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  1. Yes we would have loved to see more of him, but heyho it was not to be, if he as signed for you I hope all goes well for him and Oldham.
  2. Tandle if you read the item right it states that it is only paper snippets ie the rumour mill at work, even todays League Express says " If the move is confirmed....." Cheers RogerT author of Outs and Ins.
  3. The squad for 2021, I will add the names once the club or BISSA announce names, please don't add names here just PM me and I'll do the rest. Keegan Hirst Front Row. Retired 09/10/2020. James Brown Front Row. Dane Manning Second Row. Jodie Broughton Wing. Alister Leak Hooker. Ben Kaye Hooker. Jack Blagbrough. Front Row. George Senior Utility. Toby Everett Front Row. Michael Ward Front Row. Dale Morton. Wing/Goal kicker. Anthony Bowman Loose Forward. Aiden Ineson Half Back. Josh Tonks Second Row. Lucas Walshaw Back Row. Tom Lillycrop. Front Row. Jonny Campbell Wing/ centre/fullback. Kieran Buchanan Centre. Wayne Reittie Wing. Elliot Hall Full back/Wing. Lewis Galbraith Centre. Joe Sanderson Half Back, goalkicker. Luke Hooley Full back, centre, goalkicker. Squad number 1 Ben White Half back. Tom Gilmore Scrum Half. Adam Gledhill Jack Logan. Nylie Flynn Dom Horn
  4. Just done a small shop or should I say the wife as, linked through easy fund raising.
  5. I only do it now and again, I have easyfundraising donation reminder attached and when ever a site comes up that easyfundraising is connected to it automatically cuts in and lets me know, and donates automatically to BISSA. Shamefully I don't use it often, by choice.
  6. Done another shop on easyfunding. On Thursday night I made a one off contribution to BISSA, I didn't want to do the standing order thing and don't do Pay Pal so made the contribution to them the equivalent of a years standing order of contributions.
  7. Been shopping again via easyfundraising for a new microwave.
  8. Why isn't Vestcare on a par with Sheffields.
  9. Just done some small shopping.
  10. Yes I have made the odd error but usually too much beer at the match, I need to do it on a Monday lol. I do a more simpler one for the club which goes on the website no naughty step, no comments about loans or DR. Cheers Roger.
  11. Hello AB Knight, I do the player stats for Batley Bulldogs and I know what you mean about occasionally getting it slightly wrong and head banging as well. I do mine on a spread sheet and it self calculates the figures I only do them for league, cups(1895 & CC) and any play off we are in and done so since 2017. Cheers Roger.
  12. Just empty any old jar wash it out and fill with coinage lol.
  13. Nothing to do with me, my contribution won't have registered yet ROFL
  14. I did another small one last night.
  15. Yes it's from them, it's like the sellers giving commission to say an agent for getting sales. can't answer your last point.
  16. Just made two donations via Amazon.
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