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  1. I am a little concerned to be honest in the retention so far from robinson, it is all good to get rid of bell and mcguire but they simply need to keep greensheilds and johnson. The rumoured imports for next season seem a little well understated fringe nrl player scott dureau and has been carl webb plus worker hooker ian henderson. They have missed out on steve matai and brett finch while also seem likely to miss human headline wille mason. So next season they would have possible Carlaw, Sa, Walker plus dureau and webb also who are the english players being looked at. The best french guys bosc, ferriol, mounis, elima and fakir would walk into any sl outfit then baile, gossard, casty, raguin and gussiet would also get sl deals but the rest is where the problem is the likes of duport, griffi, vaccari, the bentley boys, barthau, martins, gigot, touxagas, stacul, quintella seem to be getting recycled between catalans reserves(utc), toulouse and the likes of FCL, PIA and other elite teams not making that step up to SL. I hope the next crop of young kids can make that step up young simon seems impressive, while tisserye at toulouse has a future in sl. Also it is becoming clearer that elima could be at bradford next season with menzies being released and big rumours of the move. This is a possible catalans best 17 next season. 1. Chris Walker 2. Vaccari 3. Baile 4. Sa 5. Duport 6. Bosc 7. Dureau 13. Mounis 12. Fakir 11. Carlaw 10.Webb 9. Henderson 8. Ferriol Bench: Casty, Gussiet, Simon, Bentley. A little worrying for next season.
  2. idiot the playing field is not level the championship salary cap is hurting them you know it ######wit, why i am ###### at the crusaders cause that ######wit who owned them highjacked toulouse for superleague, the crusaders are a ######ing joke, toulouse would average at least 7 thousand test match figures. They are 7th because the team they have is no where like the side for superleague, i might be from australia but at least we support developing new zealanders ###### you guys would recruit an fijian ahead of a frenchman maybe you just downright hate the french.
  3. Bowes get a grip loser, ###### any oppotunity to put the boot into toulouse by hay let's have a farce of a team called the crusaders full of aussies playing in front of 2 thousand odd people and that is ok. The rfl league in there latest licening wording stated" any international team could be invited for superleague licence so if they meet the requirements they are in with a shot. They are getting there stadium build in all possibility, there biggest problem is catalans had a injury crisis and players such a stacul, bentley, simon, touxagas have had no chance to help toulouse while other side in the top are helped by duel rego with english clubs. Toulouse have there hands serverly tied the salary cap is a joke, they cannot compete with the likes of asc, fcl or limoux in money so they are up against it.
  4. As a aussie looking in, to me a cumbria superleague franchise is a must it is a heartland area, no doubt wakefield have to go they ###### about the stadium. Quins have big question marks but will stay as will crusaders, catalans are safe given there decent crowds and stadium upgrade. Widnes will no doubt replace wakefield, but will a 2nd side drop could only think castleford or the crusaders.
  5. With all due respect the crusaders do ######ing nothing for development for welsh kids at all, on the weekend vs catalans there was one welshman jordan james the side is full of aussies, kiwis and whoever has played a dozen nrl games. While elliot kear, white and the rest of the young kids play 2nd division footy at least catalans throw young kids to superleague. It is a joke what point to them in superleague if no welsh kids are coming through really is there any?
  6. This is from Wynn's mouth he wanted to stay but, the new contract upgrade did not happen when sponsor pulled out dramas.
  7. they are in money trouble big sponsor of 90 000 euro pulled out, could be curtains on championship after this year. Already duport gone, wynn possible griffi not looking good at all
  8. that i would assume is why bathau and gigot on loan deals are either toulouse will try to sign for next year.
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