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  1. Two weeks ago, they beat Saints. And last week, they had half a team out (like Saints last night). So not sure your statement in bold is true. They may not the GF but they’ll be incredibly tough to beat in Perpignan in 2wks time.
  2. Disgusting from Hull. Club needs a complete clear out. Feel sorry for the supporters.
  3. A fact that had absolutely no relevance whatsoever to this debate; nothing more than a smokescreen.
  4. That’s not something to shout too loudly about considering Martyn’s recent idea…
  5. This. If the playing rota is so under pressure, openly criticising them doesn’t make sense. It’s a pretty toxic action IMO. Culturally, there’s an issue. Sweaty openly said the players were out until 0700hrs the night before the Catalan game. That’s an institutional culture issue. Poor/lack of leadership. And it’s starts at the top.
  6. Absolutely spot on. The culture in many places lacks professionalism. Transactional Leadership at best… toxic at worst.
  7. Wash your mouth out young man… James are quality and modern! I went to school as Karl Fitzpatrick; clearly a late developer off the rugby field!
  8. And arguably one of the most dynamic and successful clubs in the game; since they have basically built a club from scratch!
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