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  1. Fozzard would run at him all day look at the game V the pies at the jjb this season 2nd half he was hit 3/4 times with head high shots by Fletcher/Hock and Loughlin which resulted in penalties and a fair bit of nose/mouth claret ,Foz just kept running at them. Should have been in the gb squad
  2. Finally he gets 1 right then after his 2 cock ups with Fozzard & O'carroll
  3. at what eating bit like Barry Ward at our place never had fish and chips previously
  4. thats unfair really because that useless piece of lard Rahuihi will be shown the door at the end of the season and he ate a great slice of the cap ..............literally
  5. Cheers Homer but i aint on this one could'nt care less what he's on if truth be known but if sam and his fellow wire friends think he chose wire for anything else but money then they are deluding themselves.
  6. Matt King has gone to the highest bidder for his services Such is Life
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