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  1. Somewhat selfishly, the effect here where I live might well have a severe impact on my business. Frozen pensions probably the main one, but also a reduction in the number of people coming to live here in the future from the UK. I fear I'm stuffed. Most upsetting of a day which has been somewhat far from fab, was a villager with whom I've been very friendly over the years, who told me that the rise of the far right was a good thing. Lordy...
  2. Since we last had a debate on here about this, I have sadly lost another friend to an unlawful killing. Unhappily in the misery memoire that makes four. The death penalty would bring not one of them back.
  3. Wouldn't like to have been in Pelissier's shoes on the way home... M Guasch giving full vent to his feelings in l'Independent with little Eloi right in the firing line! http://www.lindependant.fr/2016/06/19/guasch-evoque-une-faute-professionnelle,2216548.php
  4. His brother. Both started off I think at Avignon. Neurones now sparking a bit more!
  5. Any Wire fans going to the game make sure you buy barnyia (Alan) a beer or two. A true hero of the treize cause. And go and get your photo taken with the first try scorer in SL who will be with him at the game.
  6. Thank you. Done some further research! I'm trying to find a bloke I met at a game between Ince Rose Bridge and a Paris select U14's earlier in the month - Mustapha Dekkiche - and wondered if anyone had heard of him.
  7. Who was the French player who turned out for your lot back in the nineties for one or two seasons? Thanks in advance.
  8. Most difficult choice of the lot this one! Probably after a lot of thought.... Croker and Menzies or Taia and Whitehead (who were head and shoulders the best second row partnership in SL in their last year) or Dane Carlaw who worked his bum off in a fairly average team and Louis Anderson who is Mister Consistent over many years. And Seb Raguin for being a thoroughly decent chap who has managed to move from being as roly poly as me to being a SL player with over 100 games. Who are you going for Audois?
  9. Want one, want one, want one.... http://tsfvintageradios.com/Shop.html
  10. My first Magic Weekend. Won't be my last. Bliddy brilliant. Coppers wandering about wondering what to do apart from smile. The mingling of fans which never ceases to amaze everyone who doesn't know our game. The happy, cheerful Geordie stewards. Fab local food stalls - the Geordie Banger company are nearly as good as me. The fancy dressers. Full marks to the lederhosen lot from Carlisle. Ditto for the comedy golfers. But a gold star for the pair of gay leathermen. Local kids, touch, and volunteer teams. Action on the pitch? Both my teams lost but I couldn't give a flying whatnot. I absolutely loved it. And bumped into JohnM and some of those Hull reprobates!
  11. The hill at the top of which I live. Each year they close the road and race up it like demented loons.
  12. First one for me this weekend. Really looking forward to it particularly as it is in the city where I grew up. I will be in with the dragons lot if anyone fancies meeting up for a pint!
  13. And now a little facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ContinentalLights13/ If people could do the like / share thing I understand that helps.... Thank you!
  14. And therein lies the rub: Villeneuve Minervois pop c900 Marseille pop c 850,000
  15. A nice little piece in the Manchester Guardian about audois' scribblings.... http://www.theguardian.com/sport/no-helmets-required/2016/apr/19/catalans-dragons-super-league-rugby-10-years
  16. Thank you for the replies. Much appreciated. No big cat in no big bag, this is Audois' book about the Catalans that I'm just trying to find a few outlets for in the UK. He has a few physical copies that it would be good to reach out to the great British public! I'm travelling back to the UK in the next couple of weeks and will have some to distribute should there be any interest. A great big thank you to CKN and John Drake for letting me post this thread.
  17. Hi there I would be very grateful for details of independent bookshops across the country who might be interested in taking on a RL book. I'm already going through club shops but any other suggestions of potential outlets would be very gratefully received. Many thanks in advance Tim
  18. I would advise sorting out your car insurance no claims stuff before leaving for the change from company car to private. Got horribly snotted on that when I left full time employment.
  19. I'm currently a bit broke so am working my way through my collection of emergency tins. Boeuf Bourgignon budget style... Two tins of stewed steak One tin of new potatoes One tin of petit pois and mini carrots Smoked lardons Thyme Salt and pepper Crushed garlic Big splash of red Slap it all in a pan and heat. Served with home made bread. Will last me three / four days by the look of it. Tastes just the right side of ordinary.
  20. Many congratulations to you and your wife. I echo wholeheartedly the comments above. I hope that your life together as a new family is filled with joy. A beautiful name for your little girl as well!
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