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  1. I understand Sean Wane leaving him out after his long battle against the effects of concussion but on the other hand I don’t get it as Wane picked Manfredi after he’d been out for almost 2 years. Without a shadow of doubt if TJ stays fit he should be in the England run on team, he offers so much to a team in any given situation or area of the pitch. His carries out of his own 20, his amazing acrobatic finishes and his scintillating speed make him a threat to any defence. On a wider subject of flair, skill and the inclusion of especially talented players, we simply have to start playing to our strengths and stop picking teams to counter the opposition or mimic their stratagems. Tomkins is still doing it but Welsby is also someone who could upset the Aussies and NZrs. Dom Young, Herbie Farnworth have the size, skills, athleticism and speed to trouble anyone. Mikey Lewis is the sort of half we’ve been crying out for since Andy Gregory. He controls the game well but takes on the line and has the footwork and speed to punish teams when he makes a bust. Lewis Dodd is showing himself to be a vital part of the best team in the country and is another half with speed and a willingness to take on the defence. Will Price is outstanding, his footwork, speed, eye for an opening and ability to create something from nothing is special. Jake Connor, if he can curb his Grub like proclivities and control his temperament, is an amazingly creative player. Jake Wardle is another who has size, speed and athleticism but he also has all the subtle skills of a classic Centre who knows how to skin his opposite or put his wing man away. Harry Newman challenges the opposition every time he carries the ball and asks his opposite number all sorts of questions, forcing them to deal with him rather than worrying about what they might do. W’eve got some great forwards like Walmsley, T Burgess, Thompson, Whitehead, Sutton and Bateman but also have some brilliant young forwards who've come through like Gannon, Pearce-Paul, Knowles, Lees, Oledski and Harvard. We need to be brave enough to pick these players but we also need to be savvy enough to prepare them well so that we don’t waste their potential but rather we unleash them on an unsuspecting opposition in a similar fashion to how the Invincible's of ‘82’ shook Great Britain with their revolutionary style of Rugby League. Positive enough for you?
  2. Dom Young was good this morning vs Sydney Roosters and up against Daniel Toupou who’s an established international and top class NRL winger. I think that’s played 7 and scored 5 which even for a winger is a superb strike rate just a point of contention, he’s not from Uddersfield he’s from Wakefield but came through the Giants Youth system
  3. If biff, bam &bash is his only attribute then he won’t make it as a hooker, being tough is a great attribute but SL isn’t age group rugby and the big kid doesn’t always score try’s and win MotM awards. I sincerely hope he’s got more to his game than that video shows, he’ll need some guile, vision and great core skill to make it as a 9
  4. Welsby Makinson Percival Farnworth Johnstone Lewis Dodd Mikey Lewis Walmsley Clarke Thompson Whitehead Bateman Knowles Tomkins, Pearce Paul, T Burgess, Lees
  5. No me neither, I was just jokingly putting down a team that would be Sean Waynes fantasy from that squad
  6. Best two half backs in the opening 3 rounds have been Dodd & Lewis
  7. Evalds Marshall Hardaker Sarginson Davies Tomkins Dodd Walmsley Clarke Cooper Pearce Paul Farrell Bateman It’s the closest he could get to picking his old Wigan team from a few years back, I bet he’s gutted that Partington hasn’t kicked on yet.
  8. Missing the point that if you’re trying to inspire people to Don the clubs colours and start supporting them then someone home grown like Yusuf Aydin, James Batchrlor is perhaps more suitable than Carters ugly fizog!
  9. Very good offer, well done Wakefield Trinity Why is Carter on the ad though, surely it should be one of the players or a photo of Trinity fans at a game? pS I know the answer, he loves himself, likes nothing more than his picture in the papers, seeing himself Star in a video or listening to his own voice.
  10. First of all, IMO he should never have been picked for England. Same with Heighington, Chase, McQueen, Austin etc... Specifically regards Hastings, we do not need to select him as we have options in the half’s for a change. Having spent years being dismantled by a man called Lewis (Wally) the Penny has finally dropped we now have our own Lewis’s (Dodd & Mikey) to unleash on the likes of Australia, NZ & Tonga. They are backed up by others like Price, Williams & Widdop so I would hope that we don’t sideline these blokes with plastic Englishmen.
  11. RIP sad loss of a real star in both codes Maybe Jonah Lomu needed a Centre in heavens Rugby team
  12. Don’t shoot me! I actually think Trinity can pull of A BIG SHOCK here and keep the losing margin down below 20 Sts 32 v 14 Wakefield
  13. It’s always bemused me when I’ve heard it played at Headingley, often asked why are they singing a football song? I wonder if they’ll adopt the ‘Leeds, Leeds are falling apart, again!’ (Sung to the love will tear us apart tune)
  14. I think Corey Hall (20) at Wakefield is pressing a claim for the possibles team also Harry Bowes (20) as a hooker is beginning to make a push.
  15. I’ve named a young team, given that Leeds pretty much pick up most of the first choice young players across West Yorkshire then it’s logical that a young team would have a number of Leeds players in it. If you disagree with my choices you could always take the time to name your own team
  16. If picking an England team with youth in mind Welsby - Sts Farnworth - Broncos Newman - Leeds Wardle - Giants Young - Knights Price - Giants Dodd - Sts Oledski - Leeds Walker - Warrington Havard - Wigan Pearce Paul - Wigan Gannon - Leeds Smith - Leeds Subs Lewis - HKR, Brown - Hull FC, Trout - Giants, Holdroyd - Leeds
  17. Welsby, Dodd Lees, & Knowles @ Sts Lewis @ HKR Price, Wardle, Senior twins, Trout @ Giants Hall @ Wakefield Just a few off the top of my head
  18. The thing is with Mark is he loves the sport, is knowledgable about it but as a commentator he has a distinctive tone of voice that’s easy to listen to. Some of the very best commentators have that distinctive tone, Bryan Moore, Eddie Waring, Ken Wolstenholm, Ray French, Murray Walker, Darryl Eastlake, Bill McLaren and so on. Yes, Mark has a long way to go to be up there with those men but that’s a great asset to have
  19. Open hand, not swinging and contact on the upper chest first its not nearly the same
  20. I’ve already had my Rugby Onion Mate exclaim “wow, how fast is this game!’
  21. Ricky Leutele Is ill, he was in the team and set to travel right up to Thursday evening and was replaced in the team by Jake Wardle
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