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  1. I agree that a penalty try would have been appropriate but a yellow card on top would've been excessive I think. The penalty try would negate the foul play which would've been a fair place to leave it.
  2. Hard to think Wakey weren't hard done by there, and I hope some of that luck will level out for them over the remainder of the season. I'm chuffed we managed to win back momentum after conceding three on the bounce though. It would've been all too easy to buckle at that point, but we showed a winning mentality in not allowing that to happen. Have to be pleased in getting two points against dangerous opposition who've proved they can beat anyone in this league on their day. How far are they off establishing themselves as a real force? Been a solid outfit for a good couple of years now.
  3. Naturally delighted to be through but all credit to Hull. Sometimes the best team doesn't win, and that felt like the case today.
  4. He’s definitely under contract for next year too, although that’ll probably offer very limited protection where NRL clubs are concerned. I’m very happy with this statement from McManus. It might not change much in terms of what will happen with Ben for next year, but it’s great to see him passionately fighting our corner and stressing that there are many advantages to this very successful relationship between player and club continuing. I’m a tad concerned that all this speculation will become a distraction, but to be fair to Ben he’s done nothing to encourage it other than by continuing to play superbly. I believe he’s made it clear that he won’t decide on his future until later in the year. I’m sure most of us are expecting him to return home next year, but whatever happens it’s an absolute pleasure to have him. Surely one of the finest players ever to have donned the red v.
  5. Hmmm I'm not sure it'd be quite as crushing as say, losing in a final (And before anyone points it out then yes, I talk from plenty of experience in recent years!)
  6. Saints Wigan games are always special, and this one has plenty thrown in on top for good measure. I suppose the season is on the line for both of us, so that should provide plenty of extra motivation if any is needed. Wigan might be tired post Wembley, but will no doubt be all the more fired up for their loss, which might more than compensate for any fatigue. Add to that Barba making his debut and this has all the ingredients to be a classic… But I just can’t see it somehow. I think it’s fair to say both teams have been underwhelming for the most part this season, and I’d be surprised if this game isn’t a scrappy affair in spite of everything. As for Barba, his quality is beyond question and I’m thrilled he’s signed for us, but this will be his first top level RL game in almost a year. It’s probably a little unrealistic to expect him to light things up from the off, but you never know. Either way I’m excited to see what impact he’ll make. It’ll probably be a close one with the side coming up short frustrated in thinking they could’ve got more out of it.
  7. Spot on. I'm surprised you've been called out in the way you have, in my experience you've always been a reasonable and rational contributor to this forum. Not posted on here for ages, so hello again all. Been reading this thread with interest and I'm quite surprised by some of what's been posted. In hindsight it would have been simpler if this ban had been for a specified period of time rather than for a number of matches. During the said period the ban wouldn't have had any restrictions on what he could do outside of Rugby League as I think we all know full well. Suggestions along the lines of the ban being postponed if he went to work as a brick layer (or whatever else) in the meantime are just baffling. Is he meant to sit in a dark room starving until the said period has elapsed? I don't have any particular issue with the ban being upheld. I thought there were good grounds to challenge it on but respect the RFL's decision and the principles involved. I don't feel we've lost any credit through this and look forward to seeing him in the red vee.
  8. I think some of the posts about Dawson in this thread are quite harsh and actually a bit nasty. Yes, he's probably only just about at SL standard, but we signed him (and extended him) presumably as a back up for injuries, and he ended up playing far more than anyone might have expected because of them. He might be a little lacking in talent, but he compensated somewhat through putting in a lot of effort and he did very well at times. I can't honestly say I'm disappointed he's left because we do need a higher calibre of player if we're going to compete for trophies, but I believe that he certainly did his best not to let us down and for that I'm grateful and give him credit. The fee was probably minimal and I expect him to be worth every penny to Leigh. They've got themselves a likeable, hard working, dependable player who's capable of coming up with some good stuff and has picked up valuable experience over the last few years. I wish him all the best.
  9. He looked more physical tonight to me too. I wonder if he bulked up his upper body when he was out with the leg injuries? I'm impressed.
  10. Best night of the season for us so far. Extremely proud of that effort. FPN is a hot head who gives away silly penalties. That's nothing new for him, but I'm sure he'll be a powerful presence when he gets up to speed. Classless not to shake hands though.
  11. Showed some good stuff in his earlier days with us. Think he might've won our player of the year award in his first season at the club. I can't say I've been impressed with what I've seen since Brown left but such thoughts aren't specific to him. Wish him all the best and think he could thrive in the right conditions.
  12. I had hoped they'd let him off given that it was understandable that he was upset by Thaler's blatant rudeness. That fine doesn't seem unreasonable though. All done and dusted now at least.
  13. Can't see anything other than a straight forward win for the Dragons. At least I can look forward to Wales playing their first game in the Euros today.
  14. Apparently close to signing for Wigan instead. They'll have liked what they saw the last time he lined up against them. Can't say I'd be surprised if this turns out to be true.
  15. I'm not so sure anymore. Amor is having a decent season but Walmsley is off form and Tasi hasn't made the impact I'm sure we were hoping for. Savelio isn't seeing much game time either, and the fact that Richards is regularly making the bench probably highlights that we don't have much strength in depth. I certainly agree with what you you say about the need for recruitment in the areas you've highlighted, but our pack could use someone like him at present. He doesn't strike me as a game changer but he'd add some steel and make us a lot harder to bully in the forwards.
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