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  1. Absolutely... But Smith has been the difference so far. I did think his replacement played exceptionally well but can he play like that again with less pressure/more time to think about the role... I also expect Root to fire on his own ground. Very interesting Test match.
  2. Roby was a difficult choice - due to his durability and quality, I think he may still be around in 2021. But you are absolutely right to point that out... it's very much open for debate. O'Loughlin is gone... but Graham is in the same boat as Roby... but I think we already have better props coming through: Thompson, Watts etc are the two main examples and would be in my 17 now; not just in 2021. Coote... yep; get it. He would be the anomaly in the my argument. I actually don't expect him to stick his hand up (long season with Saints), but if he does, he'd be my only selection outside of England team in the gameday 17. Knowles would be the only other one... but he'd be in the squad; not the gameday 17.
  3. The real Wire are going to turn up; Warrington are a good RL side and it’ll be a close game. I’ve gone for Saints but...
  4. We’d be lying to ourselves if we differentiate between England and GB right now; same coach, same players.
  5. I genuinely would leave Graham, Tomkins and O’Loughlin out of the squads. Great players. But I don’t think they’ll be available in 2021 so I’d be building for that competition right now...
  6. I am slightly out of the loop in terms of domestic cricket. What other options do we have to open/replace Denly? Buttler’s patient innings gives him a stay of execution I’d suggest...
  7. The relegation battle is on now... when the playoffs start, absolutely rightly the interest will flip immediately to that with about 70k turning up to witness its conclusion.
  8. Hodgson is developed into a cracking player; always thought he overplays for England though rather than distributing the ball faster, which always suits are style better. He'd still be a fantastic player if selected.
  9. Lomax has been outstanding; not necessarily the best player in the league but his stats are arguably the best all round performance in terms of influence: Coote - 14 tries - 19 assists - 15 clean breaks - 30 errors - 6.70m average gain Williams - 13 tries - 18 assists - 16 clean breaks - 36 errors - 6.71m average gain Evalds - 21 tries - 11 assists - 18 clean breaks - 22 errors - 7.65m average gain Austin - 18 tries - 11 assists - 27 clean breaks - 33 errors - 6.8m average gain Lomax - 15 tries - 20 assists - 16 clean breaks - 17 errors - 7.05m average gain Great season so far from Lomax (as has Coote). I will added Evalds; wider stats (assists for example) has surprised me; arguably more influential than Ratchford...
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