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  1. Think this is a great idea. revise it, make tad less busy and relaunch it
  2. I thought Childz (!) was on a tricky wicket all afternoon - not his fault purely down to the players. Ban ‘em all
  3. I was there - it was brilliant!. i made a barman put teletext on in a pub at 11pm so I could read that match report - repeatedly!
  4. I’ve just surrendered.....(sorry !)
  5. Agree with that. Big shame just got good team together and its being pulled apart. having so many players off contract at the end of this season not good planning
  6. To whom did the RFL sell their share too? also when did they buy a share - I thought rochdale RLFC part owned the ground ?
  7. This weekend should have seen NH internationals. Some sort of meaningful euro ladder is needed.
  8. Women’s rugby has huge potential in this country, great to see it growing - especially in Wales too
  9. Euro ladder would be ideal, groups of three - play initially two and move to four games (H&A) if success. Criteria required to move up the ladder i.e. local comp, limits on heritage players. Keeps it meaningful and aspirational
  10. Warrington leading the way, everyone else watch learn and get your own ideas
  11. They sponsored the championship few year back
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