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  1. Options: 1. Keep as is and accept blow outs 2. Piddle about with the format… For example: 4 groups Group 1. Aus NZ Samoa England Top 2 into SF, bottom into quarters Next 3 groups - top 2 into quarters Or something like that….
  2. The RU loans at Wasps and Worcester must be paid back - if clubs vanish - by RFU. Shameful the took mega Buicks despite knowing they were doing to the wall. Credits the RFL for keeping our debt down….
  3. Very sad news indeed. Far too young, thoughts to his family
  4. Spot on RFL has duty to players to ensure medical procedures closely followed.
  5. Wont be too long before England genuinely threatened by PNG…
  6. Don’t forget Owen started out in RL, never played a game of rah rah before he moved with his dad…
  7. Brilliant news - thanks for posting. WC rugby has come (in my life) from nowwhere - it’s utterly superb. Unlike RU version it actually reflects is the code - arguably even more brutal. WC rugby league could go right round the world. Massive congratulations to those responsible for organising it
  8. Brilliant news. Covid did untold damage - great to see clubs re starting. Any details re other clubs / league structure?
  9. I was dragged up in Newton le willows - Lancashire where's I was born. It’s now Merseyside- my mum insisted family use Lancs and absolutely chuffing nothing else for addresses… Both Widnes and Warrington are now in Cheshire county - since 70s….
  10. Highs Greece - great story. WC comp. PDRL. Lebanon. NZ v Aus (inc. especially the HT commentary). James Bentley having a chat with Radders. The slow but steady rise of PNG. Free to air games - every night (that I’m still married is amazing). Brazil. Canada (world wide spread !!). French linesman at WC Kevin Sinfield Lows Pricing. Every game should have been packed. Too many NW games. Aussies winning. Not playing either NZ or Aus (England v Aus iconic fixture - when did we last play then when di we next play them). France (must do better). Non neutral refs.
  11. For the last two seasons Stockport RUFC have duel coded two teams 12/14s which played in the short season GMRL. Supported by great development work by SRD foundation. They played in six tournaments- and all loved it. After one comp we took 250 parents and players into watch SRD v Wigan. Huge potential for RL in Stockport - just need to keep providing opportunities for them to play…
  12. Technically they play Greater Manchester - not Cheshire
  13. Utterly brilliant competition. Genuinely feels like a pivotal moment for WC RL. Brilliant - and congratulations to England. Now come on Samoa
  14. Nope - bit of a daft comment. If a known nutter launches at someone do you really expecting reaction. KB pushed it - we still don’t know what he was doing there - and got what he deserved, not an opinion just a fact.
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