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  1. oh to have a 'Roo tour in this country again. Somehow we killed the biggest high profile event our sport has ever had. I was at Old Trafford for Lydon's try (and the Aussie masterclass), was at Wembley when JD scored that cracker...in Aus in '92.......why cant we organise this....no answers please, would be too depressing....
  2. Sam’s in pole position. ZH chasing him will keep ST on his game - room in the squad for ZH too though at centre
  3. Found it !! still great news worth sharing twice !
  4. Surprised no thread on this - apologies if I've missed it. What great news coming out of North America. Semi-pro league, TV streaming and funding. This is nothing but good news. Keeps the 'To' brand alive too and creates a fabulous structure in which to grow the game - and creates opportunities for amateur players in the UK too
  5. Hi. Thank you for the encouragement. I think consistent low level support from SL club or RFL, such as someone speaking to schools, getting RL on the agenda and directing enquiries our way. Importantly having a structure where new teams can fit into initially is important. There is a short season Manchester league being set up (covid delayed) this will provide opportunity to get new players onboard and set new teams up. Success for us for our news teams is existing and playing a friendlies. Its too big an ask for us to get new teams up to NWC standard, who rightly have their own
  6. I’m helping with a club in Trafford. The reason the club is still here is down to a few individuals; not from any of the small and intermittent help we receive. Newcastle are doing it right and will be rewarded, guess it comes down to resources
  7. Second team in NZ would be amazing for the sport in the country. Huge derby game ! They have more than enough players to support. Hope this happens
  8. ....but no roots... All the good news from Wales is from welshmen and women building something sustainable.
  9. completely and utterly disagree. The welsh love sport and there is no reason RL cant flourish in Wales. It already has come along way in the last ten years and will continue to grow through efforts like this
  10. Quite agree - defo both Hull clubs should have spread the word into Lincolnshire
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