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  1. Dave Woods also falls badly into the stereotypical chat: 'this'll be great for bringing the game to the masses in the south', worrying about attendances, patronising the viewing public etc etc. I understand why they do it, but it would be so refreshing if they commentated with the assumption that everyone knows what's going on and doesn't need everything constantly explained. I've listened to him on the radio numerous times in the past, and he constantly witters about ###### while the action is going on. Next thing you know it's the fifth tackle, and he's not described anything that's happened since the previous restart. During the England v Australia commentary on Sunday, Andrew Henderson was summarising, and really showed him up with his knowledge and enthusiasm for the game - as we discovered with thingy on Premier Sports during RLWC 2013, the Aussies call a game a million times better, and the commentary on the third Ashes test in 1988 is still more memorable than almost any commentary I've heard since.
  2. The theme of the meeting is 'The Power of Sport to Drive World Health', so I don't know if issues such as RL will be spoken about.
  3. They did that for a couple of years in the 90s, it was seen not to work.
  4. Three bloody trains! They hid Barrow well.
  5. Better be a good match by the way, I have to set off at 8am to get there in time
  6. Hi all, I'm travelling for the match on the 4th of September. Any recommendations for good pubs near the ground?
  7. I'm fully in support of a conference system sitting above a lower-level pyramid. More generally, no matter what the current system is, can we have a perpetual thread to complain that we should go back to the previous system?
  8. I'm quite tempted to go to Toronto for a couple of matches next year, oddly more so than I would be for a WCC in Florida. Just naturally contrary I suppose, but I've always quite fancied going to Canada anyway.
  9. I've seen elsewhere that Leeds Rugby (or whatever the holding company is) own the rights to the song.
  10. I always find it hard to tell whether people are genuinely wound up or just enjoying themselves. The eternal problem with text instead of speech, most tone is lost, especially when punctuation is an early casualty.
  11. Well hopefully someone can pick them up by the bootlaces as they did back in 2002 (ish).
  12. Might want to change 'illegal' in the title to 'dangerous' as per the article, given that illegal tackles are already banned, otherwise they wouldn't be illegal...
  13. My cycle path to work is looking a lot junglier this week than it has all summer so far. Combination of warmish temps and a lot of rain I suppose.
  14. The joint Copeland venture between Haven and Workington obviously. Oh, wait...
  15. Fair enough, praise is always good. I don't have Sky, probably why he's not on my radar.
  16. Anyone else have to do a web search to find out who this person is?
  17. Never heard of this - I'd guess it was for a random sevens tournament or something?
  18. I think this is the RL forum equivalent of Godwin's Law.
  19. Seems to be a recurring theme in new sport start-ups as far as I can see. My korfball club, and a couple that have started since have all followed the same pattern - a really busy and enthusiastic start, a bit of success, but then after a couple of years the initial momentum runs out, a few people drift away, maybe naturally, maybe through internal personality clashes, and things get much more difficult. The key seems to be working really hard to get through this patch, and with a bit of luck thrown in the organisation will be that much stronger and ready for more growth.
  20. Well they can't set the fixtures until the league positions are decided.
  21. I'd be interested in the second in your list. In my street, it was always a knock on the door to see if Blah was leckin out (kids round there didn't have proper names )
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