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  1. An excellent article explaining the ambitious marketing strategy for the World Cup Dutton believes that the tournament will have to be digitally led if it is to meet its objective of engaging a “non-core audience”. “We’ll be a big presence on social media,” he says. “Then we need to build the understanding of the sport and make it accessible. “We need to make stars out of players from the competing nations. On matchday we need to use data to make broadcasts more interesting, accessible and enjoyable. We’ve got some ideas, some at an early stage and some impacted by the pandemic but we have a firm aspiration to be a digital first tournament.” Like the idea of leveraging the social media of the big sponsors, that should be effective. I am not so convinced that just by holding a big game in London that people from the capital will gain an abiding interest in Rugby League. Since 2013 we have played big games at both Wembley and the Olympic Stadium, including a dramatic World Cup semi final and not seen a London bounce. I think a lot of gains from the tournament will come from promoting the women's game, so loved the quote from Jodie Cunningham. Everyone was saying all three tournaments were going to be run together but I was thinking that it was going to be the men’s tournament and then a case of: ‘oh by the way, we’ve got a women’s and wheelchair tournaments as well.’ “It’s the first time it’s felt equal. Equality isn’t about getting paid the same. It’s about being valued the same. If you add value to something, people automatically respect it. The amount of interest that has come into the women’s game on the back of the announcements is amazing.
  2. Some points from the announcement and from replies on Twitter Tickets will be fully refundable should the tournament need to be cancelled or played in front of restricted crowds There will be packages available when tickets go on sale. There is also a commitment to sit people in groups, when requested. Free tickets available for NHS workers, but not military veterans. Hospitality packages will go on sale at the same time as tickets To get the best prices you need to book in 2020 and to have access to the priority window you need to be signed up to receive tournament emails. Also confirmation that any England quarter final will be at Anfield and that if England make the semis that will be at The Emirates. Really looking forward to this, and at this stage it looks like I might be attending 49 games!
  3. Must be the first "positive" news to come from Hull F.C. for a long time
  4. From my reading of the situation, they are not trying to get players into the UK. The non British players have now lived in the UK for the maximum six months that is permitted. If there is no resolution of the situation then the players affected will be classed as overstayers, and will be subject to removal and being banned from entering the UK in future.
  5. It is an unfortunate situation in an extraordinary time, and in my opinion no blame should be attached. Canada is currently closed to anyone but permanent residents, and they would have to quarantine for 14 days The Home Office is currently lightly staffed with many people not expected to return to work till August 1st. As a result backlogs have built up in areas such as issue of passports and extension of visas to the extent that NHS staff from outside the EU were told their visas would automatically be extended as otherwise the Home Office would be unable to process their renewals. The RFL are going to have much joy getting an extension for the Wolfpack if there is no one available to talk to from the Home Office. The only possible solution that I can see available is that TW base themselves in a Schengen area country for the maximum permissible three months, (the obvious country would be France) hoping that Canada opens up in the meantime. If not then they would need to relocate again to a non Schengen country such as Croatia or Cyprus.
  6. 12th team is Chisinau Scorpions, so the first rugby league team in Moldova. This could present a problem if they are drawn away to either of the British clubs as people from Moldova require a visa to come to the UK
  7. Just completed a very illuminating search of what is in the public domain about the founder of the competition, which raises even more questions about the venture. Linked In profile number 1- marketing manager, then owner of a language school Does not suggest someone of particular great wealth. Also note the spelling mistake in the name of his first company. If it does in fact refer to Northern Eye Properties, then that company was wound up in 2016. Possible Linked In profile number two Look at the entries for Inspired Designs in both profiles. Spot the differences, now it may be entirely coincidental that two people who share the same name did essentially the same job for similarly named companies. If it is the same person behind both profiles, then the most charitable thing you can say is that he must be suffering from amnesia if he is unable to accurately remember the name of the company he worked for, or how long he worked there! The name of the company group he founded in Valencia is also interesting. Let's give the benefit of the doubt that when naming his companies he had not heard of this Australian Venture Capital Group nor this IT consulting company in Florida. A check of the founders on both of these websites curiously does not return his name, a strange omission if he is indeed connected with them. The Language school is also problematic. I used to teach English to International students and the first place I would go to find out information about schools was the website. This particular establishment does not have a website, only a Facebook page and 10 Likes and 12 Follows does not suggest a thriving business The financial information about the school is also very revealing. It was started with a capital of what appears to be €3,000 (though it may possibly be €300,000) and appears to the company information website not to have filed any accounts. Is this person a credible figurehead for a new international rugby league competition? I know if I was a Dragon on Dragon's den, I would be saying "I'm out!"
