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  1. Going to be tough for Toronto, can see Wigan running in 40 points.
  2. Some harsh lessons to be learnt. Besides a big bridge is first on the agenda
  3. Putting the current rules aside for a mo, whats wrong with rolling the ball back or stepping over, why does the foot have to touch the ball in principle?
  4. By the media? Like The #### and Piers ######’ Morgan and The Daily Blackshirt? Sod ‘em!
  5. Im not sure why we wouldn't want to promote this forum, it’s the thing that most connects us together and is a positive thing overall. The overwhelming bulk of active posters are passionate supporters of international rl
  6. Nice stuff https://www.wolfhuntrl.co.uk/news/last-minute-winner-seals-historic-challenge-cup-win-for-sherwood
  7. Just all feels like more of a real world cup, a significant step forward at the very least and actually building on 2013 unlike 2017
  8. Love how a proper draw has meant that England vs Australia has been made a rarity rather than a default therefore giving a big boost to the opening game of the wheelchair world cup!
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