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  1. Nsw looking very good, some of the messing around in the ruck is ridiculous though
  2. Caught the highlights on sky, cracking game, NSW looked very good, really looking forward to watching the womens world cup especially kiwis vs oz. should be 80 mins though
  3. That is truly disappointing...kiwis vs tonga is going to be immense!
  4. Always caught some challenge cup games on the beeb but it was Celtic Crusaders that made me think of myself as a real fan of the sport. Only live games give you a real sense of the speed, skill and toughness of the sport and for a while Bridgend felt like something special...
  5. Enjoyed watching on telly box, atmos came across great in sat, less so on sunday. Soem cracking games, some scrappy and some lop sided but enjoyed wall to wall rugby league with decent amount of time to discus and analyse between games. Magic is a very important property for league, still think it should rotate between cardiff, newcastle and heartlands.
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