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  1. I was supposed to be reffing a good level second team today but now am reffing their firsts as the exchange ref from "up north" has broken down. 2 lvls above my highest grade... yay...
  2. The gritters were out tonight in Ipswich. I'm quite surprised considering they usually only come out two days after a major snowfall...
  3. That never works for me, I have Auto Correct off and use the manual bit where it asks if BST is in force.
  4. The anti-terrorist police monitoring the "terror" threads in AOB. Those who posted critiques can expect their doors to be kicked in at any time. Either that or all the trolls who have been booted off in the past and can't get a new login...
  5. If the carcasses are fine, have a think if you really need to replace them. If you don't, it's an easy job to replace doors and fit fancy cupboard pullouts and drawers. The worktop can be tricky but get about 1m extra and experiment
  6. I just wanted to be an ###### to them as many big companies have hugely convoluted approval processes for issuing cheques...
  7. No, a company sent me junk mail but underpaid the postage. I had to pay the difference... I got the company to pay me for the difference plus my postage costs.
  8. I'm reffing from 10:15 am until 4:30 pm tomorrow. 57 teams in a youth 7s RU tournament.
  9. One of the 18yr olds say that they don't date old men "grandad"?
  10. Pretend you're a law lecturer, your life will be immeasurably easier. Walk in, refuse to make eye contact with anyone, turn off any dictophones or other recording mechanisms that students have put near the lectern, slouch at the lectern in a way that students can only see the top of your head, start reading your lecture regardless of the noise or preparation of the students, refuse to accept questions then walk out after 30 minutes having speed-read through the entire thing. At follow-up tutorials, you can then preside with a smug Professor Snape type attitude and berate any student who didn't instantly understand every word of your lecture. Ahhh, the heady days of being a law student... how I miss them.
  11. I take it he did it for free considering his filling bodge probably was the main reason for the tooth coming out
  12. More on photography restrictions from The Register
  13. Probably the best place for this... the Olympics in pictures along with some notes from the cameraman on his techniques.
  14. I'm just about to leave for my first RU game of the season, reffing a trial game at a fairly decent club. I'm fat, unfit and had too much to drink last night plus it's a swelteringly hot day and this is my first game with the new RU laws.
  15. Me? I'm with Zen internet... I moved from BT late last year after they announced they were going to track internet browsing to serve us "better adverts". Edit: Was it the advice to move from cable and that you needed a BT line first? Ahhh...
  16. 'nuff said. Everything after that was wasted typing...
  17. The easiest way to do it from photobucket is to click on the photo's IMG box as highlighted below: Copy that entire bit including the [img tags then paste it into your post. If you quote my post, you'll see the way that I've added that image.
  18. First, you need to stick your pictures somewhere on the internet. I use Photobucket but many consider that only really usable for light/infrequently used stuff. Each site has its own instructions on how to get photos there. Once on another site, get the URL for the photo, that's the address starting with http and ending in .jpg or another of the image types. Then reply to a post, or create a new topic. Above the text box, you'll get the normal options, click on the add image one, I've highlighted it with a red circle in the image below: Copy in the URL. Click OK. Then preview post to have a look and make sure it works. Hope that helps.
  19. The war on photographers - The Register article
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