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  1. ??? Seriously??? Walmsley, Graham, Paulo and Peyroux the only ones who aren’t... maybe Batchelor?! Even your coach has said a young Saints side on TV! Well done Salford. Great effort considering their workload.
  2. Really good game. Saints very very competitive with that side; really impressed with the likes of Eaves, Wingfield and Dodd. Saints showed their inexperience at times (Nesbitt and Simm) but very bright future for some of those players. Sarginson excellent and deserved MoM.
  3. To be fair, he probably thought running at Sarginson rather than stepping into Pauli Pauli would be a better option... ... he thought wrong!
  4. Lots of England internationals in that crop...?! ... only one is (was) top class.
  5. Leeds had a fantastic generation of players brought through at the same time; the likes of Burrow, Sinfield, McGuire et al. But you’ve not brought through top class players to the same degree as Wigan and Saints consistently over a number of years. Come back with your statement when you do...
  6. If Inu had a bit more pace and better execution, they should have been celebrating a winning try...
  7. Arguably the standout centre in the league this year...
  8. 1. Tomkins 2. Makinson 3. TBC 4. King 5. Johnstone 6. Lomax 7. Williams 8. Walmsley 9. Clarke 10. T Burgess 11. Bateman 12. Whitehead 13. Knowles 14. Connor 15. Thompson 16. Sutton 17. Harvard Edit: Just deleted Watkins after the second defensive misread in today’s final.
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