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  1. It's polite to let us know when you try to come back as a formerly banned member of the forum. We do know, you know. And we often let people back on promises of good behaviour. As you were banned for unacceptable practices last time, you would never gain access to the Cross-Code forum again. And as we're fairly sure you're not interested in rugby league then I'm not minded to overlook the lack of courtesy. Sorry, bye.
  2. I've no idea why but this just made me think of the Life of Brian scene with the stoning and wondering whether there was a busybody in the place who would get upset by someone blaspheming like this
  3. Just one reason why older Aussie rugby players look so ugly
  4. Working class genes with centuries of lard and stodgy in a diet marrying a wife who feeds me my food’s food. I think my body is genetically used to stodgy food so burns cholesterol for fun and doesn’t know what to do with healthy stuff. For example, lunch today, bruschetta, home made with fancy tomatoes and stuff. Dinner, pasta, veggie basic one. In fact... today was a vegetarian day. My forefathers would be ashamed... I will go eat meat for the hell of it now, maybe a slice of ham.
  5. Cholesterol results in today as part of a blood test: HDL - 1.0 LDL - 0.9 Triglycerides - 0.9 For a 49 year old chunky lad who really needs to lose 3 stone, that's good. Happy with that.
  6. I got my new ones last week, hate them with a passion, back to opticians this morning to get them redone as they're beyond useless. The reading range is so short that I can't read a book at arm's length without getting a thumping headache after 5 mins.
  7. Y'see, now that's political. Feel free to repost it on the politics thread.
  8. Yep, treat it like a virtual diary. As long as you don't post anything that'd get moderator attention. I created it a couple of years ago as people were grumbling that Uninteresting Trivial Facts was getting full of blathering.
  9. Death is only one part of this. There's a far higher number of people who are suffering long term significant complications and a number of those who'll never recover. It's not correct to compare things like influenza pandemics. Also, (pick your number of choice from your favoured source) deaths from it is not exactly what I'd call overreacting. p.s. there's a general purpose thread on the politics sub-forum for anyone who wants to attribute blame, argue statistics or otherwise grumble about this. This thread is purely for knowledge things that people want/need, political stuff will just be deleted.
  10. To be fair, and I’m certainly not boasting about it, I don’t think I could name a current starting player in the England football team. It’s not one of those snobbish things, I just can’t abide football and will change channel if it’s on.
  11. And then you realise mistakenly that it was your mother in law calling to say hello I met my wife at university, a couple of years later she was doing dental nursing work for her dad during the summer, she often called for some reason or another and we used to have a running joke going where I’d make a sexist comment. One time, I saw the dental surgery number and responded with “what do you want this time, woman?”. I got “Oh hello Craig, it’s (mother in law to be)”, she was their practice manager and was calling to invite me over for dinner that night. Cue lots of explanation that I wasn’t really a misogynistic thwaite...
  12. “Can you fix my TV signal, every time I put rugby union on it seems to freeze for one minute in every two?”
  13. The last one of these was a new variant of Number 1: “Hello, this is Virgin Media, your internet router is causing problems, I need to help you fix it”. (We’re not with Virgin Media) I responded with heavy breathing and “Do you want to be my friend?” in the creepiest voice I could generate. Silence. They tried again. I responded “Are you pretty?” *click* (from them) I’m running out of new ideas on how to get that *click*
  14. It’s an abysmal app. Easily the worst of the TV streamers.
  15. I gave up with the varifocals, couldn't get them to work and got the hint the optician had enough with trying to fix them. So, I went for a pair of bifocals and a pair of reading glasses with my prescription. Both the reading bit of the bifocals and the reading glasses seem far too short range. My last readers work perfectly with my computer screen, which is at a good distance. The new ones make the screen unreadable, worse than with no glasses. I think I may need to get a better optician.
  16. I’d love to let the discussion go on the rugby players taking the knee and whether it’s right to do so in the context of rugby, but you lot just refuse to follow the rules and keep on the topic of rugby on this subject This is a rugby forum, not a politics one.
  17. This place at the edge of the Trossachs, near Callander, is a fantastic place if they have spaces. Very central to get almost anywhere but absolutely reliant on your own car.
  18. We’re now watching The Handmaid’s Tale. Joseph Fiennes plays one of the bad guys. The Fiennes brothers are excellent at playing sociopathic fascists.
  19. GIMP may seem like overkill, much like getting a 747 when you need a push bike, but it’s beyond worth it. By far the best free tool I’ve ever used for any purpose.
  20. Not at all, each to their own genuinely. I don’t like it, doesn’t mean you have to. It’d be a boring world if we all agreed. I think I’ll just leave the forum alone and watch the game instead.
  21. Each to their own I suppose... What makes it really unbelievable is that I haven’t heard “Foooooorrrrrrwaaard” even once at a supposed Wigan home game.
  22. Crowds in live games add to the atmosphere. The rise and fall of the crowd depending on the action. This is just noise with no purpose other than to add noise. I’d rather not have it.
  23. I’m coming off the fence. I REALLY despise the artificial crowd noise.
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