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  1. when the croatian hotel receptionist says 'dubrovnik' in her native tongue it makes me want to marry her.
  2. i wouldn't know, what with never having slept with FDFTT or said scrotes!
  3. there's plenty of scrotes in warrington/st. helens you can turn to if for some strange reason he doesn't get in touch!
  4. the 'Wii knee trembler while waiting for your pizza/kebab/taxi'
  5. or a 'Wii take loads of photos with your mobile phone'...
  6. i tried growing a beard! 3 weeks and i finally gave up. took me 20 minutes to hack through my ridiculous effort with a razor. i'm suddenly 10 years younger.
  7. perhaps she should have used a vase rather than your gob to store them in...
  8. would you not have been better using strawberries, blueberries and blackberries?
  9. of course not. i'd just returned from dinner. it may have taken me slightly longer to get into the room tho!
  10. the hotel i'm living in has several groups consisting of women in their late teen/early 20's who are here for the national cross country skiing championships. one group has just held an impromptu meeting in the hallway outside my room! i think they're unable to turn the thermostats down judging by their attire...
  11. you bought ready mixed and not the 'oh, we'll make it here for you now' tripe...?
  12. there's about 3 feet of the stuff round here. driving home last night the temp was apparently -19, today it's a balmy -13.
  13. i'm bored. cafe instanbul in manchester is rather splendid.
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