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  1. Honestly... listen to yourself man!! What has happened to you?!
  2. 30,000 dead worldwide so far; Italy alone at 10,000+. Chinese and Iranian numbers likely higher than announced too. That 20,000 dead quoted today is a very somber is a very sobering thought. Very sad times we are living in.
  3. Any indication when they may hit the peak? Shocking stuff in Italy with Spain not far behind...
  4. Oh agreed... but the numbers I was told where massively larger; took me really by surprise. China will no doubt be the same...
  5. Seen reports today that Iranian figure is massively higher... being under reported.
  6. Why is that out of interest? (Sorry if it’s been mentioned elsewhere in the thread)
  7. The Aussies are full of sh*t as usual...
  8. Hull are underachieving... that’s down to Radford.
  9. Percival for Saints is massive if he plays. Bolsters the back line massively... presume Costello on the wing?!
  10. Pleased Cordner is out... loss of leadership and quality in the Roosters team.
  11. Thompson by all accounts isn’t playing the sport for financial reward; he’s from a very rich family. He’s gone to the NRL to test himself in the toughest RL competition on the planet.
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