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  1. An Aussie lad has popped up now too on their Facebook page. Apparently just signed for them
  2. Somebody wrote English in the other posts sorry British lads
  3. They where 13 actual players the English lads have gone home, a visa problem they said but i read somewhere that they where promised work and all they helped them do was to sign up with an agency and they never found any work for them,
  4. Lézignan v Carcassonne, Sunday on via Occitanie TV First games for baitieri and inu.
  5. If I remember rightly Marseille where fast tracked into elite 1 a few years ago and never finished the season. They tried to implant a union club in Marseille and even signed Jonah lomu. It didn't last long.
  6. Encouraging to hear, I think the owner burned his bridges with a lot of the rugby league playing community when most of the players never got paid or given what they where promised, so no one will risk taking a playing licence at lattes Montpellier. It could be a great opportunity for RL playing students from bigger clubs to get free accommodation and a bit of spending money whilst playing RL and studying, but it's too big of a risk with this club, I loved my time at Montpellier, some of the best times of my life and still have lots of good friends from there, but I got everything I was promised from the other Montpellier club ( although not everyone did!) It's definitely a great place to live for a few years as a young lad!
  7. They're looking to set up a partnership with the AS corbières team, a team of Lézignan gypsies, one or two could play elite 2 but the rest are just there to play with their family and friends. Was it a travel visa problem or a visa bank card that didn't have any money for them? Poor lads!
  8. Think of made in Leeds channel on UK TV, you have to look and really want to find the channel to find it, it's hidden amongst the other hundreds of channels only people who are interested in the certain subject watch, it covers the Occitanie region on TV, it's also on the internet.
  9. This weekend Villeneuve v Avignon on Saturday Sunday Carcassonne v Albi at 4pm French time St Gaudens v limoux Toulouse v Lézignan Weekend off for the Catalans
  10. From what I've read and seen he's a good coach who has a different philosophy than alot of other coaches, he's not the copy and paste type of coach.
  11. That's why Carcassonne wanted me to translate for all the foreign players, I need to learn Fijian next. I'm not criticising Lézignan, Carcassonne would probably do the same if they had the money, they spoke to baitieri but couldn't come close to his offer from Lézignan, It shows the the benefit that the Catalans are having on elite and French RL, We have 5 or 6 players from Perpignan at Carcassonne too, The Carcassonne players are looking forward to playing against players like Maloney and inu. I'm sure the ex pro players will be a great influence on the younger players, I just hope all the good work the youth section does doesn't go to waste meaning younger players don't get a chance or end up leaving the club.
  12. This was discussed at the last referee and elite 1 coaches meet up, the coaches said the fact that one team played the ball correctly and one didn't meant that the elite 1 team found the speed of the defence and the attack completely different, the speed of the play the ball is minimal but the Catalans moved up as soon as the player went to place the ball on the floor , elite moved up when the ball had gone through the legs,
  13. In France you have to touch it with your foot, same in Australia So it's only the UK refs who will have to adjust.
  14. The play the balls are the same in Australia and France domestic league ,you have to touch it with your foot.
  15. Inu has signed for Lézignan Saint Germain today according to the local paper, quite a team on paper! 1 cardace, 2 flovie, 3, inu 4 stacul/ferret/bonneriez, 5 ferret/Bousquet,gouzy, 6 marginet, 7 Maloney, 8 Martins, 9 lacans, 10 moa 11 Maria, 12 belmas 13 baitieri, 11 have played for the dragons and two for the dragons academy.
  16. Papua New Guinea beat GB last year so an upset could happen, hopefully it'll be a close game.
  17. There's talk that the Catalans are trying to convince Maloney to do another year
  18. I have a feeling the Catalan fitness coach will end up at the dolphins with Bennet
  19. they've a decent support but I've never seen a full stand like that when I've been with Lézignan.
  20. I'd guess he isn't qualified as French yet, they left the country for a few years, or he doesn't want to be French.
  21. Nowhere near his big brother in playing standards!
  22. Between 100 and 160 euros to play over here in France, paid to your club, most goes to the federation, the open age teams and coaches usually get it paid by the club's, the kids pay. You usually end up with a tracksuit,shorts and socks included from your club, my youngest plays basketball too from this year, that's 160 euros too,
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