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  1. Wigan is all about tradition... like the new cherry black hoops.
  2. Question, how come they removed this emblem after 2 seasons?.. and was it popular with the fans?
  3. 2 teams from PNG and 1 from New Caledonia and and 1 team from Fiji in the NSWRL great news
  4. Hasn't even been released yet and already made the list.
  5. Looks like Wigan has also replaced Batman as their crime fighting hero.... God help us,it really has been sh...t year
  6. should go back to this one if that's the case the new won looks nasty if true.
  7. Don't forget Mitre, the original and the best.
  8. https://twitter.com/WWRaidersRL/status/1317405580298944518/photo/1
  9. https://rugbyshirtwatch.com/2020/10/22/castore-sydney-roosters-rugby/
  10. https://www.roosters.com.au/news/2020/10/22/sydney-roosters-partner-with-premium-sportswear-brand-castore/ First Rangers now Roosters
  11. Much rather see rugby league play the 13 man game at the winter Olympics after all it is a winter sport. Plus you could get more countries from the Pacific nations participating in winter Olympics. My proposal. Have 12 nations in 4 pools of 3. Top qualifiers for semi final , then final. 4 from Europe, 4 Pacific/Asia, 1 Americans, 1 Africa and 2 remaining from Qualifying knock outs. Great thing about this would be that the Aussie couldn't pick and choose the rules, refs and conditions as they see fit. Instead it would be mandated by the International Olympic Body.
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