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  1. No. SW obviously means he will only pick players who have come through English system - as the Polish born lad has - and he will be welcomed by all when he wears the England shirt.
  2. The greatest player the U.K. has ever produced
  3. How is the London league doing these days ?
  4. Cricket in big trouble. Long version of game struggling for numbers. Today’s children want shorter format games. All day for a draw no longer attractive. League my club in gone from nine divisions to 5 in less than a decade
  5. Agree. Any format of the game is a success, RL hardest of all sports to play. Need multiple routes / formats to get people playing. 9s, touch, friendlies, 13s....everything is good !
  6. Ok. Agree my cricket club used to run four teams - we now put out one Saturday and one mid week (20/20) team. bit of coffee smelling needed. The nwc season is just too long, playing a slog week in week out is so 1970s, games don’t have to be just in a 12 team league for clubs to thrive - and new teams appear
  7. What’s happned to all these teams !????????
  8. In the meantime. Carry on building meaningful short season RL comp, schools and uni/student sides. Get the forces playing it - and civil services. Carry on getting the small things right and you never know
  9. Sky get lots of stick - sorry I’m not one of them. Sky brilliant for RL, they make a great team
  10. Sad news all round. Salford been punching above their weight. They will carry on and will replace him.
  11. This is great great news in the current sea of doom
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