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  1. Head injuires from the 3 major ball contact sports in Nfl, rugby union and rugby league are going to major issue for all sports but it's unclear or mnd is linked.
  2. Hope Romano and mongure see bit of super league this season. Noticed few new young faces for Toulouse in including Lima. Decent turn out hope tolouse atrract few union fans with playing at ernest.
  3. Yeah it's going to raise it's head again teams with Aussies, english and kiwis. Interesting samoa 9s To be announced excludes sl and nrl talent for this reason. France and Wales will again be beaten by teams full of these players.
  4. Look Aussies are nrl obsessed that won't change I be fairly reluctant to hold event in 2025 there in full. Uk just do the event better understand it and history. Can't wait for opener and one hopefully SBW in samoa colours. New nations in Jamaica and Greece add new element and brazil in woman's. Hope at some stage we see an African nations go through. Tonga big show if ever one fit but I think hosts will be strong. Fingers crossed France can do something I only see this happening if there able to pick long term imports otherwise out the door.
  5. Yeah guessing he union trail did not work out. Toulouse may be a chance ?
  6. My concern is if they don't have a Lot of english/new zealand/Aussie imports it won't work. Imo need to see if they can come through French system in elite 2
  7. Yeah this score is concern them and red star if there not the finances to sign large scale imports. Is it possible to have there teams come through French system to start with otherwise there get slaughtered.
  8. Yeah look not sure there been slaughtered against good int teams. Is the spectator support there ?
  9. I don't know with France just seems very disappointing outside dragons and Toulouse. The national team has gone backwards since dragons being in Sl. while never a superbly attended league the elite has dropped off alot in last few seasons. The 2 major finals in lord derby and championahip lucky to get 5000 through gate last year. The 2013 world cup games attracted huge crowds but it's not been taken advantage of. There no tv deal locally for dragons which is major concern given there challenge cup win should have seen spike in appeal. There a major strategic nation for our code but I don't have the answer clearly. I believe some test football has to be taken back to Paris it would have to be v big 3.
  10. It's a sickness he needs help may be he can talk to Dr Phil.
  11. Heartbreaking put his heart and soul in our great game. Life can be very harsh.
  12. Have to l pose question. Seeing rugby folk putting Fiji v babas and now touring brazil. Does it seem more of a coincidence given Fiji growth in rugby league and well the positive news around brazil rugby league there watching what is happening.
  13. It's obvious at present. Big three Aussies, nz and england then Tonga and Fiji and png not far behind. Samoa has some work to do as does france and rest of home nations.
  14. France would be behind big three and Tonga, png, Fiji and Samoa.
  15. No harm. However it seems a political decision not sports by China
  16. You hope they might get a couple thousand for years this event.
  17. I think it's time we start having crack at union again. If clubs have quite wealthy owners do it. From what I seen of Ford on the fence if he make it. Farrell a no brainer. We need to be more aggressive both in nrl and super league in this space.
  18. Yeap and that there I a huge worry. He might be a great club player but that does not make him an international player in top tier.
  19. He won't dig into line imo he not in same class as Marshall, Johnson, dce, keary. Tries hard that won't win you test matches with 7 on your back.
  20. Been quite on posting anything. But that was most uninspiring gb squad I seen for long time. Hodgson looked ordinary as did widdop while James Graham looks simply done. No doubt lose of markinson, sam and George Burgess did not help. Hastings is not an international half. I got no doubt it will turn around.
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