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  1. I've been feeling a bit off today, so worked back the last 24 hours to see what was causing it. I found it.... Yesterday, I had an optician's appt to get my new glasses prescription sorted. I wanted a pair for computer use as my eyes are straining a bit. I already have reading ones. New glasses arrived and I couldn't read >8" from my face, never mind see my computer screen. They were worse than my old reading glasses for both reading and seeing the screen. The optician was insistent I was wrong, he would not listen. I simply could not be experiencing what I said. I think he really wanted to say I was lying but knew that wouldn't go down well. It took me getting my "this is how it will be" voice out to solve it. He would not have listened to me without me bringing out every bit of assertiveness I could. He was even refusing to look away from his screen when I was trying to show reading distances, he was furious that I was challenging his professional competence. He put the glasses in the lens tester and showed me "see, this is what I prescribed last time". I think he must have entered the wrong figures when he did the prescription last time, no other reason for such a huge prescription error. My eyes haven't deteriorated in the two weeks from prescription to getting them, I'm still using my readers for this computer with no difference. When I had my initial eye test with him, he rushed it, reusing my old prescription and the whole appt was <15 minutes rather than the usual 30-40 minutes I'm used to for eye tests. We eventually sorted the prescription but he was clearly bitter at having to redo them. I didn't want anything beyond getting the lenses sorted, I didn't want money back, I just wanted my glasses working as promised. Such a simple thing but effectively being accused of making it up has derailed me slightly. Now I know the cause, I can shuffle it behind me. Typing this has been the therapy I needed to move on! I'll get my new glasses, if they're right then that's when I'll make a formal grumble to his bosses. I can't believe I'm not the only one who he's been like this with.
  2. I moved three posts to the Politics thread as that one's likely to get responses rather than here.
  3. Please remember that this is a family friendly forum. Some things just go over that line and need to be removed.
  4. The difference is that the post removed had nothing to do with rugby.
  5. One post removed. Please don't use the example comments as an excuse to take this into your own political views or examinations on whether the view is right or wrong.
  6. It really does come down to people nominating. We had a right old griping session at work from some who REALLY didn't like being told "if you didn't fill in the form then how do you expect them to know about these folk?"
  7. Of my friends who have divorced with kids, those who got lawyers involved early were those who got through it quickly. The longer they delayed, the longer the process took and the more expensive it got. It forced professionalism on them, it seems. One pair got their first draft papers out in two weeks after separation despite some very troubling reasons for their split. They still hate each other, but have a good system with their kids that has lasted for about 5 years now.
  8. Yep, and gone for not learning his lesson. Multiple binned posts before even reaching 10 posts...
  9. 14 posts removed. Please remember, this is a rugby forum, not a politics one.
  10. A public interest post here on this week's stats by borough. Not for political comment
  11. The new COVID app will be officially released in England tomorrow. Please download it when it’s released. I personally have some reservations about it but I have it installed because the societal benefit grossly outweighs my whining. Put it this way, you have to be a bit of a sociopath to think you’re more important. (If you live in Scotland, of course you’ll have downloaded your version already) It’s remarkably simple to use, is absolutely private and is not a snooping app. Pretty please just do it.
  12. That's HIM ignoring YOU, not the other way around. He's hinting unsubtly that you two post a lot.
  13. 2 posts removed. Don't try to get around the sweary word filter like this. This is a family friendly forum.
  14. As a reminder, political commentary that's nothing to do with rugby is on the wrong thread and will be just deleted from this point on; I'm not going to move it, just delete it.
  15. When this was first announced, I thought it was someone saying "here's our best case scenario if the virus keeps going away" rather than "here's a realistic plan". You really would have had to be blind to not have seen this coming given the COVID coverage of the last few weeks. I do feel really sorry for the clubs, and the future for many is decidely uncertain in a sport that's never been flush with cash, but the extra expenditure surely has to be seen as naive business working.
  16. Last time round there were no other parties interested who’d give us more than a token amount or promises that we’d get more than also-ran status to all their other sports. Sky can give us that simply because they have so many sports channels, they also put a good few games on the free channel to Sky subscribers who aren’t Sports subscribers. Show me who’d give anywhere near close to what we get in both money and accessibility and you may have a point. Sky know there’s not. We’re not union with their well-promoted ABC1 fan base who bring in the bigger advertisers.
  17. In fact, the only time Sky have really tried to play hardball with us was when we played hardball with them first over the new contract
  18. If you ignore the punters who can’t go to live games then you’re effectively turning the game into a rich man’s toy all about the money. Sky has been a long-term good compromise for our sport. FTA broadcasters can’t give enough money for us to stay alive, and Sky’s large numbers of subscribers give good accessibility for our fans.
  19. Rugby union's clubs in England tried that, Sky shrugged and were happy to see them go to BT Sport where they get far fewer people watching than even Sky's locked viewing. Sky care about football, football, football, F1, football, cricket, football and then try to get in another bit of football before sighing and then putting on other sports.
  20. 2020 has yet another indignity to throw at us. You can watch this on Christmas Day in your lockdown while waiting on the last miserable days of the year. You can fit it inbetween your Christmas lunch meant for 20 between the two of you and watching the Queen go on about her horrible annus.
  21. And you wonder why some people aren’t that sympathetic to your problems.
  22. Feel free to chip in on the Coronavirus thread in Politics.
  23. A thread for spotting of other people borrowing the union calculator. First up, a NHS GP really letting his imagination get the better of him about his article in a rather niche health trade rag.
  24. No, that’s a long weekend’s sentence. He would have given a long weekend for his sins.
  25. Not the usual treatment for Middle Eastern child refugees fleeing from government persecution. Surely an immigration detention centre would be more appropriate.
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