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  1. Aaaand banned. Again. Troll on our perma-ban list.
  2. 5 posts removed. Just because you don't like what someone's saying gives you no excuse to jump in and be patronising, and downright offensive, simply because their experiences are different to yours.
  3. Sorry to hear about that. Best wishes to you and yours.
  4. Look at the route here, some fun days out meeting Afghan tribesmen and so on. And you can extend to get the bus to Australia.
  5. Sorry, my fault, should have caveated it. Will go back and edit.
  6. A very sobering read. Maybe not something before bedtime.
  7. 3 posts removed, please don't bring politics into this.
  8. 15 posts removed and one member suspended for a month for defamatory comments about rugby league clubs that had zero basis in fact or opinion. If you really can't play nicely on this thread about racism, you are running the risk of a ban.
  9. Locked while I work out what to do with this.
  10. 6 posts removed. Come on, play nicely.
  11. There's some posts on this forum that just stick in memory for life, that was one that I was able to remember and find very easily. Reposted here for those who don't go on AOB
  12. As we're down to five years of mortgage left, that's a sum that would not be enough for me. That said, maybe a brand new house with a swimming pool and a couple of acres of garden may get me on the beach, albeit in full PPE and with a squirty anti-viral spray bottle in one hand and massive alcohol gel bottle in the other.
  13. I'm not going to get into judgemental views over the actions of people. For me, there's enough information out there now for them to be making their own decisions. It's no longer the government's problem, it's one of personal decision. I see the daily stats and enough signs that I wouldn't be on those beaches if you paid me a good sum of money to do so. Up to you if you want to do so, but stay the hell away from me and mine.
  14. I hope I've restored this to some sort of sanity and people can get back to discussing the rugby.
  15. 115 posts removed that had absolutely nothing to do with rugby league. If you want to get into political stuff then there's a thread on the AOB Politics sub-forum. This is a rugby forum first and last, it is not a general political forum where you can go on about racism in wider society, statues in Bristol, or even someone dressing up as a Nazi. Two posters who were the worst offenders given a one week suspension. I will instantly suspend the next person who takes this thread off-topic as it is a very important subject but I really can't spend an hour in only one day moderating one single thread.
  16. I was based near Thirsk and we used to go up to Northallerton occasionally, lovely place. Less stuck up than Richmond. Local to me now is Bury St Edmunds that is a lovely place. Nice and relaxing, and quite well laid out.
  17. I am desperately trying to keep this thread open. Come on... play your part, especially if you're respected and long-standing members of the forum. 18 posts removed.
  18. Same goes for you, you know better.
  19. Come on mate, please drop it. And that goes for others as well. Please keep on topic.
  20. 4 posts removed. Getting overly personal and off-topic.
  21. By artificial in a performance related activity, I mean over-promoting or similar. For example, appointing a BAME coach early to help them in recognition that it'd be "good thing" might be very counterproductive if they end up getting their team hammered because they don't have the experience or skills to do the job. It's not a quick thing, you have to give all the right opportunities for people to come through naturally and fairly. I don't think we do enough by a long way, but my frustration would be aimed more at the development and schools end as this is where people come into the sport. You can't parachute someone in their mid-20s in and expect them to succeed with all the pressure, SOME may but the majority won't.
  22. I think we put too much pressure on the non-white folk who do come into the game. It's always "Look, LOOK, there's one! We're not racist, see?" Overwhelmingly it comes from those who genuinely aren't racist but are a bit uncomfortable seeing effectively wholly white teams and crowds bar some overseas players. The problem comes from the nature of the sport itself and that most folk come in through family or friends. If you've none who play or love the game then you're not going to find many ways to join in. It's a circular problem with many bits of it our own making. I look back at the disastrous cut to the Development Officers a few years ago and the inevitable tailing off from there in schools as just making this worse. If you cut the schools teaching rugby league and getting help to do it, you also directly cut the new-blood kids coming into the sport as that's when you get into their minds. I can't see any other reasonable way in which we can increase our diversity stats naturally and without artificial measures that do nothing really to help in the long run. I'd love to see a better way forward, I'm just not seeing it now though.
  23. He effectively wrote his own Obituary here. Check a couple of posts up from that one for the health bits.
  24. Four rules for this thread: - if it's not about rugby, you're post will be deleted - if you make it a personal whine about other posters then you'll AT LEAST see your post deleted and run the risk of getting banned. - if you go into a racist rant then you're going to really annoy us and our action to you will depend on how we've approached you in the past. If you're known to us then we'll just ban you, others we'll think first. If you get a post deleted then come back and post more then we'll assume you're inviting us to suspend or ban you.
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