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  1. I agree entirely. I'll just start deleting posts from now rather than moving them. It's not exactly a new request.
  2. They’ve put a lot of effort into it over the last few years and it’s now ok, which is better than sodding awful as before.
  3. This thread was reported. I've only had time to review the last page or so and can't see a problem. It seems to have had a skittering start but seems OK. If it is a problem, please re-report and I'll fix it when I have time. Sorry, no time to moderate in depth today... too busy a work day.
  4. That A696/A68 from Newcastle A1 to Edinburgh is a nice road with some lovely places on it. Although sometimes I'll take the A68 from Darlington up if the Newcastle area has any road issues. Otterburn is a permanent raincloud though, but I'm sure that's why the army exercises there. If it's nice weather, we'll stop at the border point as there's some cracking views.
  5. The A9 is by far and away the worst road in Britain. Heading towards Inverness from Perth. A mixture of caravans being pulled by 1.1 Ford Fiestas and boy racers causes the inevitable chaos.
  6. The A12 is a sodding abysmal road. Its worst aspect is its unpredictability. It could be the middle of the day and it'll suddenly jam up, or it could be rush hour and quiet. The bit around Chelmsford going north is its worst bit, where the filter lane comes out of Chelmsford and people stay in the left lane at 70+ MPH for 2 more miles until they get to Hatfield Peverel when they force their way out into the middle/right lanes. Although I'm not on a motorbike any longer, it'd be a nightmare to ride along as no-one indicates, people jump between lanes to get .00001 second advantage and they'll deliberately close gaps to stop bikes filtering.
  7. COVID deaths in Spain in the last 5 days = 12 Deaths in England in the last 5 days = 426 I’m not making any political point, just highlighting our national idiocy in pointing fingers at other nations.
  8. No, plenty of different stats out there. I see some at 1000, some 10,000, some 100,000 and some 2.2m (our area footprint). ONS seem to have picked that for some reason and the maths still comes out at England equalling a rate of around 2800/day
  9. So, the ONS is lying then when it’s saying we’re at 2800 new infections a day in England alone? Spain as a whole is at around 900/day.
  10. England alone is at 2800 new cases a day according to the ONS.
  11. It’s the mental safety of a desk. When you’re there and working you’ll touch lots of the desk, the chair, the filthy keyboard and then you’ll touch your face unconsciously.
  12. Our local commissioner had gone to hotdesking late last year to save money when they consolidated all their buildings into one. They’ve now banned hotdesking because it increases infection risks significantly due to the virus being able to hang around for days on certain surfaces.
  13. I know... but they're comfy and I never get in the way of the wife and her clothes shopping. The "cost" of that would be far higher than £20 in my mental wellbeing.
  14. You have completely lost me with that one...
  15. Scotland bringing in face coverings: OK. England bringing in face coverings: a mixture of hysteria on both sides, face-mask enforcers grumbling at folk not wearing masks when they're nowhere near others, face-mask haters who are going full Karen on the world. It's really simple (this is an ethical guide, not legal as that's full of loopholes): if you're going into a building or transport that's not your domestic property, wear a face covering. If you're in a public area where you can't stay >2m from others, wear a face covering. If someone doesn't have a face covering on, are they <2m from you? If not, leave them alone. Please remember that some people have genuine hidden disabilities that mean they CANNOT wear face coverings, don't mask-shame them just so you can feel all righteous.
  16. This thread is a fairly serious one. Meant for humans who have died and as a place to express sympathy. It's not a place for grumbling, expressing joy at people who died or discussing magazines. Long standing rule this one, not going to change it.
  17. Each upgrade to the forum's software brings new "fun". Drag & drop pics in here, or just post the link and it'll auto-show if it's direct to a picture.
  18. My wife bought some of these for us. Very comfy.
  19. A localised message for our followers from Sunderland.
  20. I won't give up on trying to stop the selfish consigning the vulnerable to home detention. I also can't accept compulsory vaccinations. That then leaves how you manage those who refuse for no good reason. Given we're happy to dictate how people behave on all other matters from requiring driving licenses to drive, to requiring giving up sensitive information to the government in order to fly, then I'm fairly sure there's a mechanism we can roll out to limit the will-nots putting the can-nots at risk.
  21. A simple vaccine card or vaccine exemption card that can be used to deny access by security guards or similar. The risk of fraud on it would be minimal. It can be made context sensitive, e.g. flights, there's already the APIS system for terrorism checks that can be repurposed to a vaccine/exemption register. If I were to get on a flight knowing EVERYONE had passed that check then it would make me far happier to get on that flight.
  22. We've a choice, take five years to make sure the vaccine is 100% safe, or rush it out and take the risk on it only being 99% safe. If we do the latter, we can't force it as otherwise we'd be hitting hundreds of thousands of people in the UK with significant consequences from the vaccine alone. That's why I believe the choice should be: - Take the vaccine and get a "pass" to go into public spaces; or - Decline the vaccine and effectively self-isolate in your little domestic bubble until COVID is declared gone from the UK. The sole reason to get an exemption from that is if you have a genuine pre-existing health condition that would stop you getting the normal vaccines such as flu.
  23. No vaccine is risk free. Most people will get some consequences from it, even if just a sore injection site for a short period. I look back to 1990 when we went for the Iraq War, we got all those vaccines in one day and many had long term consequences from them. From that alone, I won't force a vaccine on a person, especially a brand new one, but that doesn't mean they get to free run to act as a Typhoid Mary.
  24. Not really for me. You can't walk around a shopping centre naked, so why should you be able to while you're presenting a health risk to others? The alternative is for them to isolate from the responsible and the vulnerable until there is no risk. Why should the vulnerable, who can't take the vaccine, suffer in isolation because a few irresponsible people who CAN take the vaccine choose to not do so.
  25. I’d rather there be consequences on non compliance, such as the ones I note about being banned from many places, than having medical treatments forced on them against their will.
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