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  1. probelm is wth "protected funing with sky money" is that if you protect x amount then that is just simply x amount that clubs are given for the acadmey rather than being allowed to spend it on what they like.. which is fie and makes sure that academies are funded but it wont save the club from bankruptcy becuase if it worries you that diverting x amount wto the academy will bankrupt the club then all you are doing by "protected funding" is saying you HAVE to divert x to the academy but now you are getting funding-x from sky for the rest of te club.. so it goes bankrup.. if they cannot survive with out the money that an academy costs then it doesnt matter if it is protected funding or not you still go bankrupt.it would be the same moeny but you would be forced to move it around rather than doing it by choice. disrupt amateur youth set ups.. does it everywhere else there is a youth academy? maybe it does i dont know but i would be suprised.
  2. also its a case of having a structue in place.. for the club itself.. IIRC the academies have to be set up in a certain way as well, education the kids beyond just how to play RL, a case of getting them set for life after RL or if it doesnt work out etc which is a good thing.. but an u18 academy is not the sole reference for a sl franchise as a stadium is not the sole reference.. it is part of a greater whole.. if Leigh dont believe they need an academy becuase the amateur youth sorts it all out then that is absolutely fine its 1 point.. there are 9 others to aim for.. you ony need aabout 5 to be up towards the top of the tree for a liscence.. but the other bits need to be good. its horses for courses..
  3. i binned a whole bunch about 4 months ago.. but will hunt out and see what we can find!
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