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  1. I meant the scrum; so happy to be proven wrong if Lolohea if he's 1-2m away. It's still not obstructing though.
  2. I am in my 30s so can only comment on players from the mid-80s onwards. So my team from the players I have seen live: 1. Slater 2. Robinson 3. Meninga 4. Inglis 5. Offiah 6. Lockyer 7. Thurston 8. Webcke 9. C Smith 10. Civoniceva 11. Tallis 12. Gallen 13. Sculthorpe
  3. Fages was barely within 5m of a Salford player after he fed the scrum so throwing him to the ground would have been quite hard. He ran away from the scrum after all so not sure how he was actually obstructing any player.
  4. Eh? Don’t think I am. Somebody suggested either on the TV or on here that Cronulla have done something similar in a big game. It would be a good analysis to compare. I’ll see if I can find it and the one Jill mentions. And I disagree with your last comment; not all club fans are that tribal. A few people on here like me were critical of McManus for example after the Challenge Cup.
  5. I am not just referring to Lolohea; it’s a collective defensive misread. The Salford scrum was lazy and slow breaking away. I appreciate its easy from a bird’s eye view rather than at pitch level but Saints stacked one side (which Salford mirrored) leaving 20mins of field open on their left... So Salford should have realised that space was a real danger and split the scrum to cover it, especially as they were on their own line. Does that make sense?
  6. Didn't somebody on the TV say Cronulla scored a similar try in a big game; maybe one of the recent Grand Finals?
  7. It's all down to interpretation isn't it. Where do constitute the line Fages should retire behind is at the time? Where the scrum was packed down, where the last man in the scrum ended up or where the scrum ended up? I don't think the rules make reference to that so are not clear. So where do you draw the line? It's a grey area... so down to interpretation. Both the referee (gave the try), the touch judges and video referee all interpreted it as a try... Ah I don't know... as a trained referee I think it's a grey area! I like the example you give about the random SKY game and setting up for the next play. For argument's sake, Fages could (not saying he is!) have been setting up for the next play expecting Roby to be tackled. He doesn't retreat behind the line where the original scrum was formed. Do you call a penalty if he gets the ball on the next tackle to try and score in the corner? Or is he know onside?
  8. Go and watch the game again as that is wrong. He ran sideways and backwards. Now I can be honest and say (especially if we use the VAR tool to plot the line on the ground) that he likely did not retreat far enough back to ensure he was behind the legs of the pack's last man. But he ran away from pack screening nobody. He basically acted like a dummy runner but not into the defensive line; away from it towards the touchline and basically the furthest man to that left-hand touchline on the field at the time. It was a shocking read by Lolohea heightened by the rest of the Salford pack being lazy and not breaking quickly. As I have said, I can live with people arguing Fages didn't quite make it back completely behind the line of the last man; but he screened/impeded nobody and the try ultimately was a result of poor collective defence from Salford.
  9. Link to GB attendances (you need to click into each Series): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Britain_national_rugby_league_team_game_results_(1991–present) Link to England attendances: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_England_national_rugby_league_team_results Golden age for GB was the early-mid 90s. That's what most people hark back to; what their nostalgic for. But then England have some excellent attendances at places like Wembley, Olympic Stadium and Elland Road since it's inception in 2008 (especially against New Zealand, which are better than against GB).
  10. I think you know the answer to the bit in bold. It is not enforced. Hasn't been for a long time: hookers packing down at 13 to quickly distribute the ball; scrums breaking up quickly; the LF running the ball etc etc. Lots of examples where the scrum half doesn't get behind the scrum. We see it every single game. Nobody would have noticed Fages' actions if SKY hadn't mentioned it; and they never mention it every single game throughout the season. Their intent was to stir a bit of controversy fully knowing that rule is not enforced.
  11. Yep - agreed; practically in the middle of the season over one of the May Bank Holidays. A celebration of the whole professional sport in the country. It should be used as a developmental tool in areas of interest... Perth. Southern France. Christchurch. Toronto...?! No idea on locations but 4 x possible examples.
  12. Hypothetically talking about who has better players is never a true indicator of how a team may perform against another. Rugby League is a team game and I think we've seen Salford and Castleford in recent times show you don't need world class players to become a very good team. Saints over the last couple of seasons have been an exceptional team; flowing rugby at times backed up by excellent defence - all through good coordination, teamwork and communication; and can play for 80mins. The current Holbrook team would surprise a few in the NRL...
  13. Speaking of the IRL, how is our application to be a permanent member of Sports Accord going etc?
  14. Pretty unsavoury in Bulgaria last night...
  15. Hardaker is an awful centre; Leeds fans can testify to that. The squad seems a bit unbalanced to me. I know what Bennett is trying to do; an Aussie-type approach picking the best players (in his opinion) rather than positionally. Not sure Hardaker for example fits into that category though.
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