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  1. Do you have a sense of humour or has watching Leeds too often fried your brain of any fun?
  2. I was a bit miffed last night not seeing it to be honest. I had been planning on going up The Cheviot from Byrness (and back) but it was so dark, I was getting little benefit from recce’ing the route (literally could see nothing). So what the ‘experts’ are talking about today - it was not dark enough - I’ll never know! So gave up at Windy Gyle, dropped down into the Cocquet Valley and used the military road before picking up the Pennine Way again about 8 miles from Byrness.
  3. Did a night recce in the Cheviots along the Pennine Way last night. About 30 miles. 10hrs. Absolutely pitch black and very isolating. Tired this morning!
  4. Embarrassing by Castleford in the 2nd half. Their pack got bullied by a debutant prop (Stephens was very impressive). Enjoyed watching Saints in attack. First time in ages. We gave the ball a bit of air but definitely allowed to by a dismal Castleford performance.
  5. James Bell continues to Saints’ best player this season IMO. We look so much better when he is on the field.
  6. This is starting to get very ugly. Really pleased to see Stephens on. Potential.
  7. DWZ over in SL would be great. Less convinced by Tupou. Has Makinson signed there as DWZ, Makinson, Tupou and Handley is a bit strange.
  8. I don’t necessarily agree. Managing the squad to hit peak form before the big games, particularly towards the end of the year, is critical. You have a big game coming up in the SF…
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