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  1. Normal negative stuf from usual suspects. This is big for code. Hiding in the bunker ie (northern England and east coast australia) after watching union wc will simply see our code swallowed in the long term. Toronto just the start. Time to take head our of the sand.
  2. There no locals in storm team. Players recruited from qld, nsw, nz and Pacific. Its a afl hotbed.
  3. Heard of melbourne storm ?? Same model ot works read up on it.
  4. i my time as a league fan and i 40 now never seen so much new activity. the north american expansion brings one thing our code does not have alot of corporate dollars and tv deal. while the dragons bring on field success money and tv deal money has not happened in france. who knows if ottawa, new york and toronto take off they could run there own league ala pro14 with french clubs. the years international program is most ambitious i have seen with gb playing nz, png and tonga. while the oceania program with likes of aussies, fiji, samoa, tonga all playing each other with top level squads as well as nines program. also seeing a 4 nations african cup shows our code is making noise around the globe. brazil is another that seems on the right path. france is biggest disappointment imo and i really think enough is enough is huge no shows its not good enough anymore, when you have these names missing gigot, escare, yaha, fages, springer, bousquet, maria, simon, robin, barthau, ader, bergal, baiteri, julian, garcia. pelissier picking spain over france and casty retired.
  5. Well as expected france so disappointing. needs to change whole reason for catalans was to improve national team that has not happened.
  6. So what the deal. Are they not paying there players. He a list of players not available escare, bergal, fages, robin, bathau, fages, yaha, bouquest, julian, garcia, springer plus gigot, ader.
  7. I believe we find a promoter who wants to pay for event. I say middle east fits that. I love to see event in brazil myself.
  8. Yeah it be interesting next year in nrl. It will be his defining season alot of hype at present.
  9. Yeah true i mean samoa, tonga fit into same category as does scotland and ireland.
  10. Crowds where poor 28k over 2 days i say they hope for 40k over the 2 days. Event i hold in either nz, north america or a good one would be toulouse or total left field hold in brazil given south america nation has government support. Png was best near performance knocking over nz, lebanon need a kick up the ###### need to develop there own local talent. France where disappointing as usual. Australia with players like ponga and fifta coming through good luck.
  11. Really the greatest game of all. From a team from toronto drawing 10k to games to Salford run or canberra amazing improvement. State of origin was epic again, wembley had another upset, at end of season the best sides in roosters and st helens won While rep round produced a near sell out for tonga v kiwis which kiwis dominated. The hot and cold catalans drawing 35k at barcelona, magic weekend a great spectacle for code. Featherstone nearly done there own miracle. And now where into test footy gb playing 5 tests and the world 9s.
  12. Still a shame but i believe catalans wanted to make him marquee so could not have done much more.
  13. It seems the talented french player is off to rugby union with trial at Treviso. Surprised by move given heard huddersfield and toronto where interested. Certainly could change a game and same for france who don't seem to produce many players of his ability.
  14. Yeah somewhat agree. There a very Melbourne storm style concept. Without the recruitment officers in pacific, nz and queensland. I hope toulouse keep at it next season there be fair bit of expectation playing at ernest and being probably favourites to go up.
  15. I see france taking on nsw country also. Catalans already announced yaha, garcia, bouquest out of autumn international program. Go no idea what team there taking down under but the nines train on squad had no toulouse or catlans players. Assuming a few of the pro ranked players julian, albert, escare, simon, robin will make trip only guessing assuming emerging youngsters romano and mourgue also. No idea status of uncontracted gigot, miloudi, fages, pelissier.
  16. By looks of it only the nines event i assume. As png playing gb and fiji, they was a rumored series but not seen anything ?
  17. Philam was a cheap shot merchant i seen. Wolves fans are losing there . Maybe concentrate on not being bridemaides always helps.
  18. Titans yeah wow that will end well...failure of a club.
  19. Same culprits also. Oh how the sky falling in by the way what a lumping To xiii put on leigh yesterday
  20. yeah look imo trent Robinson best coach who consider national role. Gigot and fages are france 2 world class level players, they just don't have enough of them. Thats the main issue. Toulouse are imo a yeah off superleague as toronto seem certain to go up. The development with stade rugby is promising and questioning all in one. I believe they average 6k in superleague.
  21. Gigot has some talent and at times is infuriating kicks out of full give away dumb penalties. But wow that field goal was sublime.
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