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  1. First swallow this morning. Along with a grey heron, a buzzard and a kestrel.
  2. December the 18th 1979, the last ever BBC2 Floodlit Trophy final. Hull v Hull KR and the crowd packed in so tight at The Boulevard you couldn't move in Threepenny. Straight in Silver Cod afterwards for several celebratory ales. Fantastic night.
  3. It was huge at the time. We had camera crews from all the main networks in the city in the build up to the game. Even BBC Newsnight did a worthy piece on the Trans River Hull rivalry. Of course, the Challenge Cup Final was a much bigger deal back then and had a much higher national profile. Shame it was such a dull game. What a lot of people forget is that Hull were a newly promoted team that season. Just getting to the final was a major achievement (not that it felt it when the final hooter went). Hull also finished third in the league and won the BBC2 Floodlit Trophy. No promoted team has ever come close to matching those achievements (that said it was much easier to make the transition in those days in an entirely semi professional sport). Rovers were already established as one of the top sides in the game and the composure that came with that saw them home for me.
  4. Nothing at all but it was the first time I'd ever watched Tiswas in bed. Which was nice.
  5. Was it ever. My abiding memory of the Boothferry Park test is Les Dyl's attempt to stop Mal Meninga en route to the goal line. Dyl nearly landed on us such was the force of Meninga's hand-off. The Kangaroos were playing a different game to us.
  6. One of my favourite bands at the moment and one of the best live bands I've seen in the last few years. Had a change of singer but the new material seems as good if not even better than ever.
  7. Desperately sad news. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
  8. Banana Splits Especially the version by The Dickies
  9. Did a search for leucistic sparrows and there are quite a few images of them that look like the one in OF's pics. Think you're probably right.
  10. Indeed, Berwick haven't exactly proved themselves to be too good for that level but then I wouldn't expect anything else.
  11. I know. Now mixing it in the Lowland League with the likes of Civil Service Strollers and Gretna 2008.
  12. When I was a kid having my appendix out HMS Berwick was on a visit to Hull. The crew came round the ward and chatted to the kids and gave us all a cap band. Cheered me up no end and I've followed the (dismal) fortunes of Berwick Rangers ever since.
  13. A mate of mine who was an unreconstructed Marxist used to buy The Economist every month. He reckoned it was the best source of objective information on British capitalism you could get your hands on.
  14. Not since they sold out and moved from Dunswell.
  15. BBC News just now informing us that people were heeding the stay at home message in the "tourist honeypot of Scarborough". Not surprised. That north easterly blowing onto the Yorkshire coast this week has been enough to take your face off.
  16. Glad it's not just me struggling with the idea that it's somehow "A yardstick for the UK".
  17. I don't know enough about how the scheme operates to know whether Adam Pearson's criticisms are valid or not. What I do know is that most of the people using his comments to have a go at him will share my lack of understanding.
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