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  1. Enjoyed the game and appreciated that the final was shown live on the BBC. Acted as a great appetiser for the World Cup and I look forward to seeing some of these players in the Autumn. One thing I did not like is the Player of the Match is not honoured in the same way as in the Men's Challenge Cup Final. If we are going to have true equality, let's have the women's equivalent of the Lance Todd trophy. Hopefully from next year, the best player on the pitch will be presented with an award, that honours someone who has promoted women's sport and Rugby League, and so lifts the Clare Balding Trophy.
  2. Leeds Rhinos currently play in three Super Leagues; Super League, Women's Super League and Netball Super League
  3. Now confirmed that Harry will relinquish all roles, including his RFL one, and they will be reallocated to other Royals. I imagine his RFU role will be allocated to Zara Tindall, the RFL role will probably be given to an unenthusiastic William. The best that the RFL can hope for is probably Kate, as I get impression she would do best at working with the players in the Women's World Cup.
  4. Sir Kev, not only BSc but MA and can be called Dr. as well Tom Briscoe is another Rhino with a BSc from Leeds Beckett Ben Thaler is so proud of his degree in Business Management, it forms part of his Twitter bio Jimmy Keinhorst and Alex Walmsley Walmsley's degree is in Quantity Surveying
  5. Tickets are on sale again for Christmas for the next four days. There is impressive demand; of the 45 ticketing opportunities for individual games or double headers, 28 are marked as medium or low availability and 17 as high availability. Host grounds with good sales are Newcastle and Middlesbrough, Leeds, Leigh, Warrington and Sheffield. Hull is the only host city that has not recorded at least one match at medium or low availability.
  6. Excellent news, my new ambition to attend the African qualifying tournament for the 2025 World Cup
  7. Saints have gone a new celebrity fan, former boxing world champion Tony Bellew. He was super impressed with the Grand Final and with the sport.
  8. Wonder if the company was selected as a commentary on Elstone's bonkers growth strategy of promoting skint Yorkshire clubs? Looking forward after Cas Who, to hearing that the next sponsor is Wakey Why
  9. Yes, it is the Ohio club formed by Toronto Wolfpack triallist Monte Gaddis
  10. Silly lad, but a punishment that only lasts during the off-season is mild
  11. I would be surprised that with France already hosting two major sporting events at that time (RU World Cup 2023 and Paris 2024 Olympics) if there is any money left in the sports events kitty. When your country hosts an Olympics, there is no additional need to promote your country afterwards.
  12. One of the criteria is well managed, so Bradford should be automatically excluded from this process. But Elstone will probably consider that taking care of a money pit is the equivalent to managing a well.
  13. https://www.rlef.eu.com/articles/1857/triton-warszawa-inaugural-polish-rugby-league-champions-as-pr-xiii-send-congratulations-to-oledzki
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