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  1. If there is one thing the Canadians know about, it is a run for the cup followed by a riot when the Canadian team fails to win the Cup
  2. The opposition fans will be able to update their chant to "Ottawa Ace of money."
  3. Coming from an area in which the other code is much more firmly established, what helped you to choose league over union? What is it like to play in Papua New Guinea? Do you know the words to Ireland's Call? Which was your favourite match to play in and why? There is a road sign in St Helens that points to "Tourist Attractions" without specifying what lies in wait for the prospective tourist. Do you know what these mysterious attractions actually are?
  4. A bit premature, Ottawa Aces have not even entered the league structure yet, let alone won the Grand Final.
  5. If the last well connected chap who got involved with Rugby League is anything to go by, we will probably read in the papers next month that the money printing organisation is stepping away from public service and will in future be just called Mint.
  6. Disappointingly goes down from 15 clubs to 11, no Greek or Albanian teams Would very much have liked Greek clubs to participate, if only to promote the involvement of their national team in the 2021 RLWC. Does anyone know if this linked to the previous political problems in the country?
  7. Toronto land a Warrington star on a loan deal Big surprise, he is a Wire through and through
  8. Oh dear, you have only gone and mentioned the *ug word in front of Scubby!
  9. What has Prince Harry ever done for Rugby League......? ...... apart from having a photoshoot at Headingley with school children being encouraged to play the game, inviting Kevin Sinfield to his wedding thus ensuring some publicity for our game on his wedding day tweeting his good wishes to England's international teams presenting the Challenge Cup meeting England wheelchair players highlighting Rob Burrow's condition spearheading an initiative on mental health in Rugby League getting the use of his grandmother's pad for the hosting of the draw arranging his personal circumstances to get maximum media attention for the World Cup draws getting a worldwide audience of hundreds of millions of people to take notice of the Rugby League World Cup. Set against this, a poster here thinks Harry will not offer any future value to the game, and so should be dumped! There are two things in this world that sell newspapers and drive social media engagement, celebrity and royalty. It does not matter if the Sussexes do not have a few initials in front of their name, the interest in the couple will continue to be overwhelming.
  10. Understandable excitement about the men's tournament but I am also really pleased about England's group for the women's tournament PNG is fantastic, England may only have played PNG three times but a genuine rivalry has developed. Hope they can meet again in 2020 as a prelude to one of the Ashes tests. Canada This may be the game that is selected for both Harry and Megan to attend. Though Archie may end up wearing the dreaded half and half scarf. Brazil the tournament newcomers and the most interesting story and hopefully the most photogenic fans.
  11. They are roughly the same, large sections of both are closed off to the general public.
  12. Other oddities Greece are now supposedly better than the likes of Ireland, Wales and Italy. The rankings adjudicators must have seen something special in Serbia's two 80+ hammerings to merit them moving up four places. And topping the lot Poland would be favourites to beat Jamaica.
  13. Harry and Dave T are absolutely right, however the people who need to hear this are the RFL. Any time you receive an email from the RFL or spot a social media post promoting the sale of tickets send a respectful and non abusive reply that you will not purchase tickets until a new England coach is appointed. Add a hash tag #TillBennettGoesIWontGo Hopefully they will soon get the message.
  14. Many players spent $10,000 on playing in the qualifiers There is positive news that the domestic situation may be beginning to turn.
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