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  1. Fiji or Samoa in England's group to open up the tournament would be superb; I'd prefer Samoa...
  2. Saints are still the team to beat despite the loss of the coach; Woolf is a very good replacement considering how he moulded and developed Tonga.
  3. I saw enough of Welsby's distribution skills against Warrington and Leeds last year in SL to think he's got a bit of extra ability in that department. That said, you are right (and Nadera), Walker has won something in a starting 13 so no doubt you'll take him... Lets hope both are challenging for international honours (along with Herbie Farnworth) for the next 10 years; will only benefit the national side.
  4. Of course I am not convinced... potential needs to be realised. I am not entirely convinced Walker has the all round game to be genuine top class; Welsby has already shown better ability to distribute the ball than Walker IMO. Both are excellent young prospects but need to realise that potential. Only time will tell...
  5. Not entirely convinced by Jack Walker either...
  6. Managed to get to the Kosovo-England match in Pristina on Sunday. Pretty dull game but an exceptional atmosphere.
  7. Why is that game (in bold) dressed up as a Prime Minister’s XIII and not just the national side playing a Test match?
  8. He was Man of the Match against Warrington at the HW, and really good in other performances such as Leeds away if I remember correctly. He'll have a few dodgy games - he's only 18 after all - but he'll be a cracker IMO.
  9. Disagree. In effect the best Aussie players are playing 3 x high profile high intensity games mid-season whilst the rest of the world get 1. Play SOO back-to-back weekends and every nation has the option of 3 x international/SOO matches.
  10. Welsby and Wardle are above 6ft and 14st as well. Newman is tall-ish but light at 13.5st currently whilst Walker is very lightweight. Tedesco/Wighton are not much bigger than Wardle/Welsby - only Mitchell is significantly bigger. Tuvisa-Sheck is not much bigger than Wardle/Welsby either.
  11. Hope Jack Welsby gets more game time at Saints next year. He's got the ability to play full back and stand off IMO. I think he's a better option for the England full back position than Jack Walker.
  12. Whilst I appreciate what you are saying, I tend to disagree. Not because of what you are proposing, but about tours in general - I think they should a relic of the past. I'd rather see more regular competitions where numerous teams play against each other rather than England/GB monopolising games against Australia (which if we were honest is the only tour we are interested in). Frankly, the southern hemisphere sides other than a tour to England (as they make money) are not interested in hosting us. It's why they created the Pacific Cup competition. I'd rather see more opportunities being developed for the likes of Wales, Scotland, France et al to play games rather than them getting a stiff ignoring until we need some sides in the WC to make up the numbers.
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