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  1. I bet she moans that you never take her anywhere too. Just no pleasing some people.
  2. The wonderful shredfest that is Metallica's Kill 'em All.
  3. There was a dead deer on the roadside between Little Weighton and Walkington this morning. It was covered in a layer of snow, so it was probably still in good nick. (Well not from the deer's point of view of course.)
  4. Cyril Davies and his Ryhthm and Blues All Stars - Chicago Calling
  5. Those troublesome trucks probably had a good chuckle though.
  6. I remember my son being engaged in a similar activity when he was a toddler. I asked him where the Fat Controller was. Without hesitation he pointed to his mum. Now she's never been fat, but I kind of knew where he was coming from.
  7. Sorry to hear that. Hope something comes along soon. If it's any consolation, being made redundant was the best thing that ever happened to me in job terms. You never know.
  8. How many places in a supermarket did you try before you found the best one?
  9. Warming up for tonight's Motorhead gig at Sheffield Academy by listening to their new album.
  10. The Pacific Islanders you say? Anybody from the Aleutians make the team?
  11. My son and daughter went to Spiders on Saturday. From my daughter's description of the Sunday morning scene of devastation, it sounded like her house had been visited by a drunken evil fairy. Wasn't you was it?
  12. It was my now traditional in-off the woodwork fluke. My brother once again left empty-handed with me waving said teddy bear triumphantly in his face.
  13. I won a teddy bear on the penalty shoot-out at Hull Fair last night.
  14. R Wayne, from Peter Kay's X-Factor spoof thingy, used to live next door to my mam and dad.
  15. If you like it, that's a good enough recommendation for me. I'll be buying a copy.
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