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  1. He’s definitely under contract for next year too, although that’ll probably offer very limited protection where NRL clubs are concerned. I’m very happy with this statement from McManus. It might not change much in terms of what will happen with Ben for next year, but it’s great to see him passionately fighting our corner and stressing that there are many advantages to this very successful relationship between player and club continuing. I’m a tad concerned that all this speculation will become a distraction, but to be fair to Ben he’s done nothing to encourage it other than by continuing to play superbly. I believe he’s made it clear that he won’t decide on his future until later in the year. I’m sure most of us are expecting him to return home next year, but whatever happens it’s an absolute pleasure to have him. Surely one of the finest players ever to have donned the red v.
  2. I didn't realise that things were looking quite that grim for Wakefield, if they had to sell Smith to fund wages then their situation must be pretty desperate This is a real pity, I've been quite impressed with them this year and respect their history. It seems like they're going in the opposite direction to Salford and I suppose that relegation will be a very real possibility for them next year. I hope they survive but there's not a club in the league that I'd be happy to see go down. I'm not going to comment on the issue of illegal approaches but that article is a sad read, it's not nice to see a proud club experiencing this.
  3. Hmm I wonder. There were a few rumours suggesting the opposite, but I have no idea how much truth was behind them. Best of luck with him anyway, I certainly think that he could turn out to be an excellent player for you.
  4. I don't want to see players get banned for a shoulder to shoulder hit though (and I'm not saying his hit on O'Brien was). If a shoulder charge is aimed at the mid section for example (see Koroibete's hit which was penalised in the Tigers vs Eels game earlier) then why should that warrant a ban? Or even a penalty? I'd only like to see bans handed out for shoulder charges which make contact with the head, and still think Taia's did.
  5. That is an extremely nasty run in, and to my surprise they're only 4 points clear of you, I was thinking that their place in the 8 was more or less secure for some reason. They've got a lot of work to do even to make the playoffs, so I understand why it seems like such a bitter blow to them now, they'll need all the help they can get. They need to put this behind them now and focus on what's to come as there's going to be little room for slip ups.
  6. I think that's a little bit dramatic to be honest. A 3 game ban to a player at this stage isn't exactly a major crisis regardless of how hard done by they might be feeling. Perhaps he's attempting to instil a backs to the wall mentality into his team. I do hope Catalans have a strong finish to the season though. Saints aside (obviously) then they'd be my preferred choice to win at Old Trafford.
  7. Agreed, but a deliberate and malicious high shot may well be worthy of a dismissal or ban so you'd have to say the same of a shoulder charge. I don't know how much malice there was in Taia's hit but it was clearly deliberate, but then again when isn't a shoulder charge? I find it hard to tell how much contact was made with the head from that angle but it certainly looks like there may have been some, which is supported by the Injury O'Brien sustained. As I say I do sympathise with Catalans but think this is a very difficult area to assess. Although it wouldn't have made much difference here due to the uncertainty involved, I'd still like to see the outright ban on shoulder charges dropped and simply see attacks to the head heavily punished.
  8. Hmm, an interesting read. I completely understand their frustration. The most obvious comparable incident which springs to mind is the Scott Taylor hit because it happened in our previous game and to the same player. Given the similarity I can see why they're annoyed, the precedent which was set when Taylor was cleared hasn't been followed here. I did personally feel that Taia's was the more clear cut of the two incidents though, there was more doubt involved in Taylor's case. Given that O'Brien ended up with a head injury I'm struggling to see how there couldn't have been high contact, unless of course it happened as he hit the ground. I thought it was a bad hit (I'm admittedly a little biased) and think a three game ban is acceptable. I do think we need more consistency though, but appreciate that no two incidents are exactly the same which obviously presents difficulties. I don't blame Brown for his comments in this instance. It's a distressing thing to see happen, especially in two games on the trot.
  9. Another good signing for Hull KR, he'll add plenty of grit and aggression. With these latest two additions they should have an intimidating pack next year.
  10. But surely there must be some sort of outline plan for this 3 x 8 thing for it to have been proposed? I must be honest it sounds rather bizarre to me, I'm struggling to understand it all.
  11. I'm failing to understand the split option with three groups of 8. Sorry if I'm being dull but what exactly is being proposed here? I'd be grateful if someone could explain
  12. Wikipedia would suggest it is him and he's since moved to prop, I clearly havn't been paying enough attention. He's a big unit at 6 ft 3 and 17st 5 so if he runs his weight then he could be a decent acquisition.
  13. I thought he played in the centres or second row? Maybe I'm confusing him with someone else. If it's the player I'm thinking of then I'd have to agree with Andy Capp from what I've seen.
  14. That's an interesting take on it, KC is obviously an enormous loss and Saint's haven't looked nearly as good when he's been off the pitch this year but I think the recruitment for next year is the best it's been since 2006 when they signed Pryce, Meli and Cayless. Over the last few seasons they haven't recruited as heavily as many seem to believe they should have but Perry, Shenton and McCarthy-Scarsbrook are all very solid additions and as things stand what will presumably be the starting 17 for 2011 looks highly impressive. I wouldn't write them off just yet.
  15. Very sad times, he was one of the most committed players in Super League and could still have offered much more to the game. RIP Terry, you won't be forgotten
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