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  1. NRL ROUND 2 SURVIVOR RESULTS. SURVIVED. Kayakman - Eels - Panthers Dee Deuce - Eels - Titans JimBronco - Storm - Panthers StormGirl - Storm - Panthers WELL DONE TO ALL THOSE WHO SURVIVED. ELIMINATED. Dallas Mead - No Pick Entered Irish Saint - Raiders Sports Prophet - Raiders BAD LUCK TO ALL THOSE WHO WERE ELIMINATED.....BETTER LUCK IN HEAT 2 LATER ON IN THE SEASON.
  2. Well considering every game is now live on TV, The cost of getting into the game you have to go to a bank and take out a personal loan, Then when you are in there you have had to of got a second mortgage on your house and put up your first born as collateral as well, just to be able to afford to buy food and drink at the ground.....No wonder crowd figures are down.
  3. If anyone wants to come and join I am running a couple of MotoGP tipping comps over at Superbru HD Wrecking Crew Superbru - Free MotoGP Predictor Game - HD Wrecking Crew Aussie Riders Superbru - Free MotoGP Predictor Game - Aussie Riders All are welcome to come and participate
  4. It was a great start to the season at Losail Circuit Qatar with Enea Bastianini, taking out 1st place on his Gresini Racing team Ducati, followed by, Brad Binder on his Factory Team KTM, taking out 2nd place from Pol Espargaro coming across the line in 3rd position on his Repsol Factory Honda. The 2 Aussie riders had a bit of a disappointing day with Remy Gardiner coming in 15th place on his Red Bull KTM and Jack Miller on his Factory Team Ducati retired early in the race due to electronic issues with the bike, but swears he is going to put all right this Sunday in Indonesia in round 2 of MotoGP 2022.
  5. ROUND 1 BRONCOS Brendan Piakura - Round 2 Return Thomas Flegler - Round 4 Return BULLDOGS No Suspended Players COWBOYS No Suspended Players DRAGONS Tyrell Fuimaono - Round 6 Return Josh Maguire - Round 6 Return EELS Marata Niukore - Round 2 Return KNIGHTS Sauaso Sue - Round 3 Return PANTHERS No Suspended Players RABBITOHS Lattrel Mitchell - Round 2 Return RAIDERS Jordan Rapana - Round 3 Return ROOSTERS Sam Verrills - Round 2 Return SEA EAGLES Josh Aloiai - Round 4 Return SHARKS Braydon Trindall - Round 3 Return STORM Harry Grant - Round 2 Return Chris Lewis - Round 2 Return Cameron Munster - Round 2 Return Tui Kamikamica - Stood Down Indefinitely By The Storm TIGERS James Tamou - Round 2 Return TITANS No Suspended Players WARRIORS Matthew Lodge - Round 2 Return Reece Walsh - Round 2 Return
  6. AFTER NRL ROUND ONE 2022 INJURIES BRONCOS Kobe Hetherington - Covid Proticols - Round 2 Return Adam Reynolds - Covid Proticols - Round 2 Return Tesi Niu - Hamstring - Round 3 Return Xavier Willison - Knee - Indefinite Return BULLDOGS Paul Atamoti - Ankle - Round 6 Return Tevita Pangai Junior - Hamstring - TBC Return Matt Doorey - Knee - Indefinite Return Raymond Faitala/Mariner - Foot - Indefinite Return COWBOYS Ben Hampton - Hamstring - Round 2 Return DRAGONS Billy Burns - Foot - Round 2 Return Tariq Sims - Calf - Round 2 Return Jayden Sullivan - Hamstring - Round 2 Return Max Feagai - Ankle - Round 11 Return Aaron Woods - Hamstring - TBC Return EELS Sean Russell - Ribs - TBC Return Haze Dunster - Knee - Next Season Return Maika Sivo - Knee - Indefinite Return KNIGHTS Daniel Saifiti - Leg - Round 3 Return Bailey Hodgson - Elbow - Round 10 Return Hymel Hunt - Knee - Round 10 Return Lachlan Fitzgibbon - Ankle - TBC Return Jayden Brailey - Achillies - Indefinite Return Edrick Lee - Foot - Indefinite Return PANTHERS Nathan Cleary - Shoulder - Round 4 Return Moses Leota - Shoulder - TBC Return Preston Riki - Hip - TBC Return RABBITOHS No