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  1. Hate to say it but this is the deathknell of the club. Personally i don’t think this was inherent in terms of location, just another bunch of owners who fail to understand the importance of getting the fundamentals right. There are no shortcuts.
  2. Crikey, markings are one thing but football posts still in! Yikes. Nice rugby though
  3. I think is the key point, audience share is as important as absolute numbers.
  4. Soccer is rotten to the core from FIFA down (apart from Plymouth Argyle FC who are aces!)
  5. Now we remember that you remember remember remember lol
  6. I think Adam saying watch the cats on sky tonight helps, hopefully sky see the benefit of a weekly channel 4 game, almost as an extended advert for them
  7. So they are being warned that they are in a offside position? Fair enough, a bit different though
  8. “It’s a simple game, it’s a simple game!” Teams could save a lot of money and get rid of the coaches, players can work out the ‘simple’ game surely?
  9. Yeah agree, either it’s against the rules or it’s not - what else gets a warning?
  10. It’s been long established on this forum by the moderators no less that rugby means rugby league by default. It being a rugby league forum n ‘all
  11. Hull Fc fans deserve so much more than this, how they still get 10k crowds for this gash i’ll never know.
  12. Not saying anything of the sort, just pointing out being disappointed by leeds attendance was not entirely illogical given the relative populations to draw on.
  13. Doesn’t Leeds have a bigger population then all those places combined? Not the be all and end all but it’s not totally illogical surely?
  14. As a born and bred janner i dont agree 100%, we spent half our lives in cornwall and loads of Plymouth argyle fans are from cornwall. I wouldn’t ignore a city of 250,000 right on the door step who are used to popping to cornwall. Torquay and exeter etc doesn’t make much sense though
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