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  1. What's this another 20 pages of Izzy
  2. From few who watched issues on edges mainly out wide defence, I say there come good. Back row seems weaker no bird or Edwards.
  3. Well it's a factor but I disregard it given small fanbase in France and there willing to travel
  4. Another religion v science debate or pc brigade. Look given how weak Catalans are out wide he there to win games
  5. Great win by Leigh. Have the players been paid this month ? I mean it might be too hard for Derek again he might walk away
  6. Reported as 4400 in various outlets fairly decent given same day as dragons home game
  7. Yeah reported as 4400 very impressive given Catalans was same day.
  8. He is was the team the club president a idiot. So influential on last 4 seasons he won them a cc. Honestly wrong call.
  9. Unsure but I believe eurosport is looking good
  10. Yeah don't know for a club and country needing a super league deal for tv thus would have to hinder that ?
  11. Look I suppose entat won test v gb in 94 does that rate higher than mom in cc final
  12. Yeah centre possibly have a hunch he end up at Toulouse maybe but even there covered well at 6 and 1.
  13. Rumour of Leeds rhinos not sure how concrete. Yes all over the shop but outside of France absolute golden era of 1950s he he best player outside that ?
  14. What opinion on crowds at new venue can the regularly get 5k plus ? Good squad Frank winterstein, both vaivais, harrison hanson, con mika, Ben Evans, James bell and white. The conductors will again be Ford, robin and Kheirallah with support vast of ader, Marcon, barthau.
  15. Thanks for heads up wow There are some special ones about did myself posting this is when you realised this what rock have you been living under fmd....
  16. Yeah true seems disappointing to not have tv deal. Game still has support over there I estimate 20000 fans. Imo they need to take internationals back to Paris
  17. It's depressing that rugby union still suppressing code in France. This alignment with stade toulusain and to xiii may help somehow. The reality is rugby league is a shadow of what it was in 1950s and 60s where it had influence in Bordeaux, Marseille, paris and Lyon. These days it's a village and regional city sport where reality only perpnignan and Toulouse it has some influence. It seems s minority sport which would struggle to be in top 20 in France.
  18. I notice the usual salty Leigh fans sniffing around Toronto or French posts tell me what the timeline on Leigh going broke again 2 months ?
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