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  1. Excellent interview with the Wheelchair Rugby League player The Dacia sponsorship is helping to get some amazing stories into the Telegraph of all places.
  2. I would like an expanded Super League that includes Toronto, Toulouse and London. Be great for the the team and fans if Featherstone do win the Final However it would not be so great for Super league and the sport if a team with virtually no strategic value were to take the promotion place.
  3. As someone currently living in Paris, I can attest that the Parisians love staring at their phones, particularly if it can be combined with crossing a road or cyclepath. By some considerable distance, they are the worst pedestrians I have ever encountered.
  4. Update on Valentine Holmes in the NFL Holmes has a very slim chance of actually making the 53-man roster. He also has been slowed by some tightness in his back that has kept him out of some training camp practices. There has been speculation in the Australian media that Holmes is just killing time until he can become a rugby league free agent next year, but Holmes says he truly wants to play in the NFL.
  5. http://rlif.com/article/8657/democratic-republic-of-congo-is-the-latest-member-to-get-government-recognition
  6. Does the bow have a groove? If yes, then it is a nock on!
  7. Born in south Cheshire, but my parents quickly moved to Kent, where I have resided ever since. I would watch Challenge Cup Finals on TV as a teenager and be impressed by the occasion rather than the actual sport. The defining moment came when I saw an email offer for cheap Challenge Cup Final tickets. I wanted to experience a major occasion at the new Wembley Stadium and this seemed as good a way as any of doing that. Fortunately for me the tickets were in the Warrington end of the ground, so that settled who I should support. I was blown away by the speed and intensity and dramatic nature of the sport, everything compared favourably to football, which till then had been my usual spectator sport. The fans provided a better atmosphere too, singing right throughout rather than just at key moments in a football game. A few months later, I visited Australia for the first time and was fortunate to see two tense NRL playoff games in front of packed stadiums. It was only by attending live games that I was able to appreciate what a great sport it is. I have seen games at every Super League ground bar Castleford, many of which have not even featured Warrington. London Skolars is my closest team but due to shift work and frequent travel I can only see them once or twice a season. I have seen Broncos games at several of their home venues, but it is not easy to get to with a two hour plus journey that involves four different means of transport.
  8. Les Tonks is correct. Cancelling a visa at the border is not an easy process and invariably requires stupidity by the visa holder. It just depends on the visa held Visitors: Australians do not need a visa to visit the UK, but must not work and must return home within six months. Students: A Tier 5 student visa specifically prohibits working as a sportsman Sportsman: Tier 2 or 5 visa can only be cancelled if misleading statements were used in the application (is not declaring criminal convictions) changing to a different employer without getting a new visa, or changing the purpose for coming to the UK. Visas can also be cancelled on grounds of public policy, ie someone who presents a threat to the UK, be it terrorism, risk to public order, serious or sustained criminality or contagious diseases. However, none of these options seem likely in this case.
  9. Wigan fans would not like North Korea, no-one is allowed to walk out.
  10. The Earls Court that got demolished five years ago? that would be different.
  11. RayCee's point about football is the key one. The British Basketball League has a deal with the BBC that one game a week will be broadcast on the Beeb's website plus a handful of women's games. But unless you know about it, then you will not watch. Any sport that is not football struggles to make itself known with the general public and no amount of marketing will change that.
  12. It doesn't.......................................................................................................it has TWO mens teams and both successful London Lions won their first league title this year. London City Royals appeared at The O2 today in the Play off Finals but were well beaten.
  13. Some competitive Northern opposition would be superb for Skolars Outstanding defence today meant that Doncaster never looked like winners.
  14. Also enjoyed the day at New River, great that both sets of supporters were given plenty of opportunities to celebrate.
  15. Are the Wolfpack trying to entice Zak Hardaker to sign for them? No sports team should be entering into a partnership with manufacturers of recreational drugs. This is an absolutely terrible look. I hope that UK Anti Doping take note of this and target the Wolfpack players for extra testing when they are in the UK. I like the Wolfpack but this partnership sends out completely the wrong message.
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