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  1. Maybe not a return of form but certainly a well earned two points. Although we offered Town a way back into the game second half with some errors our goal line defence was good ,even though not severely tested. Danny Morrow and Brett Carter were very good I thought.
  2. I noticed they have been quite active in the loan market
  3. Notoriously a difficult fixture for us and I’m sure Sunday will not be any different. After a tough few weeks let’s see if we can reproduce our early season form. Up the Raiders!
  4. Bring some more mates for the league fixture
  5. Cracking following from Fev,good luck in the final and your journey to SL
  6. May as well just end the season now
  7. No doubt a tough ask this Sunday to stop the Fev juggernaut,they have a fantastic squad. Lets just try to enjoy the occasion,get behind the team and you never know! We have come so far since last season and deserve to enjoy these games,hopefully there will be many more to come as we carry on this trajectory! Up the Shipbuilders
  8. Looking forward to it tonight,hopefully get a good crowd in in front of the TV cameras.Up the Raiders
  9. Not sure if it is club policy or not,it is just my opinion because you rarely hear about any injury problems. If it is I fully understand why they do it.that is all I’m saying.
  10. As always I think the Raiders like to keep their injury problems close to their chests.
  11. You have a really strong side there,I was especially impressed with Wildie
  12. Some very embarrassing comments on this thread from so called Barrow fans. Fev were a class above and blew us off the park,let’s be honest it could have been more. Good luck to them in their quest for SL rugby which they have been building for years,we should be learning from them not despising them. I’m more than happy with our progress so far,let’s not get above our station and control your emotions!
  13. I mentioned on the Bradford thread that that was a tough game,well turn it up another few notches for this one!
  14. Great to see lads coming into the team and playing well,Brett Carter sounded really solid today
  15. Tough game away at Odsal today,hopefully the lads can get the win though. Hopefully Hakim will make up for his poor show last week before his ban kicks in.
  16. Yes I agree,you blew us away in the first 25mins,and our discipline helped you along the way to the win. I have no complaints about the result as Batley were the better side,however if Hakim stays on the field and looking at how the game panned out Raiders still could have sneaked it at the end All if’s and buts though,we’ll done on your win.
  17. Yeah,the sending off spoilt the game for me to be honest. No complaints though best team won,Gilmore a step above everybody else on the pitch great player.
  18. Nice to have some fresh bodies coming in after last weeks game
  19. With you lads making the playoff semi last season,will be a good yardstick for how much we have improved. Looking forward to it
  20. Very tough game today,let’s see if we can continue our good progress. Last home game for a while,hopefully get a few more in to watch after last week Up the Raiders!
  21. Featherstone at home to be played 7/8th May,another big game to luck forward to. You can bet the Flatcappers will bring more supporters than Huddersfield,should be a great atmosphere against probably the strongest team in our league.
  22. I think the Raiders were asking the council that very question.
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