Injuries RAIDERS Peter Hola - Knee - Round 2 Return Sebastian Kris - Covid Protocols - Round 2 Return Josh Hodgson - Knee - Round 4 Return Jamal Fogarty - Knee - Round 15 Return Harley Smith/Shields - ACL - Next Season Return ROOSTERS Victor Radley - Head Knock - Round 2 Return Billy Smith - Head Knock - Round 2 Return Egan Butcher - Foot - Round 3 Return Joseph Suallii - Foot - Round 3 Return SEA EAGLES Andrew Davey - Knee - Round 2 Return Karl Lawton - Head Knock - TBC Return Josh Schuster - Ankle - Indefinite Return SHARKS Connor Tracey - Quad - Round 2 Return Cameron McInnes - Knee - Round 3 Return Wade Graham - Ankle - Round 6 Return STORM Tepai Moeroa - Rested - Round 2 Return Jessie Bromwich - Covid Protocols - Round 2 Return Jordan Grant - Calf - Round 3 Return Tom Eisenhuth - Calf - Round 5 Return Cooper Johns - Shoulder - Round 5 Return George Jennings - ACL - TBC Return Brandon Smith - Hand - TBC Return Christian Welch - Archillies - TBC Return TIGERS Jake Simpkin - Shoulder - Round 2 Return Jacob Liddle - Knee - Round 4 Return Shawn Blore - ACL - Next Season Return Adam Doueihi - Knee- Indefinite Return Asu Kepaoa - Knee - Indefinite Return Tommy Talau - Knee - Indefinite Return TITANS Aaron Booth - Knee - Round 2 Return Alexander Brimson - Groin - Round 2 Return Corey Thompson - Hand TBC - Round 2 Return Shallin Fuller - Leg - Next Season Return Joseph Vuna - ACL - Indefinite Return WARRIORS Dallin Watene/Zelezniak - Hand - TBC Return Tohu Harris - Knee - Indefinite Return
  7. NRL ROUND 2...POST YOUR PICK BELOW THURSDAY, MARCH 17 Storm v Rabbitohs, AAMI Park VIC, 8.05pm FRIDAY, MARCH 18 Dragons v Panthers, Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, 6pm Roosters v Sea Eagles, Central Coast Stadium NSW, 8.05pm SATURDAY, MARCH 19 Titans v Warriors, Cbus Super Stadium QLD, 3pm Sharks v Eels, PointsBet Stadium NSW, 5.30pm Cowboys v Raiders, Qld Country Bank Stadium QLD, 7.35pm SUNDAY, MARCH 20 Knights v Tigers, McDonald Jones Stadium NSW, 4.05pm Bulldogs v Broncos, Stadium Australia NSW, 6.15pm ALL GAME TIMES ARE IN AUSTRALIAN EASTERN DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ...AEDT GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.
  8. NRL ROUND 1 SURVIVOR RESULTS. SURVIVED. Kayakman - Eels Dee Deuce - Eels Dallas Mead - Broncos JimBronco - Storm StormGirl - Storm Irish Saint - Storm Sports Prophet - Storm WELL DONE TO ALL THOSE WHO SURVIVED. ELIMINATED. R L Winger - Roosters Graham - Roosters Rage - Roosters LlanWests - Roosters Spotty Herbert - Roosters BAD LUCK TO ALL THOSE WHO WERE ELIMINATED.....BETTER LUCK IN HEAT 2 LATER ON IN THE SEASON.
  9. As well as joining Graham's NRL tipping comp here in the forum. Come and join one I started called Bring Back The Biff NRL 2022 It is free to join Click on this link below to join. https://www.footytips.com.au/comps/Bring_Back_The_Biff_NRL_2022
  10. The way it's raining it will have to be played on jet skis out at Penrith. Penrith Stadium will be part of the Nepean river the way it is going.
  11. I know in the 1960's they were called that but can't find anything online that backs it up but there was life before the internet.
  14. Josh Macguire has been playing for the Dragons since April 2021, when the Dragons bought out his contract from the Cowboys......Macguire will not play again for the Dragons until round 6, due to a suspension he picked up after round 25 last season.
  15. Well it is there somewhere because that is the full title of the club, If bugs you so bad, ring the football club and get a lowdown on their history and all will be revealed.
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