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  1. Let it go the game was thirty years ago?
  2. On sport en France tv today at 10 cet https://www.sportenfrance.com/
  3. His dad is English, Sam burgess said it on the matty johns show if I remember right
  4. The one on the left who never smiled once, I did only see the 30 seconds not the full interview
  5. Tupau only touched the ball once in an attacking sense, they where breaking through too easily to need to go around Brisbane
  6. Who are the people behind this?
  7. Hit a lot of balls up, looked shakey in defence
  8. So they're going to build a team for potentially one cup game a year?
  9. Who are behind and funding the euro xiii
  10. The aussie refs do seem to shout out milking alot, so the players realize there's no need to play act as the réf knows what he's doing, UK refs are too happy to blow up for a quick rest and a slower easier game to réf, or to try to keep the score tight or am I being a bit harsh? I know the keeping the game tight/interesting is something that goes on over here in France.
  11. I reckon the guy from montpellier sharks must be involved in this or he's been showing them how to go about things?
  12. Just trying to push his price up and he'll end up staying at canberra
  13. Don't forget that Williams came through the wigan system when they played a very very structured game, that fed through to the academy etc, Which is even more impressive that he can adapt to off the cuff rugby
  14. The coaches will be working very hard to find a way of getting around the rule, probably working on the tackle technique of holding the player off the ground a lot longer before going to ground, easier said than done as à quick play the ball often results in a leg tackle so letting the attacking team to get on a roll, but hopefully the refs won't give in as it was great to watch the games this weekend, I also hope it doesn't turn into u8s rugby with players just running endlessly from dummy half, Only time will tell, if the players and coaches buy into it, it will be great,
  15. Lézignan-Corbières get from 1000 to 100, limoux the same carcassonne around 400, catalans à couple of hundred, like the rest of the teams, the teams in the aude get the most fans but not many!
  16. Most people in the fédération are there for their personal gain and the interest of their clubs , most people involved in clubs are there for there personal gain and their club, so always in fighting, Palanque has got the fédération out of debt but the game is too far gone, no matter how hard he tries or what changes are made we'll never get back to the glory days or get recognized as a real sport in France. Sorry for the negative comments!
  17. I heard a klaxon in the ground when he shouted six again in the warriors game, may have just been a coincidence
  18. Where are these teams appearing from and who's paying the travel? I reckon its a dreamer sending out messages with nothing concrete behind it.
  19. I've no idea, I know gael tallec is on a list/supporting someone but they've not given the name of the candidate
  20. Depends where your aerial is pointing to, I don't have it, as I don't point towards the montpellier aerial, it's on the satellite boxes too, Or you can watch online
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