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  1. I’ll be keeping my subscription no matter, hope everything works out ok for you guys
  2. Stadium has a 24,000 capacity and they are expecting crowds of 3,500. Must be an expensive hire but shows ambition https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/TD_Place_Stadium
  3. Cardiff and rhondda have a womens team, wales and west league would be an obvious development
  4. The dumbest team in superleague I'm sad to say. Headless chickens
  5. Going to be tough for Toronto, can see Wigan running in 40 points.
  6. Some harsh lessons to be learnt. Besides a big bridge is first on the agenda
  7. Putting the current rules aside for a mo, whats wrong with rolling the ball back or stepping over, why does the foot have to touch the ball in principle?
  8. By the media? Like The #### and Piers ######’ Morgan and The Daily Blackshirt? Sod ‘em!
  9. Im not sure why we wouldn't want to promote this forum, it’s the thing that most connects us together and is a positive thing overall. The overwhelming bulk of active posters are passionate supporters of international rl
  10. Nice stuff https://www.wolfhuntrl.co.uk/news/last-minute-winner-seals-historic-challenge-cup-win-for-sherwood
  11. Just all feels like more of a real world cup, a significant step forward at the very least and actually building on 2013 unlike 2017
  12. Love how a proper draw has meant that England vs Australia has been made a rarity rather than a default therefore giving a big boost to the opening game of the wheelchair world cup!
  13. Looking forward to the opener against Samoa, and Group D!
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