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  1. If 2 go up, which is likely, there won't be any relegation, in my opinion.
  2. Phildog....not a topic post....sorry....but why do your posts have oceans of white space after your comments.
  3. Hya Craig, Can you check your private messages please, regards merchandise. Colinb
  4. Don't start the trophy " discussions " again pls!!!. I could say yours is worth £3.00 but I won't . Sorry its Colinb not Bissa posting....muppet.
  5. Just like being at a BISSA meeting....can't keep em apart.
  6. At the Meet the Squad function, on Friday at the Irish Nash, BISSA will have Fixture Cards and a few A4 & A3 posters available , for your wallets , purses, shop walls etc. They are free of charge, so see our colleague, Rob Le Huray , who will be distributing them. Enjoy the evening BISSA.
  7. Thanks POR, this link has been on another topic for a little while now, posted by Batley Bob.
  8. Seasons greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year to all Bulldogs supporters. Many thanks for your support for BISSA throughout 2021, as always, in whichever way, you continue to help BISSA help the club. We, as a committee, and the Club and Players, really appreciate your support. Enjoy the festive season, take care and stay safe. Best Wishes The BISSA committee.
  9. BISSA...


    A lot depends on Sponsors and some say yes then some say no. Its not always Club or Supplier Roger.
  10. BISSA...


    2 sleeves, a hole to put your head through, a bigger hole to go round your waist. Tis the Season to be......silly
  11. Just an update regards Thursday 25th BISSA Agm. Kevin very kindly mentioned this in his latest update, also that food was available. To clarify, food is available at the Social afterwards but needs to be preordered, there may be a very limited few left but not guaranteed. So if anyone is thinking of coming to Social afterwards ( Agm is members only) please preorder. The closing date for this is Monday (tomorrow) at 12pm Thankyou.
  12. If anyone would like a copy of the games v Fax or v Bulls we now have them available. The Bulls game is our Clubs copy, not a copy of the Sky version. So don't worry about copyright. Also has crowd noise, and not the frustrating Referees comms. Please contact BISSA via this message, or any committee member. They are £5 per copy, ALL the revenue goes to the BISSA funds. Your Club Your team. Thankyou for your support BISSA
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