knowledge... which you dont.. now grow up and go and do the research
  11. You didnt present any facts because you dont have them.. "That Samoan pack would walk over England easy" but you dont know who the England forward pack is going to be so you cannot possibly come to that conclusion if you have no clue.. You obviously pay so little attention to the English game that if anyone gave you 6 names and a bench you still wouldnt be able to make an intelligent conclusion on that so what is the point... There is even a thread on this forum that is talking about the England team and you are still asking that question!?! go and find the information yourself its really not that hard! Typical really, cant be bothered to research but I want my opinion heard and its going to be controversial as I dont actually know what I am talking about.. what an age we live in!
  12. How can you have an opinion people would respect without having the basic knowledge to form the opinion.. The GB tour was 3 years ago, was an utter shambles and those players wouldn't play the same under Wane anyway... Your post said it all... you're forwards are rubbish, Who's in your forwards?
  13. evidenced by "they'll walk over you" followed quickly by "whos your forward pack?" so they'll definitely beat you but I dont actually know who is in your side or how good they are.. well played!
  14. oh oh.. pedant mode!!! The original use of the term Dictator was in ancient Rome where the Senate would appoint a Dictator for a 6 month period to basically deal with whatever sh**y situation was happening at the time that needed someone to come in and deal with it.. They then would step down. It was Gaius Julius Ceaser who was the first to say "ooh i like this i might keep going" but he was originally appointed as a "Dictator" by the senate and should have given it up after 6 months. .. I think Dictatorship (in the original Roman meaning) is perfect for IMG... they only have a fixed term but they may just stay on if they quite like it
  15. would be a great day to bury (cant think of a better word sorry) bad news..
  16. Thats exactly it, you can appeal the decision/grading but you have to have "an argument", they may have not seen something, new evidence etc.. if you dont then its frivolous.. to stop what is happening now with "got nothing to lose may as well". what a waste of everyone's time.. including anyone associated with Leeds who surely have better than things to do with their time this week!
  17. Crikey i didnt think i had made it that complicated Thank you.. not just me then
  18. even at under 15s i always ask the players when they say about the ref "is there anything you can do to stop this, we cant change the ref".. they're normal answer is "take an extra step back" if its constantly offside or "be more deliberate with the action" (play the ball, releasing the player on the ground [depending on the code]) etc etc YOU are the one being penalised, if you stop doing it you aren't then giving the ref a reason/chance to make a call.. in this case with Martin I have to agree with Dave T that if he didn't have his arm that high then there is no decision to be taken at all, no MRP no nothing. I have got annoyed with my fair share of refs both playing and coaching.. what i will always say though in the end is that I or my team have always done something to make the ref think "that might be illegal". If I/they hadnt they wouldnt be able to call it. The players, and coaches, are to blame.. take a look at yourself/ your players and work on technique etc and this will stop happening.. When accidents happen you cop a ban, that's what a squad is there for.. if people dont correct techniques the opposition players could be missing for weeks due to injury, then the complaints come that we dont get to watch the best players because they are always injured.. and that isn't actually their fault, i would rather it this way round as at least these players only really have themselves to blame..
  19. While they could, I am sure, there has to be some remit for IMG to push it more than normal if the clubs have basically agreed their involvement surely... Otherwise what is the point, for both sides? surely also if the sport grows its in the best interests of all. You could be in the Championship in a better run, more media friendly, vibrant sport and be better off than in the Super League in a sport that is struggling..
  20. What are you talking about? You were trying to come up with an incident that might affect something and might get penalised.. just because you don't like the rule. how can anyone complain about an incident that hasnt/wont happen.. I've given my view on the Rhys Martin one.
  21. They manage to either do these things or not during the rest of the season is the point.. its not a new rule for the one match. Therefore the whole paragraph what iffing is pointless. Each incident is different, show me an incident and I would look into it and discuss it.. I'm not going to "what about" on this as all incidents are different so its pointless, however, sometimes, as with all incidents, there is nothing you can do and you just have to cop it.
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