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  1. Really good game. Commiserations to Huddersfield - really good performance. Massive improvement.
  2. Ufff... Percival in. Should never have scored (McGilvary!) but great strength from England’s No1 centre...
  3. It’s a different line of argument to my previous point, but in my experience, Dunbar’s point below is absolutely spot on (less the old bit!). Seen it time and time again in my line of work. Williams will be a great asset to SL if he comes back but can’t help but feel he’ll regret it in later life.
  4. I’m not having a pop at George; but I wouldn’t wish anyone to throw away the type of opportunity he has currently in his hands. Moving away from the Wigan/St Helens area when I was 18 (included much time living around the world) was one of the best decisions I have made.
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