  8. IF it does go ahead, then yes I will be excited. I love combining city breaks with sporting action and would be happy to visit any of the locations announced so far, and watch a game. BUT the question marks hanging over this project mean that I am not expecting to take a European city break next year for this purpose. Just because something sounds outrageous does not mean it is not possible. Toronto are a good example of that. However Eric Perez had the good sense to repeatedly talk to the relevant governing body, agree a multiple year plan for how the Canadian city could be admitted to the English league structure, show his organisational ability in reforming the Canada national team, staging Test matches in Toronto, getting matches onto TV, lining up the money man and sponsors and then after a number of years solid work forming the Wolfpack. This new proposed competition has so far shown no evidence that it has done anything similar. In fact by causing needless antagonism with the governing body, it risks games not going ahead because of a lack of referees and insurance.
  9. Love the message of the video, sets a great tone, combining heritage and action and one of rugby league's greatest strengths- togetherness. Also enjoyed the teacher videos announcing the host cities. Another positive announcement from an impressive organising committee. can not wait for the tournament to begin.
  10. Team number six is Rotterdam Pitbulls.
  11. Atlanta Rhinos @AtlantaRhinos This is going to be awesome! We’re so glad to be a part of the growth of rugby league! Stay tuned for how to register for the draft process here in the USA for the @EuroXIIIs #growthegame #rugbyleague #euro13s Atlanta Georgia announced as draft location number 2, or should that be daft location?
  12. Wayne Godwin, Keith Senior and many other players have just set a new World Record for static cycling, riding 30 hours non stop to raise funds for Rugby League Cares and MND. Congratulations to them on their amazing work. If you are able to donate, the sponsorship page is here. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/waggataurus9 RL Cares staying safe @ Retweeted Elite Kids Coaching @EliteKidsCoach @Waggataurus is smashing his 30 hour watt bike ride for charity!! This is a world record attempt, everybody at elite are so proud of everyone taking part keep going guys!!! There’s still time to donate!! @RLCares @mndassoc Quote Tweet Wayne Godwin @Waggataurus · May 21 Thanks to the legends @KeithSenior4 & @EwanDowes for getting me involved in this 30hr @wattbike ride for @RLCares & @mndassoc Please donate if you can. Thank you so much for the bike brother @HughesCraigh wagga BRING ON THE ###### PAIN ! #JustGiving https://justgiving.com/fundraising/waggataurus9
  13. It would possibly have been better to not reveal the precise nature of the complaint against him to prevent copycat allegations. Now that fans know they can get a referee stood down on the grounds of baseless allegations, a few might be tempted to go down that route in future when some key decisions go against their team.
  14. Being born in England does not automatically make someone British, one of the parents needs to be British, Irish or an EU citizen to qualify. So yes, RLIF rules mean he would be eligible to play for England by right of birth, however Home Office rules mean he is unlikely to be a British citizen and therefore not entitled to a UK passport.
  15. Just for information only, and not for debating further, the 15 man code is considering making changes to the scrum Please do not comment on the article, so that the topic gets moved to cross code. This is purely for information that rulemakers in a similar sport are also looking closely at the health implications of the scrum. Please keep the discussion to whether this is an avenue that rugby league should be exploring.
  16. Fantastic news, Sky Sports are apparently ready to honour their financial commitment for this season, which will be played behind closed doors.
  17. If there is one thing the Canadians know about, it is a run for the cup followed by a riot when the Canadian team fails to win the Cup
  18. The opposition fans will be able to update their chant to "Ottawa Ace of money."
  19. Coming from an area in which the other code is much more firmly established, what helped you to choose league over union? What is it like to play in Papua New Guinea? Do you know the words to Ireland's Call? Which was your favourite match to play in and why? There is a road sign in St Helens that points to "Tourist Attractions" without specifying what lies in wait for the prospective tourist. Do you know what these mysterious attractions actually are?
  20. A bit premature, Ottawa Aces have not even entered the league structure yet, let alone won the Grand Final.
  21. If the last well connected chap who got involved with Rugby League is anything to go by, we will probably read in the papers next month that the money printing organisation is stepping away from public service and will in future be just called Mint.
  22. Disappointingly goes down from 15 clubs to 11, no Greek or Albanian teams Would very much have liked Greek clubs to participate, if only to promote the involvement of their national team in the 2021 RLWC. Does anyone know if this linked to the previous political problems in the country?
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