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  1. Ha ha ha - absolutely brilliant. Mr Mcmoanusalotus !
  2. Correct. Last night was fabulous….wish more people would focus on that…
  3. What’s your point? There will be more in Headingly for Fev the Toul. good luck to Fev if they get promoted - Salford and a few other clubs could learn from them about how to run a club. Nice ground (own ground) plenty of fans….yet somehow their getting promoted is a disaster ? Agree two French teams would be good, but it’s not a disaster…..talking the game down is not needed…
  4. It won’t be a disaster. Regular Yorkshire derbies in packed stadiums - be nice if To get promoted…but not a disaster.
  5. I’ve got it on video - game was recorded and incident happened right in front of the camera Our FB dances down wing, steps cover who falls like a sack of spuds, coach standing next to me yells at ref - play moves to far side of pitch, Coach says (on camera) you might as well get up…I stand there laughing. Ten plus similar incidents through the game. U15s game - happens most we - bit like abuse of the refs, normal in pro gsme and seemingly accepted in Amateur game…
  6. This has crept into ARL over here - recent game opposition stopped the game ten times for ‘injuries’. got one incident on video, player run past opposition - coach standing next to me motions player to go down. I watched it do many times as couldn’t believe what I saw. Not good for the game…
  7. This is about survival - to avoid a Swinton situation. Salford can’t afford the rent at AJB. They are out after the purchase. They must though own Moor Lane so it’s their club - which can be developed over time….and crucially earn money from food sales etc at the ground (which they don’t at AJB) The move from the Willows must be amongst the worst handled moves in the history of sport
  8. Agree. It what we are up against. Do your bit - complain (I hope RFL media guys do too)
  9. Sorry - no positive thoughts allowed this year…
  10. Yes, I’m slightly off piste but (I think) my point is valid. Abuse of the Refs has to stop - bans and education are needed
  11. I’m afraid what I’ve seen coaching this year this is not a surprise. Standards have slipped, at every games coaches are constantly moaning at the ref - winding the players up resulting in a spiral of downward behaviour. Worse still are the parents - I can’t describe how bad some are, many don’t understand what is ok at a SL game is completely unacceptable at ARL. I’m away from most - but can hear the relentless unchecked barrage of abuse at the Ref - again winding up the players. in this case, yes the lad need banning - and prosecuting as it’s that serious. However the club needs a ban too if their behaviour (including the parents) in any way encouraged this incident. Big improvement needed across the board in terms of behaviour.
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