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  1. I am not normally one to defend Saints (very much country before club type of person) but I think the loss of Walmsley and Percival are no brainers; both broken - the latter wouldn’t last the tournament as he’s like a rich tea biscuit nowadays. Lomax however is a different issue. I think he could have played; so very disappointed he’s not in the squad.
  2. Quietly pleased. You can argue the merits of the likes of Hall (I wouldn’t have selected him - Burgess). But pleased Hill is in there. He brings size, experience and a bit of grunt as Lees and Cooper are pretty lightweight at this level. Sneyd is in for the kicking game (especially goal kicking) and game management. Now the key for Wane is bonding this lot as a team. There is pace in the backs (less Hall), there is youth, plenty of skill and plenty of aggression in the forwards. Bonding them as a team is the key… this lot can make the final.
  3. Was there any context behind his comments or were they random?
  4. Like who? A bunch of individuals can be individually great but rubbish if they don’t bond and work as a team. Same with any sport at any level. I think that’s what happened in 2008; no integration as a unit to work as a team.
  5. 1. Tomkins 2. Young 3. Watkins 4. Farnworth 5. Makinson 6. Williams 7. Smith 8. Oledzki 9. Leeming 10. Thompson 11. Whitehead 12. Batchelor 13. Knowles 14. Burgess 15. Cooper 16. Radley 17. Welsby
  6. I agree. I’d go with Leeming and Clarke at hooker. I appreciate Clarke has been poor but he’s got experience and you don’t lose class.
  7. I agree ref Lomax. I’d actually be inclined to start Watkins and Farnworth even if Percival was fit.
  8. Confirmed: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/63082580
  9. If Percival and Lomax are out, then I expect Hardaker and McMeeken to come into my 24.
  10. Is it announced tomorrow? The press are starting to have an opinion: I am going with: Backs 1 Tomkins - 2 Welsby - 3 Makinson - 4 Young - 5 Hall - 6 Percival - 7 Watkins - 8 Farnworth - 9 Williams - 10 Lomax - 11 Sneyd - 12 Smith Forwards 13 Burgess - 14 Thompson - 15 Oldezki - 16 Cooper/Lees - 17 Sutton - 18 Ackers - 19 McIllorum - 20 Bateman - 21 Whitehead - 22 Batchelor - 23 Radley - 24 Knowles
  11. Talk of Sneyd and Smith being in the squad. Williams is a shoe-in. Does that Lomax is out? Hope not and he’s picking 4 halves.
  12. Lees isn’t big enough for international rugby. He’ll get murdered.
  13. Be careful Dave… starting to sound like Sadler’s panacea idea!
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