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  1. It hasn’t changed anything on here, especially if you want to be banned outright In reality, this is why jury trials are one of the worst ways to find an answer as lay folk tend to get conned by expensive lawyers more than an experienced judge ever would.
  2. I was made redundant when Nortel Networks died in 2001 and I left with mixed feelings (excitement, happiness and joy). Seriously though, I was relieved to the point that I felt the stress just drain out as I left the building for the last time, I slept properly that night for the first time in months. Truly toxic job and I wish I’d walked out earlier as well.
  3. Five posts deleted, one person given a short suspension from the forum and a final warning. I'll leave this locked to settle down until later as there's too many people getting over excited on this subject.
  4. I think it was the refusal of you and a certain Saints supporter to back down over a set-to you had that finally tipped him over the edge. And I agreed with him. Play nicely and we'll leave that history to rot in the archives of t'interweb.
  5. It was that ever so nice @John Drakewho you wound up repeatedly, if I recall correctly.
  6. 5 posts removed. Keep politics out of this please.
  7. You’ll get the hang of it again quickly. Just think of it like a massed Doctor Who episode. Most of the same folk, many with different names to when you were last here, most are pretending that they’re not the same person who was banned.
  8. In a sign that I have completely corrupted my wife, we were watching NCIS and they mentioned Nietzsche. My wife said “there’s nothing he couldn’t teach you about the raising of the wrist”. She then swore. I win
  9. A bit of a self-congratulatory post here, feel free to jump on ahead. Six years ago, I almost went bankrupt, I was down to beans in my £5000 overdrawn account paying for healthcare for my wife that the NHS should have covered. I counted it again last week and the total outlay is £353,298 to date on directly attributable costs. We went to PayPlan as a last-resort "help, we're screwed" and they convinced our £43,024 of unsecured creditors to give us an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) instead of bankruptcy as we had no assets beyond a house with hefty mortgage and our car. The creditors were outstanding on this and agreed a 9% payback (9p in the £1, meaning £3872.16 in total) on the condition we payed back more if we could, this was genuinely a good-faith agreement from them. I will be forever grateful for Barclays, Halifax, MNBA and our Council for unanimously agreeing to this after reviewing our reasons for debt statement. It doesn't half mitigate the "soulless capitalism" view many have of finance and bankng firms. That gave us the headroom to make trivially low payments towards the IVA and stop worrying about the massive debts facing us every day. That was a light in the dark moment for us. The debt letters and phone calls stopped that week beyond a couple of "don't worry, we're now stopping these as you've done the right thing" letters. I paid the last payment to my IVA last year, 100% repayment, including 8% statutory interest and IVA fees. (PayPlan had a fixed fee that was only payable if I actually paid it off, and NONE in advance). I did my damnedest to repay the creditors' faith in me. Last week, the IVA and debts fell off my credit score. I have a mortgage that's in great order and a credit card that I put a McDonalds on once a month to keep it alive, beyond that I owe nothing. That's given me this Experian credit score: I didn't even know you COULD get there as I thought it was a theoretical max. So, a bit of hope out there for anyone in debt. Address it, bite the bullet that it's going to hurt for years to fix it but there is a definite light at the end of that tunnel.
  10. I’ve heard quite a few good things about The Mandalorian so went looking for it to watch. In the UK, it’s not out until March for some strange reason. This is why people pirate copyrighted content in these days of easy internet downloading.
  11. I’ve woken up this morning with a thumping headache and my eyes feel like they’ve been poked all night. I’m thinking the prescription or lenses must be wrong
  12. My reading prescription increased and the optician also said that I’m starting to struggle with longer vision, although I still have excellent vision way beyond 20/20 for longer range. His view was that I’m starting to have to strain to maintain that so I should wear a very light long-range lens to protect it. Asda opticians don’t charge extra for varifocals so he said I should consider them. I got two new pairs this morning, and they’re bloody awful. I overwhelmingly will move my eyes to look at something rather than my head and the persistent vision distortion of anything but straight on at long and down at short is giving me a headache. I can’t even type on this thing and have had to go back to my old reading glasses. Even when looking straight at something perfectly in focus, my brain hates that the peripheral vision is fuzzy. Am I just being a princess about it and I’ll get used to them, or have others had this issue and had to get rid of them? I’m very tempted to just tell them to swap them for reading prescription and I’ll suck up the strain for long range.
  13. Some holiday pics from earlier this year, sorted by rainbow colour. Red: Orange: Yellow: Green: Blue: Indigo: Violet:
  14. Why is it a disaster? It keeps us within our means. Look at Bradford. We don’t have many (any) SL clubs grumbling that they have spare cash that they want to spend. Even if you did manage to stop that, you’re just going to make sure that the deepest pockets wins most years. No thanks.
  15. Oh, and I'll be moderating this thread at some point tomorrow to weed out the union dross. Help yourselves to self-edit before I do that. This is NOT a forum for whining at rugby union.
  16. The salary cap is there to stop wealthy folk coming in and buying the title. This isn't Formula 1 you know, it's a sport that's overwhelmingly cash strapped. The lengthy Wigan run of titles stretched the credibility of the sport in England to breaking and the salary cap almost alone rescued it by giving some other clubs a chance. I'd love for it to be increased, the sport as a whole can't afford it though. If we, say, added 50% to it, we'd probably lose 1/3 of SL to bankruptcy in a couple of years trying to keep up and stay in SL. The only "winners" would be the club owners with deep pockets.
  17. Had yours yet? If not, two scenarios: - Can you get it free? Well, why haven't you gone for it yet? - Do you have to pay for it? Well, go on then! This year is heading to be a perfect storm of an NHS under immense pressure tied to a flu season that's being predicted to be worse than any in the last decade. Even if you think you're a superman/woman who can get through any flu infection, what about those you see? What if you gave the flu to your gran who has breathing problems. What about if you infected your office, taking out half your workers and you had to pick up their work? What if you gave your flu to a vulnerable kid in passing on the street and that ended up with that kid in hospital? Plenty of other "carrier" scenarios out there, even if you're not badly affected. Just do it. I'm not being as nice about it as those adverts asking you nicely to get it done if you're in the vulnerable groups.
  18. One of the better programmes we've watched over the last few years!
  19. That’s why we watched it, the trailer was good. The programme was dire. We watched the 2nd as we couldn’t believe it was going to continue to be that bad. The 2nd episode was worse, it got into its “message” properly from then on.
  20. The last big reset was 2004 when John moved us to this platform. The forum was subject to archiving for a while as the size of the forum was getting excessive but I think that hasn't applied for the last few years. Also, I wonder how many posts I've deleted over the years I predict the 1,000,000th post will be whining about "JANUARY IS NOT SUMMER! RUGBY LEAGUE IS MEANT TO BE SUMMER RUGBY" from someone complaining about the Wigan vs Warrington game on 30th Jan.
  21. 6 posts removed. Come on... play nicely, I know it's the off-season but there's no excuse.
  22. Come on. Get back on topic. Two posts deleted and I can't be bothered wading further back. If you want to waffle on about nationality while pretending you're not being racist about it, please can you find another forum to do so? Don't taint ours with that dross.
  23. We watched the first two episodes of For All Mankind on the new Apple TV service using the free trial. Beyond abysmal. Effectively rewriting history saying how good it'd all have been if only we let women lead the space race and keep the knuckle-dragging men in their place. It was almost literally "we'll make a character better, stronger and more wonderful for each protected characteristic she has". Absolutely no recognition that some fantastic women really were part of the successes of the US space race "wins". Nope, our ultra-masculine history bad, new feminist revision good!
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