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  1. Exactly now when will widnes and leigh be back in top flight kick catalans out bring nothing to comp. i prefer my northern union comp any day if week. Just not sure when leigh and widnes will go broke. Kind regards parky
  2. There not canadian then they don't live there. Well thats a joke kick them out.
  3. I want them kicked out period and this nonsense of toulouse. Where my insular northern league ? Kind regards parky
  4. I just want to know when we can kick out toulouse, toronto and catalans. I want my insular northern union league. New york and ottawa total nonsense. Kind regards parky
  5. Haha agree taking a jab. He out of control. Toulouse has more frenchman in 17 than dragons.
  6. I agree young fella. Why should we try to grow the sport it does not benefit us. Another thing how about this toulouse mob there full of imports are they not ? This robin halfback should go back to Australia. They seem to bring nothing to our sport also send them out of league.
  7. What nonsense this new york and ottawa. As for toulouse they seem to have no french players. Kinds regards parksider
  8. My name parky and i dribble all day
  9. Yeah so true. Well done to jacko hastings going very well. I wonder if young lucas albert could step up. Gigot such an important factor they beat wolves in superb game last week.
  10. Yeap spine recruitment can make or break sides. I see this as particularly crippling
  11. What a load of ######. You are a tosser, parents must be proud of producing such a numbskull. Gigot, yaha, albert, baiteri, goudmand, julian, garcia, simon, da costa, casty, bouquest, belmas, maria all will play more than there share of superleague. While at other clubs miloudi, springer, pelissier, fages, nzoungou all are at other clubs. Kevin larroyer is at fax. Toulouse have a mulitude of superleague level players. You just keep dribbling wipe your chin.
  12. Yeah seems mcnarmara signed smith well on advance. Drinkwater has much better kicking game.
  13. Yeah bingo there everything for dragons last season came from Tony gigot and Drinkwater. imo the smith not up to it.
  14. Yes agree superleague produces world class forwards.
  15. Forward from peter peters mouth maybe thompson well have to see
  16. Local sydney radio reporting manly signed current english international any rumours over here ?
  17. Here the problem there clubs your leigh and batleys time to move on. Full pro comp no relegation 14 clubs. The rfl can run cc superleague clubs don't enter. Why are we appeasing to bottom league sides while holding back professional league. Relegation should be canned and put in history.
  18. What because your covering for an orgainsation who suppose to be some what professional. Asking defending champs for money. There fools. Time for breakaway rfl are hopeless.
  19. This to me simply English need to move on from relegation. Only the strong should survive i read the absolute fear mongering from parksider among others. Go back to 14 clubs and look to grow the sport. No brainer bring in Toronto, Toulouse and bradford. A pro comp there to get maximum crowds and exposure.
  20. Imo its time for superleague clubs to breakaway along with few other select clubs.
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