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  1. St esteve had him playing centre at the end of last season, it was a bit of a waste has he had less impact in the centre and didn't look comfortable,
  2. Terrestrial TV in France? It's like handball being advertised on UK TV. Or french boules being advertised on UK TV,
  3. Yes but the people watching are already RL fans, non RL fans would never just stumble across limoux a st Gaudens on Facebook or YouTube
  4. You do realise that the games on YouTube and Facebook probably had more viewers from overseas than in France! As I keep saying there a hardcore fan base that is sadly getting smaller.
  5. A set Menu in a restaurant is cheaper in France than in spain,
  6. If Toulon pull through it will be a ten team comp, the fixtures should have been published early this week, but nothing has been sent yet, I think st Gaudens should be fine, new president, new coach, a couple of good overseas signings I've heard, but a few players have left too, if only the teams could convince some of the ex U19s players from places like Lézignan, Perpignan, Avignon etc to move over there for a couple of seasons instead of going to local third division clubs to play with their mates, alot of these kids could do a decent job in elite1.
  7. Youre right St gaudens don't have a u19s team,
  8. 23rd August if the date of 3rd October for the first game stays the same, jason baitieri has signed with lezignan according to the local paper and may be joined by micky mac and maloney . Would be great for elite 1 if it did happen, it would cost the club a far bit i reckon.
  9. Palau broncos pull out of elite 1 and drop down to the third division, money problems and lack of players, Sad times hopefully Toulon will manage to play in elite-1 this season to keep the division at 10 teams. Things are very quiet at st gaudens too but hopefully just quietly getting things ready for the new season and not announcing signings or the players that are staying like other clubs are doing.
  10. Another one, What about a penalty goal attempt and you catch it on the full in your dead ball area? 20m restart and 7 tackles or play on? I'd guess play on.
  11. Don't worry heavy winger Toulon will take the place of lattes Montpellier in elite 2 before the season starts,
  12. St gaudens have appointed the toulouse u19 coach as their head coach, the decision if toulon play in elite-1 is announced tomorrow.
  13. No. He was at the old Montpellier club until they got rid. He was in England too for a while according to a newspaper report, at Rochdale and maybe the skolars. Not sure if he played much or not. Still no news on Toulon.
  14. Toulon aren't ready, but if they get some of their old u19s players back and 5 or 6 foreign players they could at least finish the first season and grow from there, but as fcl says it's a bit of a dream, but more serious than lattes-montpellier sharks, if the president or the guy running the publicity goes into a shop he takes a photo and says it's a sponsor, if he goes to the physio it's suddenly the club's official physio! for the launch of the club in elite 2 only 2 people where actually on the photos,
  15. Is this why London are changing grounds?, London and Toulouse in a 14 team super League ?
  16. Did they not used to have rl game posters in the cafe in last of the summer wine?
  17. I think it's because elite 2 has 12 teams this year, they probably don't want an odd number, but I seriously can't see Montpellier sharks playing in elite 2. Or finishing the season if they do start,
  18. Montpellier did have an elite 1 team. There was more people on the pitch than in the stands! There's way too many other sports in French cities. Most people in Montpellier have no idea what rugby league is.
  19. Yes, they where called the dragons when I played there and we played in blue!
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