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  1. well lets see at the end of this season ok BrynC is that correctly spelt for you. stand by my comment this team is not up to the job in this division.
  2. i believe this team/club are out of there depth.
  3. previously said this team/club is not championship standard and before you start your moaning i mean no disrispect to the club and its players, its no good keep yoyo"ing up and down the divisions year in year out we need to establish our foothold in the championship, yes we need to boost the squad but we aint got the finances, this is why we continue to get loan players of which some a very decent players, some not so good but they all try, even if we finish one place above relegation i would be happy and build from there.we have got to win our home games to stand a chance of survival, hears hoping we start to pick up league points starting with our next match.
  4. not interested in this cup, i would rather us establish ourselves in this division for this season , we are not going to win this cup ok the money from cup run would help but its not going to happen. lets keep our eyes on staying up this season.
  5. be surprised if this game is on tomorrow.
  6. whats the chances of this team being back at vestcare/whitebank ground next season, because im sorry to say this team is not championship side, ok they might just fight there corner in first division, but not in championship, and yet swinton seem to manage this and they are very simular to oldham regards to squad size and finances, and they also dont have there own ground , its only one persons opinion, i hope im wrong here but i very much doubt it.
  7. think they have been here before and blown it.
  8. Still not convinced this team will win promotion.
  9. And this is why I believe this team will not get promotion this time round, they just ain't consistent enough.
  10. Did someone say last week this oldham side would put 50pts over Doncaster.
  11. Don't know about championship rugby, because this team seam to struggle in this division.
  12. No surprise at today's result.
  13. Thats the trouble yet again with this team they never play the full 80 mins of matches, weather it's like today in cup match or the bread and butter league games, this will be the down fall of this team.
  14. See there off to a flyer today cruisaders that is.
  15. Some workington supporters saying that Naylor was using foul language while shouting out to the team, if that was us supporters the club would have thrown us out of The ground, not a great example when you have young children at the game is it.
  16. Lets be honest you need to turn in 80mins s plus performance, like it's been said you can't give teams 12pts start, just not good enough.
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