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  1. completely and utterly disagree. The welsh love sport and there is no reason RL cant flourish in Wales. It already has come along way in the last ten years and will continue to grow through efforts like this
  2. Quite agree - defo both Hull clubs should have spread the word into Lincolnshire
  3. That’s not a bad suggestion. Intelligent. Loves the sport. The sport loves her !!
  4. Stephen Jones.....only joking he is the devil incarnate. Brendan Tuuta, baby faced assassin
  5. Spot on. Football since lockdown been generally dire, especially when compared to how well our boys got stuck in
  6. This being positive will never catch on. However, I agree with his post - which doesnt even mention how brilliant our sport is. If RU sport had produced a game like that (as if) a DVD of the game would have been invited to the palace and a monthly slot on QoS. PLUS how good are our players on and off the pitch, they really are true role models. RL deserves better. Our sport deserves more funding. What we do in communities where the streets are not paved with gold is amazing. Great thread. All sports have challenges, ours repeatedly rises above them because it truly is the greatest
  7. Lets hope CD get some decent compensation for this. The fact he hasnt spoken to them speaks volumes about him
  8. This is fabulous- great to hear about this - League doesn’t do positivity well...
  9. Erm....but at pro level - especially now professionalism has fully embedded the RU heartlands are clear...
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