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  1. You will miss Walmsley for his constant cheating at the ptb, Knowles is one of the most overrated players in super league.
  2. Johnh1 I genuinely think that Salford can win this game. They played some wonderful rugby against Leeds last week. Some might say Rhinos were bad I like to think Salford were good.
  3. Ah that predicted text, are you really sure Fartown was better than Belle VUE is now I beg to differ. As a matter of interest which bits do you own ?
  4. Yeah from a supporter of a team that has to share a football stadium. Fartown back in the 70s/80s was a bigger dump than Belle View. Glad to hear your good news.
  5. What's Leeds got to with it?
  6. I enjoyed the bit when got us the challenge Cup final and won it, something you wouldn't know much about.
  7. If Bentley got 4 for the tackle on Widdop I'd expect nothing less than 8 for that, absolutely appalling.
  8. Didn't mean you personally meast apologies for wording it wrong. My mate who is a Giants fan certainly did.
  9. As a matter of interest how much are the tickets for away fans at Huddersfield?
  10. Oh yeah thats the Lolohea you slagged off as s**t when he played for Leeds
  11. Wigan can't be as bad this week. We could do with a Wigan win to keep Cas below us . Wigan by 20.
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