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  1. For info only. A "DES" is a directed service from the centre of NHS to local areas, especially GPs, to get going. I'll answer non-political questions here if I can. I'll just ignore/delete political ones, or ones that could lead to strange ranty debates.
  2. Add to that Sport England making it clear its funding was contingent on national development then us sacking those Development Officers except for those few northern areas with local pro clubs who shouldered the burden themselves.
  3. This all started years ago. More than a few of us on here were furious that Development Officers were cut to save money at exactly the same time as more money went into pro and semi-pro clubs. The commentary at the time from those of us with an eye to the future was "where do you think young players come from?" Short-sighted views repeatedly made with a view only to this year and leave next year to someone else. Rugby league really is its own worst enemy at times.
  4. Back when Catalans were invited in, the big "sell" for me was that it was to get them to a standard where it attracted more French pro clubs capable of creating their own pro league. At that time, Catalans would go back to being a French club and SL would become a UK league. That, to me, is a great model for helping rugby league expand at the pro level. I can't see how SL and RL in the UK can cope with more than a couple of expansion clubs in each league without collapsing it all. I really can't see how semi-pro leagues can have even one without severe financial consequences unless there'
  5. Come on... can you just please debate this without it getting into personal abuse with each other? That's the third report on this this morning. Take your road-rage posting elsewhere if you can't stop.
  6. I think I’ve reached the limit of my tolerance with you. I don’t expect you to like me or my political views, but I take great offence at you linking them to my Admin privileges. I don’t abuse my privileges, I never have and I won’t accept you making baseless comments like this. Locked.
  7. This thread was reported. I’ll leave it open for the evening then close it as it’ll have served it’s purpose as a whine platform.
  8. p.s. I’m not an employee or agent of TRL who own this forum and site. I have strongly opposite views to the owner, and that’s fine. He keeps the site open and we can both post here with our member hats on quite happily despite having those strongly different views.
  9. I’m on here with two roles. Admin and member. As a member of this forum, I will post as I see fit within the rules of the forum. As an admin, I uphold those rules. There’s a fair few people who share my political views who I have banned over the years. It really is as simple as we say, stick to the rules, don’t troll or abuse people and we’ll leave you to post. We even let folk on here again who’ve been banned if we’re confident they’ll stick to the rules this time. That politics forum is there to stop the dross that comes from it. It serves the same purpose as the
  10. I can see where your wife is coming from with that thought. When I worked in central London, I was up 0530 most mornings, and home around 1900-1930. If I wanted 8hrs of sleep then I'd have to be in bed at 2130. Sod that as I'd be effectively living to work. So, I went short of sleep during the week by going to bed 2330 onwards, most often near midnight, and catch up at the weekend. Sorted that by just stopping working in central London!
  11. Two posts removed. Remember that this is a family friendly forum.
  12. 2 posts removed. Come on... enough of the trolling, we'll just bin you if you keep going.
  13. A practical guide: The rule on reusable ones is to treat them like underwear. You CAN reuse underwear day-on-day but you really shouldn't and may create other problems if you do. Just wash them at the end of a day. The rule on disposable ones is that 4hrs is the reasonable maximum use. The more your hands touch the fabric, the shorter that time gets. If you use them >4hrs then you're still doing better than nothing, but the protection for you and others reduces.
  14. There was a site I had to go to regularly in the NHS, they started giving out permanent visitor passes, I saw the guy ahead of me get number 4, so I let the guy behind me go first. I was chuffed for ages about being Number 6 and I confused a lot of the younger folk in the office with my insistence that I was not a number.
  15. I agree, wrong forum. I’ll leave it to the thread author to decide whether to stick it on the COVID or BBC threads in Politics.
  16. Watched S3 ep1 of Star Trek Discovery. It’s turned into a remake of Andromeda with a bit less cheese. I guess the Roddenberry stuff has to be wrung out a bit further. I didn’t mind Andromeda, it was just too squeaky in its morals. I sincerely hope this doesn’t go that way. What really annoyed me about S2 was the over-dramatic scenes. e.g. the last episode full of standing around in mutual admiration while explosions In space probably meaning lots of people dying in the background. And...
  17. “Charlie says wear a sodding mask”
  18. The original poster can. Those who have the privileges to respond to a politicised post can.
  19. I see your Mrs Brown’s Boys and raise you the new Walking Dead spin-off. I can’t see any excuse for a programme this bad. It doesn’t even have bad-programme parody value.
  20. At primary school, in our mining village, we covered Aberfan and were taught all about it over a couple of weeks. We then did an away day to our nearest local surviving colliery (around 1980, so not many left then!) to see an active bing and just how nasty working pits were. We then went to to our local country park that started as an environmental scar of seven former collieries turned into a fantastic nature reserve, including making the bings as safe as they could by turning them into artificial hills. That finished with a visit to the local opencast colliery (30 mins walk from school)
  21. I've been feeling a bit off today, so worked back the last 24 hours to see what was causing it. I found it.... Yesterday, I had an optician's appt to get my new glasses prescription sorted. I wanted a pair for computer use as my eyes are straining a bit. I already have reading ones. New glasses arrived and I couldn't read >8" from my face, never mind see my computer screen. They were worse than my old reading glasses for both reading and seeing the screen. The optician was insistent I was wrong, he would not listen. I simply could not be experiencing what I said. I think he really
  22. I moved three posts to the Politics thread as that one's likely to get responses rather than here.
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